4 Cusecs water passing through the spillway

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Hunza, May 29: Water started flowing through the spillway after getting blocked for a little while in the morning. Water discharge is gradually increasing. According to experts the amount of water discharging per second is around 4 cubic feet. (4 Cusecs).

A team of experts including officials of Pakistan Army, NDMA, FOCUS Pakistan – AKDN affiliate, and NESPAK is monitoring the lake since early morning.

The sirens installed by FOCUS Pakistan will be triggered by district administration once there is an increased threat of flooding, on advice of the team of experts.

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  1. We all pray that the damage is minimum.

    What peoples should know is for breech of dam it can take hours or even a day. Please people listen to warning and advice of local government and FOCUS.Please remain above 60 meter not come down.

    NDMA Chairman, FOCUS Chair, NESPAK ,Army and experts is monitoring the situation carefully before they will sound FOCUS installed sirens and there may also be warnings from mosques loud speakers.

    Let us trust in Allah and rely on experts and listen to their advice.Please do not spread rumors.Please.

    May Allah protect us all.Ameen.

  2. The moment of sigh of relief for the entire upstream population. This was a tiny landslide which was turned into a nightmare of disaster by our own government lead by our own representatives.

    This was a sheer ignorance on the part of the leadership. I am sure, it was will-fully let to happen with us by the FWO people with the dream of financial gains in terms of billions of rupees in contract for reconstruction. I have heard people saying that some powerful elements bent on sectarian bases are jealous of the progress.

    But what is more frustrating is Mr. Wazir Baig’s attitude throughout these five months, he was never heard sympathizing with the affected people rather he made people mad with his disgusting statements to turn Gojal into dam to conserve water for generating electricity, relocating the people of Gojal somewhere else which is more economical then construction of spill way. etc.

    Purhaps the people of Gojal made a mistake to read the PPP, they did not know it is a Zardari Party and the PPP was also assassinated with Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Shaheed. This Party (post BB) is led by the able Mehdi Shah, whose loyalty was judged since the first day of the disaster.

    Mr. Wazir Baig may have won the heart of Mr. Zardari and Mehdi Shah but the people of Gojal are not going to see his face for the second time. I request my fellow Gojali brother to boycott him for the rest of his life. He is our destroyer and should not let him to step on the soil of Gojal.

  3. Thaks for the update.
    Can you please let us know about any organisation where we can donate for our brothers and sisters and help them in this crisis?

  4. I have much more confidence now than even a few days ago that the people are prepared for this. Around the world, people are on your side.

    From Tucson, Arizona, USA, with much empathy and caring and deep concern, to you, the good people of the Hunza Valley: may you and your families be blessed.

  5. Attabad Dam out Burst; Red Alert

    Reportedly the expected over topping (over flowing) of the spillway have started at a very low rate and hopefully all the access glacial water pouring into lake at its tail which is extended to some 8 to 10 mile upstream—- will result in a move of water in the lake. This move may result into more erosion along the length of lake.

    At the spillway it’s soil is not compact but is loose in nature and once the loose clay found in between the big boulders stuck in the blockages is eroded by the water flow—-more water will start flowing through them which may result in shifting of boulders as well as debris thus causing an exceptional sudden outburst any time soon.

    Even at this stage in order to control the drainage of lake it is highly recommended that
    to prevent the downstream destruction by sudden outburst of lake dam; an adequate water draining arrangements by laying the mega poly pipes or other flexi hose artificial Siphons System along the spillway may be the only solution to avail a controlled drain of the lake as well as prevent the downstream damages that it may cause to the life and properties of people and endangering the mega structure of Tarbela Dam.

  6. Mr Khokar is not correct . This is some comic book solution he is offering.

    A lot could have been done to the spillway; like armouring the spillway,making the spillway wide, re-inforcing the area where water will fall from spillway ( there is 90 meter fall). I wish Gen . Nadeem would have been Chairman of NDMA 3-4 month earlier when Dr Dave Petley and World Bank consultant came on invitation of FOCUS and gave their suggestions. Next 10-12 hours will be crucial as flow of water will increase. Dam breach can take 1 more day or more. We have to trust advice of NDMA and FOCUS.They are closely monitoring the situation and doing aerial surveys.

    FOCUS geologist inform me that Dr Jefery Kargel is Prof at University of Arizona and has been advising FOCUS. Thank you Dr Kargel you are our friend also.

  7. Dear Hafiz Shah Ali and friends,

    The experts may differ but this is believed that artificial drainage of this lake presents a rare opportunity to actively reduce the potential for a natural disaster caused by destructive water. Other failure mechanisms may include seepage and other holes which may also result in rapid collapse of dam and marking it most destructive events which have been documented throughout the world on other sites.

    The above comments were submitted with the reference to the case Study of ‘Draining Himalayan Glacial Lakes before they Burst’ which says that many catastrophic floods have occurred in the Himalaya when a dam of moraine like we have here that a spillway barrier is formed of loose contents of mud, clay and boulders; that under the pressure and volume of water may fail suddenly and release massive amounts of water that is stored in the lake.

    Such outburst floods may prove far more destructive. As a means of reducing the risk of catastrophe from this lake, a simple siphon technique is proposed which has proved to be the most successful in reducing the water level. Although this approach appears to be relatively effective, practical, inexpensive and safe, but it does have a substantial risk of seismic events generated by rock avalanches and land slide as we had earlier into the lake that then a massive wave generated by land slide may overtop the dam and rapidly erode the outflow channel, ultimately resulting into collapsing the spill way barrier with it.

    The downstream valley extending to even Tarbela dam may remain highly unstable for months to years after the initial event. The destructive potential of an outburst flood may depend on: the total volume of water released; the magnitude and duration of release, which depend on the lake dam failure situation; river slope and width and variations in these characteristics along the channel; the amount and size of erodible material in the dam area and downstream. It also depend upon the resistance of the channel and valley sides to erosion and landslides; the location of people at the time of the event; and location of houses, structures, trails and bridges relative to the flood itself and resultant landslides.

    Attenuation of the flood wave also influences the extent of damage downstream and is affected by channel conditions, landslide activity, and entrainment of debris.


  8. Still the situation is not clear. The faliure and curruption is more evedent with the delay in overflow of water and causing more damage in Gojal.

    agree wit your analysis of GB PPP. Mr. Wazir Baig two days ago said on TV that all arrangements have been made and things are under contole of GB govt and ” koi Qiamat Nahi Aye gee” some one must ask him his definition of Qiamat……..’ things are under is controle to protect downstream……. so wat about upstream for the last five months……….people are homeless, land less………..he has always defensive and pro govt statements. His democracy is not for people it is for govt, FWO, NDMA etc…………

    PPP is always currupt, people of Gojal have been cheated, it is not only Wazir Baig we should never see PPP in Hunza Gojal.

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