Who flies out of Gilgit? The race is on!

A crowd gathered outside Gilgit airport. Photo: Aslam Shah

PT Report

Islamabad, August 3: Hundreds of commuters stuck in Gilgit due to the devastating rain that extensively damaged the Karakuram Highway are finding it tough to get a seat in the few planes that PIA operates.

Crowds of passengers gather in front of the small airport in Gilgit city to get their tickets confirmed under the new registration policy. Hundreds return disappointed because the flights are few and heavily dependent on weather conditions.

The government operated C – 130 planes to transport relief items for the people displaced by recent floods. On their way back these relatively larger planes evacuated stranded commuters, most of them foreign tourists.

Many people have complained that the authorities are abusing the emergency service to benefit their near and dear ones.

Hundreds including students and professionals are stuck in the mountain city waiting for the weather dependent planes. Some workers of IUCN, WWF and other NGOs who are taking part in the relief activities related to Hunza Lake disaster are also stuck in the region.

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  1. Dear Team PT,

    Kindly update your readers about the progress on reopening of KKH from Rawalpindi to Gilgit and Gilgit to Hunza. Most people are waiting for the road transport to reopen. Needless to describe the possibility of flight as the above picture is self explanatory. Besides this please provide some back ground information about the new ticketing policy of PIA. It will be very helpful for the commuters.

    Regards, Shujaat

  2. We have experienced very bad governance and lack of coordination among the departments, GB Tourism fail to respond in this crisis situation to evacuate the tourists. All there hotlines are busy or not responding or attend by office boy, having no clue about the crisis situation, when we call on AD or DD mobiles they even not bother to attend their calls,,,,,,, when we send text messages ,,,, their response was TRY AT YOUR OWN END or TALK TO YOUR RESPECTIVE EMBASSIES, ALL CONTROL IS WITH INTERIOR DEPARTMENT.

  3. the C-130 sorties reportedly spared for stranded people are not being used for the deserve and genuine people in gilgit. rather they are being manipulated by assitant commissioner, protocol officers of Gb government and army personnel at gilgit airfield. My request is that mainstream media should the things and expose the actual drama being playted in the name of free rescue operations. and one can do nothing but seigh when seen distress people being gotten insulted in the hands of operators at airport as women get frequent thuds and jostling from the so-called faciliatators of C130. I hope the the reporters in gilgit have noticed this dilemma!

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