Wildlife official sees climate change behind the death of 7 Markhors in Chitral

Markhors drinking water from a river in Chitral. PT Photo

Kashif Ahmed

Chitral, April 13: Major causes of the loss of the Markhors in Chitral are Lungs and Pannonia diseases, which is caused by climate change, states a handout released by Imtiaz Hussain, Divisional Forest Officer, Wildlife Division, Chitral.

Mr. Hussain has further said that an inquiry team has been formed by the department to further investigate the mysterious death of Markhors in the Tooshi-Shaha Game reserve, spread over an area of 20000 hectares, and supporting a good population of Markhors.

A team consisting of officials from Wildlife Department , Livestock Department and WWF-Pakistan Chitral have visited the Tooshi Shaha Game Reserve area and their reports confirm the death of 7 Markhors, all below the age of on year.

Rejecting reports published by local newspaper, Hussain said that according to Livestock specialists the deaths are occurring due to disturbances and variations in the local environmental conditions, possibly triggered by climate change.

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  1. This is very sad news for us. We should do something better to control these diseases otherwise we will loss them.Markhors are one of the famous mountain animals in our it is our duty to look after them.

  2. climate change , global warming and disorder in ecosystem is disturbing the many floras and faunas, and need immediate measure, the lose of Markhors in Tooshi Game reserve in chitral is indicating that the habitat of the reserve has disturbed, many other factors are involved are free grazing,and human approaching the high pasture etc. i believe Wildlife Department chitral and the local VCCs working in the area will handle this problem soon and will resolve all the conflicts and disputes.
    Ajaz Ahmad

  3. District Forest Officer Wildlife Chitral has identified good reason in lose of the valuable and rare species of Markhor. Climate Change is affecting the environment day by day especially in the fragile ecosystem like Chitral. i consider that Heavy deforestation in chitral and claims of the specific tribe over the forest resources are affecting the conservation activities. Wildlife department Chitral is doing great job in safeguarding the biological diversity of the area. in order to save the forest resource and wildlife habitat, there should be complete ban on all type of forest harvesting,
    Dr.Maha Mir
    Shami Road Peshawar

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