[Point Blank] Wazir Baig’s dream of converting Gojal into a dam!

The people of Gojal valley had done enough to deserve this. They voted for Wazir Baig, overwhelmingly, and enabled PPP to win the assembly seat from LA – 6, Hunza. Speaker Baig is paying back in kind to the people of Gojal for their unconditional support.

“Had the mountains of Attabad-Hunza been made of solid rocks, the possibility of turning the dam into a permanent water reservoir could have been considered”, the speaker has reportedly told the Express Tribune.

“Building a dam requires billions of rupees and in this case the amount required for the rehabilitation of the displaced people is much less than that”, the old owl has his calculations done.

An elected representative of the people of Hunza, or as many put it, Gojal, Wazir Baig has shown no respect for the natives of his electoral constituency. He feels sorry for missing the opportunity to convert a large portion of Gojal into a dam, to serve the country of which he can’t claim to be a legal citizen!

The people of Gojal shall feel sorry, if they are not feeling already, for electing a man who is ready to put their land, identity, culture and heritage at stake, to please his master sitting in Islamabad.

While Wazir Baig, despite of being head of the legislative in GB, has failed to give Gojal a hospital, or a few doctors, he still foolishly thinks to be possessing the moral authority to determine the fate of this region.

If Wazir Baig still wants to retain the moral authority of representing Gojal – Hunza, he shall publicly apologize for making such ill intentioned, non-considerate and naive remarks.


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  1. what a shame for the people of Gojal.this so called speaker should be publicly prosecuted for issuing such a humiliating statement.he is playing with the life of 25000 people of our beauty land.even if he has a little sense he should know that silting will fill the lake within months and whole population of Gojal will become homeless.He is speaking the words of his lords.

  2. Making mistake is not a mistake but repeating that mistake is a big mistake!!!! means next time wazir baig will be a great example for ma mother land Gojal and for da chamchaz of wazir Baig to not elect such leader who don’t respect their villagers even their voters!!!! i can simply say shame on u Mr wazir baig shame on you!!!
    please Brother don’t let him touch the soil of our mother land Gojal its abuse for us!!!

  3. This is totaly mistake of gojalies becz they did not vote kamil jan and preffred the man who is not a friend in difficult situation simply we have to accept that gojalies are also not one by heart and mind ………..
    honestly speaking might be u will dis agree with me but think about guys

  4. The very first mistake commit by people of Gojal-Hunza of their unanimous support to Wazir Baig / ppp during the recent elections. Indeed Wazir Baig is a non-corrupt & non-political gentleman rather a more religious profile, who is absolutely not appropriate for political leadership. Decades, Hunza has been deprived of a strong, bold and real political leadership, but when some eligible leaders contested the elections like noor muhammad, he was not supported, so now we have to face this vacuum again as we have supported Wazir Baig.
    Indeed, No one would be allowed to build dams based on relocation of the settled areas and it would be absolutely a wrong decision in the perspective of environmental impacts as well as relocation of our settled areas of Gojal – Hunza. The indea / vision derived by Wazir Baig is absolutely wrong and we must condemn it at any cost.

  5. Vision unprecedented! Such visionary leaders are born in centuries who want to turn their house into a dam!!!

  6. completely nonsense and irresponsible statement. it shows how much our so called ‘leaders’ worry about the common man and how much puppet they are to their ‘masters’ sitting in Islamabad. if he is so powerless to do anything for his land he should had at least feelings for his people and the land!!
    shame on him and shame on us for electing such idiots

  7. I think at least the educated people of Gojal have now realized who is their leader and who is their enemy after making a blunder giving vote to a man who is even not capable to speak and convey his message.This is a Good lesson to us all.Not only wazir Baig, there is long list of his very well wishers from Gojal whom should be brought to public for this massacare of the public.I request all those who love their motherland to join hand to bring these people to justice.
    Shame on you Mr.Wazir Baig

  8. O God, its not time to criticize our leaders. What a shame on all of us. Its too much now, instead of slanging Mr.Wazir Beg, better make him understand that he is wrong and a dam means great loss to not only Gojalis but its a loss to the whole nation and a treat to the downstream areas. This dam has to go on any account, and the future of trade with china through the only link KKH has to be remade. My dear brothers, if you people are too corcern about this issue then why don’t you speak to Wazir BEg sahab and make him understand.

