Satellite image of the artificial lake formed in Gojal valley

SOURCE: Earth Observatory

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  1. Nature has the power. Plenty of water any outburst could create a real devastation, May God save us.

  2. This image shows that there is lot of water accumulated.God forbid if there is dam failure, it could cause significant damage.

    Length of lake has been estimated at 12050 meters (ie over 12 KM) and average depth of lake is estimated by FOCUS geologist at 233 feet.
    This is lot of water. Allah help us!

  3. Nice artificial lake, look nice , but it is very sad that people from Ayian abad are safring.

  4. The Police are just obeying what their masters order them to do, they really have no mercy and sense that people of the Gojal valley are desperate because they are loosing their livelihood which their far fathers have developed by investing their ultimate

    The police actions towards the innocent Gojalies is a revenge by the corrupt Home Secretary and those who have lied and got exposed when the media and the educated youth of Gojal highlighted them.


  5. Hi,

    Hoping that there are local experts from the landslide area and surroundings here.

    A group of volunteers wants to help with creating maps for the area as they will help in providing relief and monitoring the situation. We have done some background work already. Will share more details as soon as we are fully ready.

    Your assistance in that regard would be vital. Please do get in touch via email and I will share more details.


  6. this is vary vary huge lake we need to work on it .. becouse we have to save the rest of gojal and our government should work fast and compansate for the damage area

  7. Despite of fear of water spill and the troubled people of the area, I still view it in a positive way that the shortage of water in the dams and the rivers will be covered through this artificial lake, and we can see some prosperity coming in our way

    We are all with the concerned people of Hunza in this difficult time and are ready to serve and help them
    Let’s all join hands and protect our people

  8. we wil bring the beauty of gojal back,n wll say once again ””’
    ye xu khushroe Gojal tuwat bemisol
    petun dinyom sima nasti xang diyor
    ye xu khushroe Gojal tuwat bemisol

  9. It is not necessary that the overflowing will cause flooding. The landslide fill area is quite long and the water will slowly spill over it and gradually erode the filled land partially. This is not expected to cause any sudden swelling in the river. The amount of incoming water into the indus from the north would be the amount of water that would flow over the spill area or perhaps slightly more. The only problem is that this lake might become permanent if the landslide filled debris is not washed away completely by the passage of time. And those who have lost their homes and lands may never get it back.

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