[Pictory] Gulmit & Shishkat without electricity

Images: Aslam Shah for Pamir Times

Gulmit, May 10: Around eight hundred people from villages across the Gojal valley gathered today at Gulmit for a collective sacrificial ceremony. The villagers collectively prayed for God’s mercy and offered “Qurbani”, sacrifice, in the name of Allah, in line with the Islamic Sharia.

Later on the volunteers started removing power pylons from the endangered areas and erecting those at safe, higher, altitude. The villages are without electricity.

General Bajwa of the FCNA also visited Gulmit and Shishkat along with other Army personnel. It is pertinent to note that the government of Gilgit – Baltistan has formally requested Pakistan Army’s help in dealing with the crisis that started four months back, after a devastating landslide destroyed the village of Attabad.

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