Hatoon Students Welfare Organization announces cabinet

Press Release

In a recent event held at Ayesha Manzil Karachi, the Hatoon Welfare Student Organization announced the names of members of their new cabinet. According to a press statement, Raja Ajmal Nazir has been elected as President of the Organization, Ashfaq Ahmed as General Secretary, and Asghar Wali as Finance Manager.

The newly elected President Raja Ajmal Nazir appreciated and acknowledged the services of former cabinet and senior members. In his speech he ensured that he will perform his duties to help out students of the region. He appealed to the residents of Hatoon to provide assistance to the organization for its capacity building.

The new president,  Former president Murad Ali, Shafaat Bhai and other senior members showed their sympathy and concerns for the recently flood hit area of Hatoon and the crisis faced by affectees in the village. They also appealed to government and NGOs to help in rehabilitating and help in solving the core issues faced by the locals at Hatoon.

The reconstruction of the Hatoon bridge was identified as important and an essential step in this regard. Not only were the people of Hatoon suffering because of the damaged bridge, but also the students from nearby villages who travel through this bridge to attend college are also suffering from travelling difficulties. Due to these difficult circumstances, the students may face educational lose.

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