Father and son lose life while crossing Dubair Nallah bridge

A view of the bridge on Dubair Nallah. Photo: Ali Musofer

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Gilgit, August 27: Two year old Noman was clinging to his father’s chest while they tried to cross a makeshift bridge constructed over the Dubair Nallah, in Kohistan district of Khyber – Pukhtunkhwa. Father of Noman lost his control and suddenly the young child fell into the roaring mountain stream. The desperate father, identified as Gul Bahar, 32, hailing from Hassanabad – Hunza, jumped in the stream to save his son but unfortunately the ragging waters swept both of them away, never to be seen.

Gul Bahar was traveling with his three children from Rawalpindi to Gilgit.

Traveling on the Karakuram Highway has become a highly hazardous decision because of collapse of bridges and fears of landslides and floods. The highway has been inundated by the recent lands and floods.

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  1. Very sad incident indeed, May God Bless Their soul in eternal peace, and give the family courage to cope up with such situations. All the travelers should take precautionary measures traveling this area.

  2. its really a tragic incident, May God rest their soul in eternal peace and give strength and courage to the family to bear this loss.

  3. the worthy chief minister should compensate the family as per policy adopted to victims of floods and other catastrophes. The death came as a result of damages of torrential rain. No one like to travel with family in awful situation of the road but this family dared to travel on this route, may be non availability of subsidized tickets to fly Gilgit or due to some other problem. Any one in Gilgit should pursue this family case on the humanitarian ground.

  4. Very tragic moment for not only the family of victims but to the people of whole region. These type of incidents may happen with each and every individual traveling through KKH. Precautionary measures must b taken and must not travel unnecessarily until it declares safe throughout Gilgit. May GOD rest their soles in eternal peace and give courage to the family of victims to bear the losses.

  5. Very unfortunate. I first read this news here on Pamir. I just came to know he was living next door and he had left for GB yesterday. May their souls rest in eternal peace 🙁

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