    1. Oh GOD Bella, what do you think we have not tried him understand about the situation? BTW, if he can not understand the situation, the looses our brothers and sisters of Gojal will have, he does not deserve to be the leader!!

  9. Yes for long long time our people have supported the name ends with “R”
    1. Mir
    2. Nazir
    3. Wazir
    Unfortunatly our people blindly vote and work for the parties by showing their loyalities and emotional attachements while in return we get nothing except ignorance from them for more then four years and on election days they appear before the public with the words of promis and committement for future development in the area. If our community is sticked to the names ending with “R” let us find any leader called Faqir for future, he may work for us because Mir, Nazir and Wazir have earned name and presige for themselves not for us. Gojalies need to prove their political affiliation in future.

    “May God almighty help Wazir to link his past free days with the present prestige” this is all because of blind trust and unconditional support of Gojalies.

  10. This one indeed is classical 🙂 It is said that a leader’s (contextually defined) true desire is revealed at his/her toughest time (political death) and this seems to be true for the speaker.

  11. The right to criticize government leaders and express an opinion, critical or otherwise, in public affairs, or indeed to formulate a response to a statement or opinion expressed by another individual is the right of every citizen and sane person. However, one must not forget the balance of using or claiming that right. Scoring for your own purposes and exploiting, undue, a hot situation/topic for your own gains is even worst than that what has been stated. We are in crises of un-thought volume; but, that does not allow us to use a language that is not sane and counter productive. Our intellectual maturity counts a lot. The Brushos, Wakhis, Shins and Domaki of Hunza-My Mother-Land have stood-firm to such disaster situations and am hopeful that they will , once again, prove it to history with the support of all people around them.

  12. It is real unfortunate to the people of Gojal that we are unable to judge our leader while casting vote. it was a bad experience, we will never repeat it gain. Mr Wazir Baig trying to humiliating the people through his rubbish statemant. This is his personal opnion, it is matter of fact, both our leaders Wazir baig and Mr Mutibat Shah has completely failed to draw the government attention toward actual problems of the people of Gojal. The day will come when the people of Gojal drag him the court of law, I appeal, the people of Gojal, do’nt loose patient!!

  13. Now our people realize that they have voted for a big big ……. in the name of “Party”, who deserve to have a garland of shoes on his visit to Gojal.

  14. ppl! its useless to critize him now on this issue… In the beginning when v tried to raise voice and pressurize GB Govt to save our homeland, many ppl didnt support us. Now we just pray the same mistake is not repeated in the future in any issue and we all learn from such mistakes.

  15. the “old owl” is good name to call him. the time is no so far when the water came to his office. then he will think better

    1. I appreciate the views of all the writers on this forum, and I do understand that we are going through a tough time where it is difficult to control our emotions. It is our civic right to criticize our leaders for their failure; however, we cannot ignore the fact that we are intellectual and civilized nation which really bounds us to express ourselves intellectually.

      I think that each and every individual writing on this blog is a representative of our culture and our people, and we must consider this in mind whenever we post any piece of writing on this forum.

      I would take this opportunity to congratulate and thank all the people who are posting very good messages and poetry on PT.

      Noor and Aejaz very touching and positive poetry; and we would love to see more!!!
      Well done Noor and Zulfiqar bhai for your unconditional efforts and thanks for enabling us to connect to our area.

      God bless you all. (Aameen)

  16. Its indeed very Sad that a Public representative, who is in power only due to the votes of people of Gojal has such views. This shows what we are lacking,i.e. Leadership. I am of the view that its not time to score political gains, but we can criticize the leaders, who are in the position to do something for the people of this area. Our Political leaders have very narrow options to release the water from the lake, i am saying it b’coz the Govt. authorities (FWO , NDMA) were making false statements along with the Topmost Political Mans (Kaira, Watto). The former NDMA chief Gen. Farooq be asked, where your deadlines gone and bring him to the court of Public for the Losses and sufferings of the Our people.

    I am hopeful that we will rise with more pride and rebuild our beautiful valley with Love, Harmony and Hardwork. LETS be united and help those who are in need.

    GOD Bless our Home Land.

  17. I would like to ask those educated gojalis who were claiming that “ohh we don’t want to trash our votes by casting for Kamil Jan, as he is uneducated or under graduate guy. we will vote for an educated guy(wazir beg) that we could acclivitly say we have an educated representative” where are those people and why they are ???
    Since decades it remains our bad luck that we always give priority to the owls accross the river.

