[PT Election Cell] Election code of conduct agreed in Hunza

by Zulfiqar Ali Khan

Hunza, October 31: The candidates contesting forthcoming election of Gilgit-Baltistan Legislative Assembly from Hunza jointly formulated a code of conduct for electioneering in a meeting held on Thursday in order to avoid any mishap during the election process.

The meeting was also participated by notables and leaders of civil society organisations. The below points will govern the campaign process;
1.      Candidates will not use slang language during the campaign
2.      Candidates will avoid personal attack, character assassination and should demonstrate mutual respect
3.      Candidates will educate and control the emotions of their supporters to avoid any kind of HE2K9violence
4.      Avoid wall chalking to keep physical environment clean and healthy
5.      Money driven campaigns must be discouraged
6.      Candidates during their speeches must restrict themselves to their polices, manifestoes and issues
7.      Unethical practices including use of alcohol and other undesirable activities must be strictly avoided
8.      Campaigns must not be based on religious, ethnic and geographical grounds
9.      Display of weapons and aerial firing during the election process must be strictly avoided

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  1. This is what makes us different, educated and mature and civilized citizens. Great, very well done. I salute whoever suggested this idea.

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