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  •  Consensus candidate of the Imamia Anjuman to be announced by Friday, in Gilgit
  • PTI organized a rally in LA 2, Gilgit, participated by hundreds of supporters
  • Hafiz Hafeez ur Rehman’s fate in the future setup seems to be vague due to party changing decision of Jamil Ahmed, as well as due to the decision of Islam ud Din, to contest the election. Jamil’s party change has divided the vote bank of Hafeez to a major extent
  • In Danyor region Dr Iqbal’s magic seems to have filled minds of the people
  • Abdul Wahid, president of PML (Q), has rejected the demands and decisions of a “Masjid Committee”, terming them “fanning sectarian politics” in the region. It is pertinent to note here that Masjid committees play an important role in advocating appropriateness of a candidate in many parts of Gilgit – Baltistan. Usually Masjid Committees endorse candidates who they deem best for safeguarding sectarian interests
  • Muhammad Musa, Himayat Ullah Khan, and Didar Ali are contesting election from LA 2, Gilgit, which is considered to be a very tough seat, segmented on sectarian lines
  • PML (N) organized a rally in Konodas Gilgit


  • Muhammad Ismail of PPP, former NALA member, is being seen as a strong contender from the Khapulu Tehsil of Ghangche district.
  • Amna Ansari is also contesting elections from Ghangche


  • In Yasin valley independent candidates seem to be ahead of the PPP ticket holder, Ghulam Mohammad, as far as public sympathy is concerned. Ayub is being supported by former technocrat Ali Murad and this, according to observers, will give tough time to the secretary general of PPP, Gilgit – Baltistan
  • Addressing a youth convention at Taus village of Yasin the other day, Ali Murad said that the seasonal visits of PPP leadership are being announced to deceive the innocent people ahead of the GBLA Polls
  • PML – Q couldn’t field a candidate in Yasin valley
  • Pir Karam Ali Shah, the traditional champ from Ishkoman/Punial, may not have a smooth sail this time, due to the environment created by different circles, including BNF
  • Muhammad Ayub of Yasin valley has also established an election campaign office in Colonel Hassan Market, Gilgit city, to engage residents of Yasin currently based in the capital city of Gilgit – Baltistan

 Hunza – Nagar 

  •  Rehmat Ullah Baig, PML (Q) candidate, having finished his tour of Misgar  and Khudabad Gojal visited Dorkhan – Hunzu
  • AHAC toured Ganish to generate support for its candidate
  • According to Aziz Jan Nadir of PPP Hunza, Rozdar Ullah, Abbas Khan and Abuzar Ali have principally withdrawn from the GBLA election in favor of Wazir Baig, PPP ticket holder
  • Karim Sher Khan has also withdrawn from the election race in favor of Wazir Baig
  • Naiknaam announced to formally join MQM ahead of the GBLA polls at a local hotel in Karimabad
  • MQM announced a fourteen point’s agenda for the GBLA election, during an election campaign procession in Hunza. The meeting was addressed by Sufian Yousuf (MPA), Khalique Baloch and Abid Zaidi, members of provincial coordination committee
  • Mirza Hussain is a very strong candidate from Nagar valley as compared to the novice Ahmed Ali, son of late Qurban Ali
  • Wazir Baig organized an election rally in Aliabad. This was fourth of the series of election rallies, after Nasirabad, Gulmit and Sost.
  • Rehmat Ullah Baig, PML (Q) candidate from Hunza has said that creation of the Hunza – Nagar district is
  • Kalb Ali is contesting the elections as an independent candidate in Nagar. This is expected to be a cause of concern for PPP. Kalb Ali had applied for party ticket but the ticket was awarded to Mohammad Ali Akhtar
  • Shehbaz Khan opened a campaign office in Altit – Hunza. He also toured Ganish village to generate support for the cause of election
  • Kamil Jan of MQM has started door – to – door visit campaign to convince people. He visited different homes in Gulmit, Gojal, the other day
  • Waheed Murad, independent candidate from Sost – Gojal, is currently in Islamabad
  • Shehryar Khan’s prospects in the future political setup of Hunza seem to be vague, at best. Recently Akbar Shah of Ghulkin – Gojal and Jalal of Sost – Gojal withdrew support for PML (N) and announced to vote for Wazir Baig along with their family members. These two families were previously supporting Ghazanfar Ali Khan, father of Shehryar Khan.
  • The vote bank of former chief executive of NALA, Ghazanfar Ali Khan is, now, divided between Shehryar Khan, Noor Muhammad, Kamil Jan, Waheed Murad, Rehmat Ullah Baig and Shehbaz Khan, according to analysts and observers


  •  Supporters of Raja Azam and Fida Muhammad Nashad, MQM and PPP candidates respectively, clashed in Shigar valley over a wall chalking dispute. While the mainstream media painted it as a tussle between MQM and PPP, independent observes termed it a mere extension of the personal feud between these two political giants of Baltistan
  • KNM leader Asghar Shigri campaigning for MQM candidate in Shigar

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  1. im sure shehryar khan will be a good candidate to be elected .He has a good direction towards politics and exactly knows wht direction hes heading into and is not vague about the future of hunza.I feel ppl who keep telling the general public about wht all theyll achivee in the next couple of months might sound like they have more of a direction but in real they dont do anything,atleast hes not making fake promises like most ppl do ..I have met him a few times , hes a down to earth person and i really see tht light in him tht makes me feel he can make a difference for us ppl.

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