“Parlons Wakhi” (Let’s speak Wakhi) published in French and Wakhi language

by Shujaaat Ali

Karim Khan of Shimshal valley has authored a bilingual book on Wakhi language, published by L’Harmattan in the Parlon’s series, on rare world languages.

Karim Khan

According to information shared by Karim Khan the book comprises of four parts and discusses the Wakhi people, their culture, society, religion, history, geography and Wakhi language. According the book the Wakhi people are descendants of the Saka tribes of Persia.

The book is being seen as a very important step towards development and promotion of Wakhi identity. Public circles have hailed the efforts of Karim Khan.

The book can be obtained online.

Karim Khan has also launched the a new project, Shadow Girls Academy, in Aliabad Hunza for promotion of girls education in Hunza.

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  1. it is great stage of pleasure to read it , that in history for the first time any book has been authored. But in the other hand due to our laziness and some political commitments we are unable to save not only our identity but also the thousands year rich culture of Gojal which is going to be wiped off from the map of great Gilgit Baltistan, in the shape of dam which has been proposed by some anti gilgit baltistan elements. I appeal to you all please come forward to save our motherland.Raise voice wherever you are at any part on the planet. You can get paradise but you will not be able to get gojal again at any cost.
    Save your couture
    Save your identity
    otherwise there will be no any gojali identification.

    with painful heart
    Noor Khan Advocate

  2. I have been a great supporter of the Wakhi people and the beautiful area they have been gifted as part of their heritage. Today I ordered the book by Karim Khan for my daughters, who read French. It gives me great pride that we have people who care and are talented.

    I pray that the day comes when we move together … forward, instead of offering hurt, pain and negativity.

    The only way for all of us to survive as a people, as a nation is to move forward positively and offer solutions to a brighter and more constructive future.

    Educate yourselves, your children and instill in them the ambition to excel and RETUNT to their roots so that they can become part of the path forward. This is the first step.

  3. Dear brother Karim Khan,
    I would like to congratulate you for authoring a bilingual book on Wakhi language. Your efforts are really appreciated as is a unique work and is more towards the promotion of the extinct language which has got a very little attention so far.

    I personally appraise Karim Bhai’s contributions in the social sector as well. The establishment of Shadow girl’s academy in Aliabad is yet another big effort towards the promotion of the female folk belonging to the far flung areas of the jurisdiction.
    The current scenario demands more educated individuals like Karim Khan to put their valuable efforts and expertise towards the promotion and preservation of the Wakhi language.
    We have been facing some very big challenges encompassing the language extinction as well as the vulnerable effects of the natural disaster. These kinds of situations have proved that still we are far behind in the various walks of life and our strengths are being dominated by circumstances which are either natural (unavoidable) or self created because of being not much conscious about our rights and responsibilities.
    Let’s join hands and move forward for any kind of challenge coming our way.
    Save Gojal and save the wakhi Language. Both are side by side sinking every second and every minute. The unfathomable water and unfathomable sea are moving forward to devastate and deteriorate our piece of land and its dwellers. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for something good and be optimistic about the time ahead.

    Keep mounting the ladder of success Karim Bhai and God bless you.

    All the very best for my land and my language.

    Na wasta hay amal se na koshishu se payam
    Hamaray hath tow utthay hay bus dua ke liye.

    Aslam Khan Ghalib

  4. Just to add some more information about the book for the interest of readers; the alphabets or characters used in this book are the roman characters, created for Wakhi by the Linguist and scholar “Steblin Kamenski” from Russia 57 years ago.

    The first part of the book is an introduction about wakhi history, geography and language.

    Second part of the book is about Wakhi grammar. Karim Khan has tried to fix a comprehensive grammar for Wakhi language including conversation.

    The third part of the book is about wakhi culture,tradition, religion,games and festivals etc.

    The last part of the book is about similarity between Wakhi and French vocabulary.

    In a nutshell this book is all about Wakhi and Wakhi people. Congratulations to Mr. Karim Khan for his brillient and sincere efforts for preservation of Wakhi langue. Lets be proud of our identity and try to preserve our rich cultural heritage.

  5. Dear Karim,
    It is so wonderful news. writing book almost from a scratch is really a difficult task as very little have been written on this topic. Congratulations. I will longing to read the Book.
    Once again congratulations.


  6. it give us really great pleasure to me that Mr karim do a tremendous job …i pray for you that may you long life and god almighty helps you to do such work in future. i congratulate all my wakhi speaking brothers and sisters ……best wishes

    Moula Madad Qizill (Attabadi)

  7. Karim bhai congrates to you and all the wakhi speakers for experiencing a beam of hope in such a hopless situation.Wakhi languasge is now back from the brink because of the people like you.We salute you for taking resposibilty to lead the wakhi people towords schoalastic approach and infusing life blood in the enervated body of Wakhi Languiage.You have already proved your mettle in wakhi language through your melodious voice in the form of devtional poetries.Dear i want you to be very much humble and coopreative.Because its a common experience that we easily become victom of itellectual vanity to invite downfall of our reputation and exploitation of the innate capabilities.Wish you a blissful future.

