Muhammad Ayub’s unofficial victory in Ghizar shocks PPP

By Noor

Islamabad, November 14: PPP in Gilgit – Baltistan was shook to the core when Muhammad Ayub Shah, an independent candidate, emerged victorious in polls against Ghulam Muhammad, the party’s provincial general secretary, in LA – 21, Ghizar 3, by a margin of 345 votes, only.

M Ayub
Muhammad Ayub Shah

In the past Ayub had tried his luck twice in the field of electoral politicsbut could not win against Ghulam Muhammad. But this time he was able to prove his supremacy in vote counts. Let’s inform our readers that almost all TV channels in Pakistan, save for Aaj TV, have wrongly reported victory of Ghulam Muhammad from this constituency. The votes have also been recounted, twice, at request of Ghulam Muhammad and his supporters, to no avail.

Ayub is a graduate of the University of Karachi, having a decade of experience in politics of Yasin and Sumal. He emerged victorious against candidates like Raja Jahanzeb (Independent), Mehboob Ali (BNF) and Javed Ali (PML – N).

Jubiliant supporters of Ayub are distributing sweets and exchanging felicitations throughout the country, including Karachi and the twin cities.

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  1. I don’t know the gentleman Mr.M.Ayub Shah who has been elected by our people in Yasin. It is a good omen as there has been a change. Change is necessary for democracy. If there is no change in every election in some constituency,ia amounts to geive up their right of ruling to a particular individual who in due course of time makes it his anecstral property. Such a situation leads to excesses and corruption and the condition of the people doesn’t change. Election results in the rest of the G-B indicate that there is constant changes from one election to another.

    I congratulate Mr.Ayub Shah and the people of Yasin. I pray that the new member may serve the people of Yasin, honestly and sincerely and consider himself as a Khadim of Yasin. I further request him to provide his bio-data to PT so that every body will know more about him.
    I would like to take this opportunity to suggest that PT should publish detail about the new members as most of them are not really known to people. This will be an interesting feature for PT.

  2. Dear Noor
    I am sorry to make mistakes in the 4th line of my comments above. In the fourth line after constituency it should be replaced by, “then it amounts to giving up right of ruling by the people of that constituency” and this should be linked with “to a particular individual”.
    I hope this will clearify it.

  3. I personally congrat Muhammad Ayoub on defeating the General Secretary of ruling party. Its victory of yasin not of an individual. pakistani government has successfully elected her ruling party ticket holders in many of the regions but the people of yasin proved once again that they need change all of the time for that they are even ready to face government.

  4. Heartiest congratulations to AYUB, amazing……………….
    basically the poeple of yasin are politically ppp oriented but at this moment the victory is not a matter of politics, now the victory seems the victory of charactor and people of yasin expressed their feelings that they dont like Mr. Zardari.

    and they rejected the ppp.


  5. congratulation to M Ayobe Shah and all his supporters of Babai Yasin and Sumal on their great Success. G A M.AYOBE

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