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Mass movement to be launched against G-B govt attitude

Shabbir Ahmed Mir

GILGIT: The residents of Hunza valley, marred by recent violence, have decided to launch a mass movement against raids on houses and arrests of locals. “This was decided in a meeting organised by the Hunza Peace Committee,” said Mujahid, a resident of Hunza.

On Friday, the Hunza Peace Committee announced in its’ meeting that it will launch protests and long marches as part of a mass movement to register their opposition to raids and arrests being made by police since the last month, “We will be adopting all possible means to protest against the biased attitude of the government,” said the committee leaders.

Last month, two protestors – a father and son – died after the police opened fire to disperse a crowd assembled to protest the non-payment of compensation to the Attabad Lake affected people just before the chief minister visited Hunza.

The killings triggered riots followed by looting and plundering of public property by a violent mob. Since then, the police have arrested dozens of residents after conducting raids in the valley.

Among other leaders, the meeting was addressed by Sheikh Abid, Wazir Mujahidullah, and Brigadier (retd) Hassamullah, who vowed to visit the valley to gather maximum public support for their movement. The deceased’s family said that after losing their loved ones, they now face persecution and arrest.

Earlier this week, Gilgit-Baltistan (G-B) Legislative Assembly Speaker Wazir Baig, who also hails from Hunza, voiced concern over the arrests of people, terming it a ploy against his government.

G-B Finance Minister Mohammad Ali Akhtar insisted that the culprits have caused losses to the government exchequer and would be held accountable.

Published in The Express Tribune, September 20th,  2011.

6 thoughts on “Mass movement to be launched against G-B govt attitude

  1. The people of Hunza-Gojal strongly believe in conspiracy theory by hidden minds to defame the peace loving and pertiotic folks of the valley.The people have strong feeling about the suspicious activity of finance minister GB Mr.Akthar who is continuesly interfering in the political afffairs of the region beyond his constitutional mandate. The plot could be to destabilize the valley to make justification to relocate the administrative offices to Nagar valley ,the home town of the finance minister.The people of the valley should protect their constitutional rights by protest,demonstrations and legal battle.

  2. When will we learn from history and when we will unite to defeat enemy that is killing us? Our land is raped and we are exploited by few people from political parties and lobby from Islamabad in the disguise of civil servants. Servants?? it is us who have become servants and we have sunk so low that we cannot even stand up and speak without being beaten, locked up or shot! … and what do we do? make small noises and go silent when these criminals give us bone!!
    Shame on all of us … GB will be taken away from us, we will become third grade citizens of this place and it will be the mining companies, the construction giants and the power companies that will drain our resources. They will earn billions and we will get poverty, no health care, no education, no assistance and no respect. Ngo’s come and go, promises are made but what is the reality? We are not mattering in this game!
    If you want to wait to be finished … you will not have to wait long time.
    I make simple suggestion: Get together with your enemies, friends, neighbors, brothers and sisters and stand up with one voice for land and for future. No power on earth will be able to quite us unfairly and we will get our rights. The chief minister, the chief secretary, the Ministers … they should come to our forums humbly and as decent human beings to listen and act on our problems and NOT to visit us like they were kings or princes. It is time we made these people realize that they cannot get away with murder and oppression. What will it take to wake us up and join hands?? I request Pamir Times to help our nation to gain our voice by highlighting and then following up regularly issues till result is achieved. Hold our politicians responsible – let us not kill each other because the people who are teaching us to kill us or our people are not well wishers and this is their way of destroying us.
    One landslide has divided our land and our families but who cares? How many politicians and generals came in helicopters and went away, the businessmen started a boat business and traders charge us 10 times of what prices used to be … so what about us the people??
    I invite you to wake up, understand that these issues will get really bad .. we will become slaves in our own land .. forever, if we do not make sacrifices now.

  3. dair ayed doorust ayed… it is very necessary to wake against the puppets of PPP, these bloody bostrstd kill us … Wazir baig is responsible bcz he is elected prsn frm hunza region ..y he silent till now … he enjoy the lubricious life … he must be hang .. if he cant face the govt he must resign…. PPP govt will soon come to knw the consequences of thr bulshit attitued twrds Hunza … i request all ppl of hunza to come out frm thr shells leaving thr personal interst

  4. I agree to Aazaad’s coment and urge to gather to a forum, where our voices are not only heard but implemented on our terms.

  5. Raza Muhammad September 22, 2011
    Hunza has been a place of peace loving people, they have clear vision,knowledgeable thinking,always honest in their work and loyalty to their contury.but they don,t know about the conspairacy.The people of Hunza have a right to start mass movement against the administration and present government all the people hailing from Hunza whether they are in the country or out of the country all love peaceful Hunza. this the time to pin point the culprits and ill will people who came forward with mission to destabliz Hunza.The present ministers of GB government have shown thier intrest during the last two cases first at Hussaini gojal and second murdaring inocent father and son at Aliabad. We are strongly condemn this action and demanding to release detaind persons.

  6. My friends we need to gather everyone who respected as leader in our community. Not rich and political but rich in morals and rich in actions. These people can be children, young adults, adults and elderly and dont forget our women. We have to stop our laziness and take small solid step to move ahead.
    When we have made base of people from all walk of life and from all communities and all sects then we should sit and identify only 5 issues to begin. These issues would form the basis of our work and our strength.We can chat and get angry and shout and scream but our history and forefathers have left us a lesson, those who will not stand up for their rights will be used and abused and will ruin the life of their future generation.
    I do not wish to murdered my children and their future because I am to lazy and fearful to do anything now. GET UP and start a voice, a voice of Hunza, a voice of the mountains, a voice of the people of the north, let these politicians and civil servants tremble when they act like masters but give them respect if they act like caring humans. It is time to change for our future or be lost in our misery. It is our choice. Convince 10 people you know and ask them to convince 10 people they know and soon we will have a forum. May Khuda help and guide us. Ameen.

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