world press freedom day celebrated in Nepal

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Kathmandu, Nepal: The world press freedom day was celebrated in Kathmandu, today, by UNESCO, Nepal Federation of Journalists and Panos South Asia, by holdling a rally, a seminar and the first day of a two days conference.

Noor Muhammad of Pamir Times is presenting a paper titled “Pamir Times: Blogging and social change in the Hunza valley”, tomorrow morning at 9:00

The presentation will be webcast live through the website

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  1. Well done Noor, it was a very wonder full presentation you made, i saw this live, you provided good information about Northern Areas putted in front of the audience, and I saw the audience asking question and I am amazed about your confident answering to these questions, but one thing I want to tell you that there was a monthly magazine namely Month Baluristan which was published by few individuals of NA, so please also appreciate the contribution of that magazine too, I am very empresses by your presentation on this level, please keep this good work, and don’t worry about the legal notices, it is always part of the game, be ready for more though time in future.

  2. Dear Noor,
    congratulations for your brilliant achievements ….Good Luck to your journey to success.

    Thanks and regards
    Sharif Khan

  3. Dear Noor,
    congrats, i ould not be able to see ur presentation but i would like if you can share your presentation with us. this seems to be an interesting topic. “Pamir Times: Blogging and social change in the Hunza valley”.

    well done anyways


  4. Noor-e-Shireen,
    It is indeed a moment of great happiness for the team of PT that the efforts being made are valued at certain level.

    I believe that if we continue with the same pace then many new horizons will open up which will further boost up our credibility and authenticity in the field of communication and media.

    I realize that this all has been a great achievement but this is not the end.

    I would like to thank and regard the contributions made but the team members above all standing Zulfiqar Ali Khan and Noor Muhammad.They have been very much into these kind of progressive works and this has certainly given them more space and brought to them enormous adulation.

    Whoever works for PT is determined not to be an activist rather an independent entity who observes things with keen interest and manipulates and interprets them based on grounds of reality which are either supported by true words or facts and figures.

    I would like to invite the energetic youth members to make their contribution in the form of innovative ideas which will further strengthen the spirits of PT and would add to the repute of the ongoing progressive work.

    All the very best for every thing and thank you very much for appreciating Noor and the Pamirtimes.


    Aslam Khan Ghalib
    A member of PT

  5. Well done Noor ….. you made all of us proud …. you are on way to the summit
    Congrates to you and PAMIR…. have challenges ahead but am confident that we will face all those with great courage


  6. It is a marvellous achievement and a proof of international acclamation of the standard and quality knowledge sharing and constructing initiatives by Nur and his team. All the best for success in future endeavours. Abbas

  7. Congratulations Noor on this opportunity; hope your presentations were well received. It would be in fitness of things, if you could share some of the highlights of the occasion and relevant portion of your paper, as like me, other PT colleagues might also be interested in contents of the paper and recommendations of the forum. I missed the live presentations.

    Mutabiat Shah, Islamabad

  8. Well done Noor – wonderful achivement and best of Luck for you future. keep it up.


    salman karim

  9. Dear NOOR

    It is real a dream to see youth so confident and Power that has the passion to make the world see the people who have been in self made norms and values.
    Your are a balance person with lots and lot to learn.
    I do not want to say any thing here
    Just be your name and mean It.

  10. Thatz gr8 job Noor Bahi…..!!!! Keep it up….. i hav,nt words 2 describe u and ur team…!!!!!
    Best of luck and a very good journey…!!!

  11. Dear Noor,

    Congratulations for such a great exposure, keep it up and move on


    Shah Zaman

  12. Opportunity taken well, Kindly share the concept paper of your and others, please

  13. So nice, you are persona non grata in homeland and became something of cultural guerilla, turning up to perform throurg multi media…. you doing great jobe.

  14. Well done Noor, a great initiative. It would be nice if you share the paper with us too.

    Best Regards,
    Sajid Ali

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