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Hats off to Sultan Abbas

by Irfan Karim

Sultan Abbas (pseudonym, ali al -hakim), a regular contributor at Pamir sultanabbasTimes, has recently graduated from London School of Economics (LSE), having studied “Global Politics and Civil Society “. He has joind AKF, in UK, after graduating from LSE.  

Ed_. Sultan’s achievement is another testimony of the intellectual and academic potential of the youth of Hunza, in particular, and Gilgit – Baltistan, in general. Thank you Sultan, for doubling our happiness by bringing this laurel to yourself, your family and the community of Gilgit – Baltistan. We are honored and proud!

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  1. Many Many Congratulations to sultan abbas… I wish you best of luck for future..

  2. ma heartiest congratulations to him on covering another step for his life………and i hope he will use his skill for people of NAs…
    can somebody tell me …. from which village he belongs??

  3. Many Many Congratulations to Sultan bhai. I know Sultan Abbas since he was senior to me while studying at Islamabad College for Boys. He has been an outstanding student through out his academic career. I was sure at that time, that Mr Sultan will excel in future one day and he has shown it today and made us proud. I am really happy to listen this news. I wish you Success and Best of luck for yor future Endeavours

    Israr Ahmed

  4. congratulations sultan bahi for your great achievements, keep it up

    thanks and regards

    Sharif Khan

  5. Its great! first time i heard some one from our area graduated from the london school of economics and sultan bhai has done a marvellous job!
    its really pride 4 us!
    congratz sutan bhai

    Irfan Ali Shah

  6. Dear Brother!

    indeed it is pride for us having such extraordinary intellectaul from the region, definitely Hats are off! Congratulations! Congratulations to your family and to the people of GB for the cream of LSE !
    your persistent contribution and commentory on Pamir times various issues has been commendable,it has been a source of learning,enrished an understanding level and shared innumerable facts of the time and among peoples across the globe , i am myself greatly inspired by your philosophical and logical writting,since appearing on this site. hope more in the future.

    i do pray and wish you many success in the life ahead and this forum will be filled with the aura of fine intelligency.and assist us in fixing our gaol rightly in this tough time of mental excellence.
    once again cheers and Congratulations

  7. Great achievement!!! many congratulations you have made us proud, marvelous job
    Nadeem Gul

  8. a lot of congratulation to u and we are proud of you and best of luck for your future keep it up

  9. Dear Sultan Abbas, this is gr8!!

    hope the application of this learning at AKF UK will help you nurture your thoughts, knowledge and persectives in practical life and in making a choice about your professional career.

    Knowing the career transition you made in your academic life, before reaching LSE, may i request you to share your story with the youth. I think there many lessons for them, which could well inspire others??

    I am sure, today, your parents are proud of what you have acheived.

    Amin Beg

  10. Great achievement!! we are really proud of you and praying for your bright future, may God bless you with all success and prosperous life. Cheers


  11. Congratulations Sultan Abbas Kako… Good News to hear about a great achievement of your life. Obviously your family and friends will be proud of you.

    Salman Khan

  12. I graduated from LSE last year and started work with AKF (UK) since December 2008. While I did not expect this news to appear on PT website at this point in time, however I am grateful to all well-wishers who have been kind and generous with their words of appreciation for me. On this occasion let me also share the good news that I am in no way ‘unique’ so far as attending an internationally reputed institution such as LSE is concerned. At least, according to my information, four other people from Gilgit-Baltistan have done their postgraduate work before me at LSE. One student from Baltit is studying at LSE currently. There are still many other untold stories of extraordinary achievement in higher education. If I may say with great humility, I am just one of those many people who have not only brought laurels for themselves but also for the whole community.

    Taking this opportunity I would also like to add one more thing about the moral commitment of an intellectual in his role as an interrogator and critic of his Zietgiest, or the ‘spirit of his age’ a concept put forward by Fredrick Nietzsche.

    Since some people might assume that a person like myself who has had the opportunity to study at a Western university naturally qualifies to become an ‘intellectual’, here I would like to differ with that notion and instead subject it to question.

    Edward Said one of the most celebrated authors who dedicated most of his life in the service of questioning oppressive structures in society says that intellectuals are the those who seek to ‘speak truth to power’. He suggests that the role of an intellectual is not to be co-opted either by ideology, wealth or power. It is only through ceaseless, above-board, unwavering engagement and criticism of issues in society that one can hope to claim the status of that august position. It is through critical reflection that intellectuals actually open up new vistas, horizons and chart out ways forward for humanity. Now the process of trail blazing is not an easy task, it requires constant contemplation, and great creative powers. Poets, great novelists, and even great artists such as painters do have the elements of creativity in them and they may well be qualified to be considered as ‘intellectuals’. But I think unless intellectuals don’t seek to expose lies of governments, corruption of power and tear apart the tyranny of groups I would be sceptical to call somebody as intellectual. All of this must be done in a selfless fashion without regard to personal gain, wealth or status. The objective should be advancing the cause of liberty while fighting all odds. Why I would emphasis on liberty because it is the natural condition of man as Jean Jacques Rousseau famously said that ‘all men are born free but they are in chains every where. It is the responsibility of intellectuals to break these chains and open up the minds of the people to let them be what they want to be. It is only for a privileged minority that higher education provides the leisure, the facilities, and the training to seek the truth lying hidden behind the veil of distortion and misrepresentation, ideology and class interest, through which the events of current history are presented to us. And I think before passing the judgement on somebody’s character, intellectual outlook and moral commitment we must seek to assess his performance vis-à-vis his approach towards disturbing systems of power, so as to chalk out greater liberty for a greater number of people.

    Once again I thank all of those who have congratulated me but I would say that my real happiness would lie not in achieving a postgraduate degree form a Western university but certainly in my ability to serve my people.

    ali al-Hakim

  13. Dear Sultan Abbas (Ali Al-Hakim) as having the opportunity to share many precious moments of time in our journey of schooling in London, and been a frined of many hot and cold seasons I appreciate your views as you have expressed as ideals in your message. It is a matter of happiness for the people of Gilgit-Baltistan a stream of hardworking good minds are struggling to achive human excellence through training and development in some of the best schools of the world of our times.
    I know your academic achievement is a matter to be proud for all of us, and I hope that your professional career with an internationaly reknown NGO will enhave your professional capicities. I wish you all the best for your career as a development professional to be able to serve the people in need.
    Abbas, Karachi

  14. well done ali al-Hakim i must say good mission and vision toward future.. and for those who want to be like you I can tell them “A life without purpose is a languid, drifting thing; Every day we ought to review our purpose, saying to ourselves: This day let me make a sound beginning, for what we have hitherto done is naught!”


  15. its response to irfan ali shah’s comments that my dear their are many who have done their graduation form LSE, so sultan abbas is among few of them.

  16. Congratulations in a very big bOx to you and ur Parents and ur HEALTHY brother……..
    its really great pleasur for all youth for another role model in education from Hunza.

    Sarfaraz Amin
    Riphah International University

  17. am not getting words for expressing my appreciation of such a great achievement . i ll just complet my expressions of apprecations in three or 4 words ……………that is ‘u make us proud kako’ .

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