PIA resumes flight between Gilgit and Skardu

by Asghar Khan

Gilgit, October 27: PIA has started its flight operation between Gilgit-Skardu effective 26th October, 2009. The Time and Fare Table is as under. Kindly note that these flight shall operate from Gilgit to Skardu on Monday and from Skardu to Gilgit on Thursday only.

More information, for the benefit of travelers, is as follows:


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  1. The ticket confirmation system of PIA in Gilgit is very very poor, due invalment of corrupt mafia like Mr. Raza,Kazin and Liaqat Changazi. I request PIA officials to probe into the matter and take immediate action against them. These corrupt officials have linkages ousiders and through these dalals they taking Rs.1000 to 2000 from the needy peoples.
    Najam Iqbal

  2. it is very poor system in gilgit baltistan pia flight service. as the conform tickets are ignored and preferd the chance bacause the organization receive 1000 extras for late arrivel , so plez dont play with the poors

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