  18. Instead of giving such foolish statement our speaker should first accomodate the effectees of Atta Abad as since four months thay are living in tents due this disaster thay lost their love ones and their all livelihood. Secondly next we the people of Gojal we should use our vote next time sencibly despite of emotionally. Because it is now very clear to us that these parties has nothing to do with our problames. they are just there where and how they plunder money and enhance their assetes. now it is a time show maturity while electing politician. We should establish one plate form which will represent all GB. MQM is one major example for all of us that how thay fought for their rights and got their objective successfully. Now thay have their own representatives in senate national assembly and provencial assembly.


  19. The Statements of our speaker and respresentative (Mr. Wazir Baig) does not reflect public sentiments and emotions, dams are not build on artificial lakes, never and never, construction of dams require planning, feasibility study (all aspects) huge budgetery allocation etc. its very unfortunate to hear such statements.


  20. What went wrong :
    There is not a single person responsible for this issue to make it disastrous. Part falls on the shoulders of GB Govt , and part falls on the FWO and Media
    a) . Risk Analysis
    Our GB Govt, first and big mistake was to not tender the Blockage removal work properly . I heard that chines had a good plan to remove the debris ,but Govt, knowingly gave the tender to FWO claiming that , chines were costly ,so that they could earn some money and could make mockery of people in distress as these corrupt people are doing elsewhere in the country.

    c). FWO
    You will witness FWO passionate work throughout the KKH as you travel on …
    b) Media :
    where where all the f,,king media people while this happened and reach this stage. You will see these bullshit people when any situation is dramatic

    Lessons :
    a) We need a non-political very strong civil setup to check our elected people(In Hunza particularly ) , to resolve and guide these blind and deaf leaders . You know we have got a political debris (massive 😉 ) we need to make a spillway out of this in future .By civil setup I mean ( our tribal elders, teachers , student organizations, other unions , local media people etc)

    b) We need a political party which should be a reflection of our desires, desires of GB that we dont like corruption , nepotism, unprofessional-ism , and laziness and above all a PUPPET show from Islamabad

  21. Mr.Wazr Baig no more posses any moral authority of representing Gojal – Hunza and his apologies and sorry will not compensate physical and mental destruction of Gojal. In the same way Mr.Muthabayat shah’s moral authority has been measured in the scenario therefore it is requested to resign please…

    If Mr.Wazr Baig will visit Gojal the youth will never treat you in the ethical way therefore please never visit us..

  22. yeh of course wazir baig don.t even try to step ur foot in upper hunza the soil itself will spoil you cruel

    cruel leaders are replaced only to have new turn cruel

    arnesto che guevara

    if i tremble indignation to every injustice then i m a comrade of che …..

  23. its heartrending to hear a leader going nuts.Such irresponsible nd juvenile statements indicate the revered speaker z @ d jink mercy of age.isnt dre an age limitation set by d election commission? d loyal voters must learn now,nt to drag puppets to lead them

  24. I do not deem it the right time to get perplexed in who was voted, how was he voted, who must have been voted etc. etc. Yes, I do agree that the people of Gojal presented him the public mandate, and he ought to serve the public interests instead of the interests of the BABOOS.

    The people had voted him considering him a fair and sincere leader, so we must not get entangled in fight with the people of Gojal, but criticizing Wazir Baig is the democratic right of the people. Had Wazir Baig not come to power, and Kamil Jan etc. had, they too were to face this same situation that Wazir Baig is, even worse and more helpless I would add. Additionally we must note that it is first a humanitarian crisis and secondly political leadership crisis. The political leaders of Hunza failed to deliver, they had no respect for the public mandate.

    Had our two so called leaders thought stretegically they should have kept in mind their election time lectures that “POWER ALWAYS RESIDES WITH THE PEOPLE”. They must keep in mind that the people are so powerful that when election time sinceres turn insincere the people can literally press their throught (Wazir Baig, during the election days, said, ” If I don’t work for you, you have the right to grab my collar”) several times. Let aside your collar Mr. Wazir Baig, now take care of your throught….You have better understanding of people power. “Get along with the people….. get along with the people”, shouted your supporter youths; but you didn’t; you took it for conspiracy; you and your so called stalwarts (I’d rather call them cults) termed them anti state elements…!! Why? Just because you want to make happy those sitting at Islamabad or the BABOOS? You are blinded, not by anyone elese; but by yourself, your attitude and your short term thinking. You first speak; and you think later, ” What have I said?”, you apologize, then again you speak something bitter; again you think later….how long will it go like this? Good leaders first think and then they speak, they make analysis of their target audience, they take into consideration they environment and situation in which the audience are, then they strategize their communication, they choose suitable and good words, mthey identify themselves with the target audience……but sadly and unfortunately you have created a huge gulf between yourself and the people.

