Altaf for Gilgit-Baltistan representation in parliament

Gilgit, October 28: MQM chief Altaf Hussain has said Gilgit-Baltistan should be given representation in the lower and upper house of the country. He said the day is not far when the people of this region would enjoy representation in the National Assembly and the Senate.

In a telephonic address during a Meet the Press Programme here, Altaf said the MQM is against the feudal system and trying to eliminate the corrupt political culture. He said he wants to come back but members of the Rabita Committee advise him to stay in London. He said he never supported former president General Pervez Musharraf. He directed members of the National Assembly belonging to the MQM to raise voice on the floor of the House on national issues. Declaring the MQM a liberal party, Altaf Hussain wished sectarian harmony in Gilgit-Baltistan and said the MQM is the party of all Pakistanis.


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  1. Altaf Hussain wants to come back but members of the Rabita Committee advise him to stay in London.wowoww MILKY BABY altaf BABY.He also said he never supported former president General Pervez Musharraf. The Man who Survive altaf life frm Death now these words abt The great man. So i GOt jst 3 words for you altaf .= (HUNZA REJECTED YOU)

  2. It is heartening that the MQM fonder and leader Altaf Husain has decided to voice for the rights of the people of GLT/BLT in both the National Assembly and senet of Pakistan. This support was was long-due not only on MQM but on other Political parties and their leadership. We expect a lot from the PPP and ML(N) and other mainstream parties that they must play their due role to resolve the issue. The country cannot afford further frustrations and political deterioration in this region –a life-line for the country but not part of the country. This is an information age we cannot fool two million people of Glt-Blt; a people which paid/paing more and got/getting least during the last sixty years. This is the forth generation which lives without any identity and also being ruled by LORDS not belonging to the Region.

  3. this is the only chance to rise voice in the national assembaly supporting MQM in the northern region because PPP and PML are failed to solve our issue therefor we should support MQM.

  4. This iz just tear of crocodile, i am eye witness of 12th may when Karachi was in the hands of MQMs war lords.So i reject these demonds this just NOORA KUSHTI. This iz my request to the pepole of GB to vote main strem partys say no to lissani groops

  5. MQM has graet leadership that’s why they are going strong political party in all provinces of pakistan and also now first time in GILGIT BALTISTAN. In this party the main thing is that they have no any discrimination particularly in religion. i do not accept all political parties in pakistan because they have only invalid slogan, and they do not act according to their Manshore. MQM best of luck for up coming election in G B.

  6. its the old refrain from Altaf that Rabita Committee advising him not to come to Pakistan. He and his allies had control on almost everything when Musharaf was in power. Why he did not come to Pakistan? now Altaf is declaring he never supported Musharaf. I do not believe he can lie in front of media and yet not ashamed of it. It is nature of a fascist that he can do anything to push his fascist agenda. now Altaf’s speeches, acts and tactics have become gimmicks of the joker in a circus. Just listen to his speeches. I salute the people who have stamina to listen to the crap he is uttering.
    if he wants to eliminate feudalism, then he should go to other parts of Pakistan. We do not have fuedals in gilgit-Baltistan. it is really saddening to see Hunzukutch joining MQM in droves. What a pity on nation that claims to be most education and aware community in gilgit-Baltistan. there is no difference between Taliban and MQM. the latter is greater danger as it hides itself in the guise of being underdog (mazloom) where in reality it is zalim that has impoverished Urdu speaking community of its creative self and culture.
    Before sending its political message to gilgit-Baltistan, MQM has sent several coffins to various parts of the region. I cannot forget those scenes. therefore, i reject MQM and its lackeys in Gilgit-Baltistan.

  7. Wow gr8 read all the comments and wana give my comment. MQM is the best and the first party to talk for the seat in national assembly as PPP failed to give us additional seat for MNA. i agree vith the passivic and say that Kamil jan is the best As wazir baig is concerned he is even not able to win from Aliabad and we the Pml(q) are now going to support MQM and remembr that this the is the first time MQM is here in hunza and a day will come means to say after five years all the people of hunza vill be vith MQM


  9. This is the popular demand of the people of Gilgit-Baltistan. At least MQM have shown the courage to publicly announce that G-B should be given representation in the National Assembly and Senate of Pakistan, while I have never heard something like this. Even their members contesting the G-B elections do not have the courage to include this as their election manifesto or slogan.

    I am not supporting these political parities at all as I think an indigenous political party should represent us as these main stream political parties have no vision for this region as their leadership is leading one point agenda of “Apni jeb bharo, Lutt key Khawo”

  10. i lkie the comments of Khameto because he/she express the depest reaility. We don’t like MQM (mulki qatil movemnt) REJECTED qATILA GROUP OF ALTAF.& COMPANY.

  11. Thanks Mr. Altaf Hussain & MQM for raising this demand for G-B.
    The manner in which MQM is conducting its election campaign is a real treat. Hopefully it will win support from the people of G-B.

  12. i dont think tht people who are not the voterz n supporterz of MQM should hav any right of calling ALTAF HUSSIAN back to PAKISTAN it’s us who understand’s his policies his way of thinking n supports him on his way so definately we have the right to decide tht whethr he should come back to PAKISTAN or not,n i have little querry tht wht did we get by bringing BENAZIR back to pakistan,,,,m 20 yearz old n since m birth m seeing pml-N and PPP in power i ask u tht does only PAKISTAN belongs to PML-N & PPP wake-up pls n stop this bull-shit’s tht MQM is a extreamist party,,,plz keep ur 30 yearz eneminity a side n think abt MQM’S vision for our nation,,

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