Mir Barkat Ali of the former state of Nagar passed away in Iraq

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Islamabad, Jun1:  Ruler of the former state of Nagar Valley, Mir Barkat Ali, has passed away in a tragic road accident, while travelling between Najaf and Basra. He had recently gone to Iraq for visiting Shia Islam’s holy sites. According to reports late Barket Ali will be laid to rest in Waadi-e-Islam, Iraq.

Mir Barket Ali had served on important official positions while working for foreign ministry of Pakistan. He had also served as Pakistan’s ambassador in different countries.

It is pertinent to note that Nagar Valley and Hunza Valley were former princely mountain states. Their status as separate states was abolished by prime minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto in 1974. After abolition of the states, members of the former ruling families in Nagar and Hunza joined the armed forces, bureaucracy., business and politics.

Mir Barkat Ali was one of the region’s most successful bureaucrats who left at mark at national and international level.

People in Hunza – Nagar and GB have expressed grief and shock on the sudden demise of an important personality of the region. People are visiting the deceased’s relatives for offering condolences.

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