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PPP – Hunza to contest elections, AHAC in trouble

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Gilgit, September 19: Hunza chapter of the Pakistan Peoples Party has decided to contest the forthcoming elections, for Gilgit – Baltistan Legislative Assembly, contradicting the decision of AHAC. The decision was announced in a press conference held in Gilgit city. The press conference was addressed by former member of NALC from Hunza, Wazir Baig, and the secretary general of PPP (GB), Ghulam Mohammad.

“We support and will continue our peaceful protest for obtaining legitimate rights of Hunza, but we do not support disruptive calls for civil disobedience”, the leaders said. AHAC had rolled out a plan of action which included threats for civil disobedience, restoration of the state of Hunza, occupation of Silk Route Dry Port and ouster of governmnet officials from Hunza valley, as extreme measures for obtaining additional representation in GBLA.

The leaders of PPP harshly criticized Ghazanfar Ali Khan and Attiqa Ghazanfar for blocking allocation of new seat for Hunza, while they were in power, representing Hunza. “They did nothing while at the helm of affairs, and are now fueling public sentiments for personal political objectives”, they said. “Musharraf visited Hunza valley along with his cabinet members, but at that time Ghazanfar did nothing to demand additional constituency for Hunza, while claiming very close relationship with the president”, the press statement, released in Urdu, reads.

AHAC is being accused of deviating from its initial objective of peaceful protest for political rights, through legal means. AHAC has also been accused of obtaining substantial monetary support from people close to the former chief executive of NALA, Ghazanfar Ali Khan. Some irresponsible recent press statements issued by a leader of AHAC, regarding alleged involvement of a neutral social organization in the movement, has also caused a major controversy, threatening liquidation of public support and interest in the movement spearheaded by AHAC.

The PPP leaders also said that delimitation of the new constituency remains an unresolved issue, because the delimitation scheme proposed by the former government  has not been approved. Under that scheme the new constituency was being crafted by annexing some parts of Kunjut (Central Hunza) with Gojal valley.

The future of Hunza valley hangs by a thread, as major players in the action committee lock horns. What this augurs for the society at large, only time would tell.

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  1. It would be last nail in the coffin of the PPP and all federalist without constitution. Hope people of GB at large and in particularilly Hunza valley would know black sheep and traitors within the community.
    Now time to boycott the PPP and PML and support Nationalist KNM and KSO.

  2. with the holding of press conference against AHAC by PPP, my reservations about sincerity and ability of local leadership of PPP come true. As i said before, Nazir did not do anything to create additional seat for Hunza. Now PPP is ruling and they still blame Ghazanfar. True Mir is creating hurdles. but the question is: is the leadership of PPP of Hunza so crippled before ghazanfar even when government belongs to their party? even stating such statement is shameful and show impotency of leaders who claim to spearhead a popular party in the region. By speaking against the efforts of AHAC, PPP has literally endorsed the perception that it obeys the orders of lords from islamabad not the aspirations of masses. i see eye to eye with Kiran observation ‘ It would be last nail in the coffin of the PPP and all federalist without constitution.’

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