[PT Video Report] Progress on removal of debris from lake outlet


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  1. the assessed quantity of debris is 100,00 cum and the current rate of removal is 1137 cum per day, than it will stretch over a period of at least 3 months, as well 324 feet rise in water level, which is really catestrophic, needs to be increased the number of machinery & per day productivity by FWO.

  2. Thank you Zulfi and team for all your contributions to provide live videos and excellent photographs to inform us about aor brothers and sisters and the post-slide situations the area is facing. These have also helped to expedite and mobilise the state and civil society organisation to provide relief during and the post slide scenario . I saloute the sons and daughters of the affacted area–Atta abad to Ayeenabd–for their courage to remain stand-up during these troubled times.

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