    When it comes to Mr. Mutabyat Shah, he is by nature a sincere and humane person. It is the circle of his advisors (so called little inhumane insects on the look for prey…serving their own interests) who have exploited him and manipulated him just to get as much as possible material well being for themselves as is possible…individualistics I would call them (although the individualistic society of USA is far more democratic). Mr. Mutabyat Shah, RESIGN, and get along with the common people if you are to be a leader….for Wazir Baig I know its his last term in assembly….so he won’t resign, no matter his master tells him to do so.

    1. If u yourself are not able to do something please dont blame and criticise the leaders who are at least trying and doing their level best in the very limited resources. If u are good enough and better than them do something and prove yourself. In this very difficult situation instead of this, at least try to cooperate and please pray for gojal.
      He is the most qualified person and the only gojali representing us in the assembly but instead of suporting him we are doing this. This is shamful I think we are not learning anything from this calamity thats why things are going worse. We have already forgotten our past what we were and know what we are. We are not thankful and humble anymore. We dont know what we are but we are very much into others.c’mon get a life this was not critic but jealousy i would say and he himself is one of you who is suffering from this calamity like the others.
      I would like to know who mr. kkb is??

      1. Mr. KBB is a calamity hit Gojali who lives in Gojal, suffers in Gojal and will die in Gojal.
        Please look at a brief synopsis of our qualified leaders, think about it with cool mind and understand how things are on the ground, not in the air.

        1. The disaster occurred on Jan 04 and the work to make a spillway started after more than one month of the disaster. If work was started from the start of the disaster our valley would have perished as it was. Our well qualified but so called leaders didn’t bothered to interfere and expedite the process. Shall we be thankful to them for this?
        2. When food crisis was at its peak our well qualified leaders stated that there is no food crisis at Gojal and people have food in stockpile to sustain for at least six months. People were confused whether they were speaking about themselves or the common people. Shall we thank our qualified leaders for this?
        3. Three infants lost their lives at birth and their mothers labored in pain just because of the non availability of basic health services at calamity hit Gojal, let aside the establishment of surgical unit. Our qualified leaders were not able even to deploy a gynecologists and lady medical officer at Gojal on an emergency basis. Shall we thank our leaders for this?
        4. A brother from Chipursan valley lost his life yet again due to the non availability of medical services at Gojal. Shall we thank our leaders for this?
        5. The so called stalwarts were send to China to bring in food for the people. They did, but it didn’t reach the common people, you know why, because they store it illegally to sell on higher prices despite getting 2.2 million rupees as subsidy. Our so called leaders did not interfered, just because they wanted to see their cults happy and wealthy. Shall we thank them for this?
        6. The so called stalwarts of our leaders even used their party influence to close down the one and only Government utility store at Gojal, you know why? They wanted to maximize their own profit by selling their stored food on higher prices. Our qualified leaders were again aware of this, but they ignored it to maintain the happiness of their cults. Shall we thank them for this?
        7. Yet again these stalwarts used their party influence to break the civil supply flour quota of the people of Gojal, just to sell the quota of these same people which these cults had stored in black, on more then double the price. Our qualified leaders yet again didn’t bothered to intervene, Shall we thank them for this?
        8. The people of Gojal were at the height of their sufferings, and our qualified leaders were busy nominating one of their corrupt stalwart for village council, adding more to the suffering of the people. Shall we thank the, for this?
        9. Yet again the common people were struggling a desperate battle to survive and these qualified leaders were busy in manipulating the Benazir Income Support Program’s tractor scheme in favor of this same corrupt and most hated so called stalwart.
        10. While the youth of Gojal was struggling and demonstrating for their rights our qualified leaders ordered to baton charge the, Shall we thank them for this?
        11. The youth of Gojal raised their voices about the issues of health, potential threats to education, the local economic downturn etc. etc. and these qualified leaders along with their cults declared them anti state elements.
        12. Our so called qualified leaders hijack the media whenever they are there. Why do they mean to prove by this act? They want issues not to be raised by the people. Shall we thank them for this behavior?
        13. Our qualified leaders send “EVERYTHING OK REPORTS” to their masters down country, shall we thank them for this?
        14. These qualified leaders did visited Gojal, but they never bothered to speak with and know the problems of the people. instead they preferred speaking to the BABOOS at Gojal those days. Shall we thank them for this?
        15. Our qualified leaders continued serving the bureaucracy with a tilt towards the DG NDMA and serving the desires of Maj Gen Farooq instead of the common people, Shall we thank them for this?

