Pakistan Army starts relief work in Attabad on 3rd day of the disaster

PT Report

Hunza, January 5: Four helicopters of the Pakistan Army started search, rescue and relief operations in the disaster hit Attabad village of Hunza valley today. So far the local volunteers had been conducting the relief operations.

The choppers would also shift the 200 stranded commuters belonging to Gojal valley to their villages in upper Hunza.

In the meanwhile scarcity of food supply, medicines and fuel is becoming a very serious threat in Gojal Valley. According to reports shops supplying food items in Gulmit and other larger villages of the valley have finished their stocks and can not bring in fresh supplies due to the blockade of Karakuram Highway.

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  1. Aakhir Kaar…..hmmmmm

    I pray for each and every one who has suffered becuase of this calamity. InshaAllah, things will get to normal soon.

  2. Thanks to Pakistan Army and all other organizations and agencies participating in the relief work at Attaabad Hunza. FOCUS is also playing its due role through the already trained volunteers and existing professional staff. Besides providing relief at the affected site people still need support of Pak Army and other organizations.

    However GEO was showing rescue work at Ghulking Glacier, which indeeds misleads people in other parts of the country.

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