Protest in Aliabad Hunza against NDMA and government


by Zulfiqar Ali Khan

Hunza, May 12: Hundreds of people participated in a peaceful protest in Aliabad, sub-divisional headquarter of Hunza, against the widespread destructions in Gojal Tehsil due to inability of the authorities to drain the lake formed on Hunza River according to announced target dates.  The protest was addressed by leaders of nationalist parties,

A protest demonstration in Ali

office bearers of Hunza Business Association and Hunza-Nagar Transport Associations. The protestors blocked KKH for four hours and chanted slogans against the role of the Government and the National Disaster Management Authority.

The protesters blamed General (rtd.) Farooq Ahmed Khan, the former Chairman NDMA, for playing ‘a suspicious role during the disaster’. They demanded of the Government to register FIR against NDMA for consciously letting the community and state properties submerge in the lake.

They said the authorities were not serious in earlier release of water from the lake which has now submerged more than 90 houses, thousands of kanals of lands and domesticated plants in Shishkat, Ayeenabad and Gulmit. They said the authorities are responsible for inundation of the 15 kilometer of the strategic Karakoram Highway and the bridges connecting Pakistan and China.

They said the Government has not taken concrete steps to reduce the sufferings of the people after 129 days for the incident. The speakers also said that removal of the bridge between Gilgit and Danyore has resulted in hiked prices of petroleum and essential goods in Hunza-Nagar district. They also blamed the Gilgit police and administration for taking bribes to allow the crossing of the trucks to Hunza-Nagar.

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  1. “Hunzokutz! its useless to cry when water has gone over head, you must have been on streets 4 months before now u become awake”

  2. It is very panic to see our motherland sinking in the water. Although early protection was possible if the government and the authorities would have taken it serious. So now the disastrious moment has already started upstream and will start downstream later. It is just the neglegencies our government and NDMA and obviously our local government. I declare Ex- Governor Chief Minister speaker GBLA and NDMA are responcible for all these losses.The poeple has right to ask from their servents that why they did negligencies in their duties.


  3. I am amazed why Mutabiat shah and Wazir Baig are still holding their seats aftermath of this disaster and huge loss due to the negligence and failure of government. these leaders must show their sympathy and resign from their offices at least if they have any sense of humor.

  4. Now it,s useless to start blame game and keep quit. It was evident at early stages by the attitude of CM Mehdi and Wazir Baig,s personal profile, that they will do nothing and they can,t do nothing. Now there is no time left to trust again on over so-called polotical leaders, it,s the time to come out for & wake the bloody government. Otherwise, we the Hunzukutz will lost not the not the ……. Govt.

  5. A beautiful place is under the arms of a wrong country. So sad…
    Is there a remedy? Wish there was one but I have doubt.

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