  8. If such talents like Karim will come forward. The existence of Wakhi language will not effect.
    According to UN report, 16 language in Pakistan are in red zone including Wakhi, They will suffer alot by the ensister language in the next 50 years, So that their existance will be in danger.
    Need to research and practice in Mother language to save it…

  9. Good initiative Karim bayee for writing a book in french and you have tried to shere our caulture tradition and customs with the developed world in their own language which is a positive jesture and our own people can even get benifit of it.

    For the information of the readers karim writes songs and Qasida in Wakhi he is well known wakhi singer and Qasida khown.

    Je suis très content, vraiment vous avez travaillé très fort.J’espére vous allez avoir boucoup de succes dans votre vie.

    à bientot

    Ali Masud


  10. Dear Karim

    Congratulation for your great achievements and I hop you will more improve it keep it up.

    Ali Aman Gojali

  11. Dear Karim Accept my heartfelt congratulation for achieving a book on wakhi culture and ethnologies. I had seen your literature when you were in Karachi and today your dream has become a reality a dream that was not achieved by collective efforts but by an individual intellectual effort. Really it is easy for a person to concentrate and produce rather than the crowed of non-serious people.
    We must go in this direction to create and innovate.
    Be modest as usual

    Saleem AKHSP Gilgit

  12. Incredible work done by Mr. Kareem Khan for the development of the Wakhi language. The UN, according to their research, 16 languages in Pakistan will be extinct in the near 50 years. So to keeping our identity and linguistic alive, I think it is very admirable effort done by the son of the soil.
    Wakhi language has also been scripted in English and Persian encodings. I hope new research will be made at our linguistic side. Best wishes ahead!

  13. A very pleasing, cauraging and satisfying news and a need of the time work, I really offer my heartfelt thanks and congratulations to Karim Khan Sahib for his great endavours and achievements. Though I have yet to read the book, I am confidant that it is a timely contribution to both the Wakhi language and the literary work. ALLAH KARA ZOORI QALAM OR ZIYADA. Great effort and keep it up.
    with immense pleasure
    Alwaez Aslam

  14. YAM Lupyor!!!
    you have done a Great Job…..its really amazing and v all appreciate ur work for the survival of our Wakhi Literature…Now I belive that if we want to live in the history we have all the capabilities to to live forever….you are the voice of Wakhi people and now you are going to be the Word of wakhi language through ur work for wakhi literature…..

    congartulation once again…
    we are proud of u…
    God bless u

    ur Zaqyor

  15. I’m very happy to have the opportunity to read in french about Wakhi people, culture and language !
    I’m french, and I already met Wakhi people from Tajikistan, it was such a nice experience ! I’m coming this summer in Gojal.

    Thanks for this book !

    Guillaume Bertocchi

  16. Dear Wakhi Pamirtimes readers
    Well it a moment of great pride at last a book a book that lets the world all about “US” the Wakhis living in Four nation, it is the first of its kind that will be used for future references and next any other pieces of document will be related to it.
    It just is my quire as a student that does he has a enough knowledge about the Wakhis. Because Non in history were able to get into the proper definition related to the Culture and social understanding, Not even Dr. Harman nor Johan Mock et have compiled such an art pieces all though they have been working on the Wakhi Civilization for quite sometime.
    I appreciate Karim Khan man with a sweet voice, a Genan khoan, a singer and well known Tour operator, and of course good speaker of the Franch language. Is that enough to represent of oral Nation, with an hidden History.
    It is just to an effort, and we should appreciate it, that is not the question but it’s a rather a question to thing, we have the example of the Brushu language and its work, which is taken over only by the people of the Kahana a Hikmath, head by the most respectable Dr. Sahib making the group the only researcher and representative of the most fantastic language , a very few like it in the world, limiting it to the school and not allowing any one or not accepting any other if it contradicts its sources. At the moment there are many problems with in the Brushaiski dictionary mentioned and acknowledge by many Brushu speakers but nothing can be done as it was publish by the same group. It seem harmless for know but it will effect the language form many linguistic points.
    This should not happen to Wakhi, because we have many problems, as we live in more then one country or area.
    Is the Wakhis research organizations involved in it or are they like me watching and clapping as usual and will be awake only at dancing festivals?
    Nothing personal just had thought to look into the issue with a different perspective.
    Wishes with all

  17. A remarkable achievement in the history of wakhi language. It is a moment of pride and honour for all the wakhi speakers. we can proudly say that we have achieved a milestone…

    Great Job Done

  18. Karim is current publishing the English version of Parlons Wakhi (“Let’s Speak Wakhi”) to make the work available to a wider audience.

  19. karim bai ..
    You have made a tramdious work on Wakhi language.As a linguistic student i wana help to work on Wakhi would be my pleasure if you will help me.
    GOD bless you….

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