اپیل]غیر ضروری سفر سے گریز کریں]

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  1. that is will be batter specially students from gilgit and hunza who usaully trevel in every second week they must avoid this becouse that is safe side of the youth..


  2. dear reporters,
    thank you for your kind and warnable suggestion for the people of gojal.because of this dengrious way.exept those who are working and doing their own business or those who are student can treval but, be care full and be confident to face any circumastances during journey .its not a joke to treval by boat with family in this dengrious lack.

    if there will be a misshape,then there is no way to survive in this coold and frizzing water.

  3. its very informatve thing for the people of Gojal because journey in boat in this time i means in this cold weather is un bearable for childrens and old citizen therfore request the people of hunza Gojal to avoid the journey or be active for anr circumstances

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