April 4 to be protest day in calamity hit Gojal valley

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Gulmit, April 2: It was decided during a meeting held yesterday that completion of the third month of Attabad landslide disaster on 4th April  would be marked by organizing a huge protest rally in Gulmit, the headquarter of Gojal magistracy. The day named as “Yom-e-Bedari wa Tahafuz – Huqooq-e-Gojal”.

People belonging to all political parties, including activists of the ruling Pakistan Peoples Party, have resolved to participate in the procession and protest the government’s inability to officially notify the calamity hit status of Gojal valley.

“Our votes seem to have gone in vain because our representatives are unable to even make an operation theater functional in the region, let alone other bigger pending tasks”, a participant of the meeting told Pamir Times.

There is a general feeling among all segments of the society that the leadership has not been able to deliver according to needs of the people. The death of a child recently has flared emotions in the region and the people blame the government for not paying heed to demands of the people regarding improvement of health facilities in the region.

The leadership has also been accused of not interacting with the public and keeping aloof during the times of disaster. “They tend to avoid the public”, said a commentator who did not want to be named. “I know that they are trying at different levels but the public is not aware neither they are making any attempts to take them into confidence”, he further said.

The frustration and anger resulting from blockade of the KKH has created a lot of trouble for Wazir Baig, speaker of GBLA and the technocrat member from Gojal, Mutabiat Shah.

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