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Senior Superintendent of Police and Army officers killed in Chilas, two policemen injured

(Updated at 5:16 AM)

Islamabad, August 6: According to media reports, assailants have killed two army officers and a senior police officer near Chilas, in the Diamer District of Gilgit-Baltistan.

The deaths occurred after the vehicles of these officers were fired upon by unknown assailants near the Ronai locality of Chilas, according to local reporters.

SSP Hilal Khan and the Colonel, identified by some sources as Ghulam Mustafa, reportedly, embraced martyrdom at the spot while the Captain of the Pakistan Army, identified as Ashfaq, sustained serious injuries, along with two police officials.

Captain Ashfaq later succumbed to his injuries at the District Headquarters Hospital, according to police sources, taking the death toll to three.

Giving details of the incident, renowned journalist, Farooq Ahmed Khan, tweeted:

It is believed that SSP Hilal Khan was involved in operations against miscreants in the region. He was also, reportedly, investigating the murder of tourists near Nanga Parbat base camp last month. 

Meanwhile, commenting on the terrorist attack, Senior PPP leader Amjad Hussain Advocate has said that the TTP has reached Gilgit-Baltistan, due to PTI government in KPK and PMLN government in the center.

It is pertinent to note that a couple of months back another senior police officer, DSP Atta Ullah, was killed in Diamer along with his guards in an ambush.

Later, 11 foreign and local mountaineers were gunned down in a tragic incident near the base camp of Nanga Parbat in the month of June.

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  1. Ohh my God, during the Holy Month of Ramdhan, one more family has been ruined. God knows who has done it to grab the blessings of Ramdhan? why someone has taken away the happiness from a family? Nonsense!!!!!

  2. Zeeshan sahib, avoid baseless comment and be rational.. All these kind of committing crimes happened in the time of poor and corrupt government of PPP, Ask from your own and don’t give such clumsy comment it will further dent you as dented MQM and ANP workers.
    “Ham tho duby hy sanum, tum ko bi le dubingay”.

  3. The state of Pakistan should look for the blacksheeps infiltrated the security agencies and PMLn and PTI should come with clear stance to develop strategic counter terrorist policy with no delaying tactics.

  4. As they are fully aware of the religion and then still doing these type acts which are against Islam. What else do they want to do to prove them self’s Muslim? As a Gilgit’i I feel shame for these people that they are killing their own Muslim brothers. Day by day these people are ruining our beloved Gilgit-Baltistan. As I can see the satiation of Gilgit-Baltistan the day will not be far when army will do an operation there like swat. (Allah bless the brave soul in eternal peace amen).

  5. It is a very challenging situation for all of us. The only option seems to be a full scale operation and an open execution of the culprits at any cost, like in the olden days.
    Any way, I extend my sympathies and prayers for Shaheed Officers and Jawans of law enforcing agencies and Pak-Army. May their souls rest in paradise. Amen, And pray for the unity of our people in the country.

  6. What a shame! GB government must come up with policy and effective operational plans to save lives of people in those mountain settlements and the common people must compliment the efforts in eradicating terrorist actions.

    1. This is no more a regional problem and beyond the capacity of GB province.The terrorist had targeted GHQ,Mehran Base and jailbreaks.time to develop a national strategic counter terrorism policy and improve coordination among the state agencies.

  7. I am so sorry to hear this. These individuals are martyred in the line of fire. One day we will win this war against extremism. I hope the families of these deceased, have faith and sabar. Ameen.

    1. we should know that the current political setup has some goals not political but some things elase,which is not easy to understand in this situation.If you look at the current world political situation one will come to understand why is this happening.Think for 10 minutes about the current world situation and the muslim world whats going on and its important for us to know.
      Thank you

  8. What a shameful reaction by Govt (country’s protectors has no protection) !!! there is a single valley named Chillas, as many of people were killed there and many of them got injured, nothing has been done by the Govt against them, wake up Mr,Govt take action against the murderer. we need peace in GB.

  9. Very sad incidence may God rest the departed souls in Jannah.

    It is clearly a defining moment to combat the terrorists coming outside of GB and getting local support in doing these heinous crimes. The law enforcement agencies and the local political leadership must realize the grave situation to make a clear strategy. The people of GB have to think for an alternative route to KKH as it remains the soft target area for the terrorist for a longer time. It seems they are going to sabotage the mega projects of Pak-China that will be a disaster for GB and Pakistan.

    Think and Act

  10. well, many incidents happened in chilas, Diamer and its adjacent areas, from the killing of Shia passengers to the killing of foreign Tourists and now this one more. interesting point is that no one dares to take any action against them.
    but when in Hunza people only protest on the killing of a son and his father, all the law and enforcement agencies raided house to houses and arrested innocent people, filled cases of terrorism against them.

    1. Mayon, answer is very simple….

      Its Mamlikat-e Khudadad…

      you shouldn’t forget…

  11. this looks part of mega game to sabotage Chinese corridor project , district management & law enforcing agencies are being targeted in Baluchistan especially at Gawader,, targeting Chinese,Russian,Ukrainians at Nanga parbat ,& attack,s on Army are unprecedented in this area,

    there should be a targeted operation against the criminals involved ,but any operation against the local population will serve the terrorist agenda of isolating GB from rest of Pakistan ,when things become irreversible then UN, Indian & international media will take on Pakistan for Atrocities in GB. I am sure the government agencies already know it.

    some people who love a Mega operation for their hidden biases , must understand it was people of diamir & kohistan who stopped Swat taliban influx into the GB, If diamir is disturbed & pushed into the hands of extremists then it will have unprecedented consequences for Pakistan & GB.

    1. I guess majority of the people of Diamir and Khohistan are uneducated (The literacy rate in Diamer district is 10 per cent and of females never above 0.02 per cent. wikipedia). the consequence they became ignorant and extremists and they are still living in the stone age. thats why this place has become a safe heaven for terrorists. but few politicians also have safe hands on them and even on the state level they are being used as a Mujahideen in khasmir freedom war. this is a major Problem in the stability of the region of Giligit- Baltistan.

  12. Mayon If your assessment is right then please check what steps GB & federal government has taken in educating masses in Diamir & Kohistan? Just check the government spending & projects in baltistan for education vs Diamir ,instead of educating masses in districts prone to extremism , government has priority for short term political gains , what to talk of their own budget ,even US aid mainly granted for reduction in extremism has been 100% directed to the area,s which has nothing to do with the extremism. not even 1% of US aid has been spent in Diamir, then what good we can expect?

    1. @Z.Puniali, well i agree this is all because of bad governance. i dont have any direct access to information on the budget spending of the government in the area, so far the facts and reality on the ground is worse. its good if they could allocate more budget and this is need of the time at least now to take steps to make them educate. the real problem is to address the issue of extremism. we can only hope it will take time for a change.

  13. Its not fair bcoz our own protectors are decreasing day by day n its a request to the nation to remember the brave persons in ur prayers

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