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NADRA and Pakistan Post employees demand justice

by Farman Karim Baig

Gilgit, June 20: During the Musharraf era, 2004, an allowance of 25% raise, under “special basic pay” had been granted to all government officials of the Northern Areas Administration. The allowance remained unpaid during the period 2004-06, due to a ceasure on payments.

Later the allowance was paid to employees of other departments like, Education, Health, Planning etc. However, despite of deducting Rs 700 from the salary of all Pakistan Post and NADRA employees of Gilgit – Baltistan as charges against the speical pay, it has not been paid to them, as yet.

The above  was stated by a group  of employees of NADRA and Pakistan Post, during a meeting with this correspondent.  The employees have appealed to President Asif Ali Zardari, Prime Minister Gillani, Chairman of the Northern Areas and the Chief secretary for resolving this issue at the earliest, taking serious notice of the brazen anomaly.

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One Comment

  1. Dear Correspondent
    the referred pay in your news item is “Special Pay ” for the employees of Northern Areas which was ceased in 1994 and has been restored last year and not admissible to employees who are working in federal government organizations like Pak Post, Customs, AGPR etc. as the federal govt employees working in NA are drawing mopre salary than locals.

    If an officer is posted from rest of the four provinces to NA he/she is entitled to 50 % hard area allowance apart from his salary. As such without deputation the emplyees of federal govt organizations working in NA are not entitled for 25pc special pay due reasons explained above.

    Zafar Ali Khan
    NA Emplyees Union

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