Ghizar Grand Jirga formed to resolve political issues

by Noor Akbar

Karachi, December 27: Ghizer Grand Jirga has been formed to bring tense situation in the district to normalisation.The Jirga consists of political, social and religious figures of the district. Former councillor Sultan Madad and present president of Ismaili Regional council are also part of the Jirga.

A meeting was held between the newly formed Ghizer Grand Jirga and the Chairman Balawaristan National Movement, Nawaz Khan Naji in rest house Ghakuch regarding the unrest in the aea for last one week.

The meeting lasted for five hours. The newly formed jirga has given 24 hours ultimatum to arrest those alleged in the firing during polls in Sher Qilla polling station.A number of people were wounded in this firing, of whome a seventeen years old student, Zubair Ahmad, later scummbed to injuries in hospital.

A delegation was formed in the meeting to meet PPP’s Pir Karam Ali Shah to help normalize the tense situation in Ghizer. The delegation is due to meet Pir Karam Ali Shah tommorow at his residence in Chatorkhand, Ishkomen.

“We have postponed the protest limiting it to only hunger strike in Ghakuch and would wait for what comes out from efforts made by the grand jirga”, said information secretary BNF Ali Madad from Sher Qilla while talking to this scribe on phone.

“We have demanded the arrests of those alleged in firing and repolling at Sher Qilla polling station”, he further said. He warned the government and establishment and thousands of people would march towards Gilgit and then towards Ismabad, if attention was not paid to the peace efforts of the Ghizar Grand Jirga.

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