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SCO’s “Ideal” Internet Service during Gilgit-Baltistan Elections

GILGIT (PR): Special Communications Organization (SCO) played an exemplary role during the recent Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) General Elections by ensuring uninterrupted supply of its network across GB. According to details, General Elections were recently held at the Gilgit-Baltistan. Leaders of all major political parties, including federal government representatives, had reached GB a month ago to support their candidates in these crucial elections. Various media teams from across the country also reached Gilgit for Live coverage to keep the world informed and updated about the pre-election situation in different areas.

In this context, keeping in view the needs of the media for live coverage during these elections, the Sector Commander SCO had issued special instructions under which the SCO would strengthen its network across the GB without any interruption. In particular, at the Central Press Club Gilgit, which was the center of national and international media teams during the elections, the SCO provided special net packages in the form of fast internet. In addition, more than two dozen Wi-Fi devices with 50GB of free data under a special discounted package was provided to facilitate the supply of mobile data to local media representatives of Central Press Club Gilgit.

Central Press Club Gilgit was also provided with an additional special unlimited net package so that all media teams from across the country could be present during live coverage and reporting. Special measures were also taken by the organization to provide a stable network in all GB districts and regions. In addition, special instructions were issued to the staff at all outlets and sub-outlets and franchisees to ensure availability of SCO products including Balance Cards, S Load and Scom SIM in all these areas. On the provision of quality services by the SCO, the President of Central Press Club Gilgit and other media representatives appreciated all the efforts made by the organization and thankful to the Sector Commander SCO Col. Imran Mansoor Vohra and his team for the excellent services they have provided. They said, in the absence of an integrated, stable and modern 4G telecom system in the form of SCO, periodic review of election results and situation through live coverage, including meetings of leaders across the region during GB elections would have been very difficult, but the SCO made it really possible and very easy through its stable network.

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