United we stand

Saima Javaid Khan

Only one month back all of us had joyously celebrated the Imamat Day in Hunza valley and the air was filled with happiness, joy, unity and tranquility. Our land has always been blessed with peace and harmony and people dwelling here are in no way familiar to bloodshed or killings.

My peaceful land, my home – Hunza Valley, known globally for its serenity, saw the worst day of its history on 11th August 2011 and the incident filled eyes of every individual with tears. The people here have never seen such massacres and we, not even in our wildest dreams, had imagined such kind of injustice being done to innocent people and fill the quietness of our heaven with the shooting of guns.

Our piece of land, even though small, is an example for the whole nation in every aspect of life and by no means shall we allow external or internal forces to shatter our hallmark.

We have always stood united and will remain intact in future as well and bring down those who run their conspiracies to bring instability in our nation.

W strongly condemn the killings of the two innocent souls who were peacefully protesting for their rights. May their souls rest in eternal peace!

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  1. hallo every one i thanks to Saima Javaid Khan on his filling about home land .we promise that new we reinstate peace brotherhood and sincere our home land love hunza gojal and care hunza

  2. I highly appreciate, the way Ms Saima Javed Khan has described beautifully the feelings and emotions of the people of Hunza, the people of Hunza from shinaki to Shimshal, Misgar and Chipurson are one and can not be seperated from each other. I agree with her, she has said all that, was exactly in the minds of our people

  3. Saima, in a very beautiful manner, has expressed the feelings of the peaceful people of Hunza on the 1th August incident. The way she has conveyed a message, it itself reflects the how peaceful are the people of Hunza.
    Truly, we the people of Hunza are not familiar to bloodshed or killings nor seen such kind of injustice.
    It is a time for us to join heads and think the root causes of such incidents taking place on our peaceful land. May be it is a BIG GAME! Its the time to THINK and REFLECT!
    I pray that may the innocent souls rest in eternal peace and Maula bless the effected families with tolerance and courage!

  4. The civil society GB, lahore , had a protest on hunza incident yesterday in front of Press club lahore, almost more then 150 youth and students of hunza were informed, finally there were hardly 50 participants, 45 were from other part of GB, and 5 fom hunza…we are united on paper and if there iz any entertainment program, nt fr a cause….this is our real face,..and if the situation will remains the same, such act of brutal killings will happen.again and again..

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