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Chilas; PPP has always stood by the poor and laborers throughout its history and it will score victory in every corner of Gilgit-Baltistan especially in Chilas region, these were sated by Qasim shah leader PSF Diamer through a press release.Qasim further elaborated that the central executive committee has allotted the party tickets to young and energetic ideological workers. This will give a new impetus and boost the party campaign and PPP will score historical victory in Diamer district.President Peoples youth Organization (PYO) Diamer, Saif-Ullah said that pp will clean sweep the elections in the whole region The announcements made during prime ministers recent visit would be materialized soon and it will have positive impact on the elections.

He further illustrated the fact that PPPP has always brought reforms in the GB region keeping in view the demands and needs of common man. On 13th of Nov pp will prove to be the victorious party because the public has accepted the political economical and social reforms of the current PPP regime.

Ghizar – Hyder Wali and Murtaza Khan withdraw in favor of Dr Ali Madad Sher

Gahkuch: Ali Madad Sher has won the support of its two fomer compitiors Murtaza khan and hyder Wali in GBLA election from the contiuncy Ghizar-2. hyder wali and Murtaza kahn woved newto support ali mada Sher in the upcoming election annocung their withdawl from the race on Saturday. thy said tahr they were supporting the philosophy of PPP and not widrawing due to their weak postion in the election campaigns.

Hunza – Nagar HAC to be organized into a political movement

Sost; An important Meeting of hunza Action Committee took Place in Sost Gojal . The meeting was presided by Sheikh Abid Najfi and emenent leaders from Hunza such as Mujahid ullah Baig , Ghulam Muhammed, Nambardar Fida ALi ( Misgar) and Jalal from Sost addressed the meeting. In the meeting it was decided that Hunza action Commitee will change its name and turn into a full fledged movement to safegard the political anbd socail interests of the people of hunza. The speakers mentioned that Hunza action Commitee has recieved warm welcome from diffrent parts of Goajl Tehsil such as Chipurasan sost and Gircha. It was stressed that the commitee will represent the whole hunza from Kilik in Goajl to Mayun in Shinaki.

ASTORE – ANP Leader iFTIKHAR Hussein in Astore

Addresing a large gathering in Astore city Mian Ifikhar Hussain Chief Minister of NWFF said that ANP will lead from the front to end the Poverty and mistrust from GB.He aws in astore to support ANP for candidateThe GBLA Eletion From Astore(2). he further said that we would be successful to put an end to the terrorism in NWFP and the whole country.

Ali Ahmed ANP Candidate from Astore (2) stressed the need to allocate reserved seats in educational institutes for the students of Astor ,He vowed to take effective measure for the development of astore If elected.

GILGIT – LIONS shall move back to forests – Jamil Ahmed

PPP ticker holder Jamil Ahmed, from LA 1, Gilgit, has said that although the lion has come out of forest, it shall move back soon. Because it may not not find any place for itself in the cities.”Its is proved from tha fact that Slamat jan Of Muslim league youth wing has found a stone carved with lion on it” he said.

He told the press, on a lighter note that, the stone found by Salamat Jan has a lion’s back craved onto it, as if it is moving back into the forest. “This is a nice omen for the candidates of PPP. I am sure that public will throw the tiger into the river on 12 november”, he said.

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