        I am sure these bitter realities may shocks you, but I am sorry to say you are unaware of the issues and sufferings of those people who have presented these qualified people the public mandate. I hope you are now clear about the bitter realities, we shall not get engaged in things we don’t know, but I am sure you are a well educated person to understand the common people, I am not sure which segment of the society you belong to, but one who belongs to the middle ground and lower understand it better, because they have experienced it, and these are who suffer the most.

        Despite our non political background we tried our level best to serve the community at large. We, the youth of Gojal, in our own capacity, as a responsible inhabitant and members of the civil society raised the voice of the sufferers.

        1. We used soft approaches for the first two months, we wrote letters about the issues of the people to the responsible authorities, our qualified leaders, but null and void.
        2. We were compelled by the sufferings of the people for demonstration , it was our democratic right, we did it with success, our voice reached the higher ups and some issues got settled.
        3. We saved the people Rs. 130 per bag of flour, the total of Gulmit alone amounts to Rs. 500,000. Is that not enough in time of this crisis? We did it in our own capacity.
        4. We saved the people of Gulmit alone Rs. 15,000 on utility bills. I think that is enough to support them for some days.
        5. We struggled to reopen the utility store at Gojal closed down by the so called stalwarts, and we succeeded.
        6. We used each and every mean to get the issues of the people in the media, and yes we did it successfully.

        The list may seem to short, but it is fat better then the list of our qualified leaders.


  25. This is an interesting debate.

    @ Shamim Ali – If MQM was in power at the moment in Hunza the boat operators and commuters would have been paying “Bhatta” in the name of Altaf Bhai! And that would have been a bigger disaster than what we are facing today.

    @ Asma – Why do you think is he in the assembly, representing Gojal? Are not these leaders supposed to relieve the people of their sufferings?

    1. Why were the two leaders, together, not able to ensure provision of medical facilities to the people of Gojal during the past five months? Do you know that at least two mothers lost their children because they could not get medical facilities in the valley. Sitting in cozy rooms and commenting on live of the people, reminding them about their past … “what we were” … is easier but I am sure that you have not traveled in the boats, or you may even not have seen the suffering in Gojal. You are, most probably, living at a safe place, enjoying photographs on the internet and jumping to defend your relatives.

    2. Why can not the leaders say that there are issues in the region? Why do they keep fooling the media that everything is fine in the region. Is the worlds stupid or do you guys still consider us as people living in caves? Why can’t they be honest about the limitedness of resources and demand for more from international organizations? When you want to remain politically correct in the face of adversaries you stand out ridiculously.

    3. Why is Wazir Baig so keen to convert Gojal into a dam? What right does he have over Gojal?

    4. Why does the technocrat member, “the most qualified person from Gojal”, as you call him in your delusional state of being, keeps telling the local people that he is not answerable to them because they have not voted for him? Has he been selected as a technocrat to enjoy the perks and privileges or to represent the people of Gojal?

    You people need to understand that even if you come into power because of links at the highest level, you need public support to stay in power. Alienating the masses can lead to protests that might force those in power to move to where they started.

    5. Why were the youngsters who protested for the rights of Gojal valley termed anti – state and forced to flee from the region?

    In reality, you do not know much about what has been going on in the background and Pamir Times is responsible for this because while it did not spare Ghazanfar even a single chance of humiliation it has been silent regarding Mr. Mutabiat Shah’s role during the disaster, as if he is not in the assembly.

    I know that those running the show at Pamir Times are relatives of Shah sb but journalism has to be objective and impartial.

    In all probability Noor would not allow this comment to go through. But still I am going at lengths to make him and Zulfiqar realize that Wazir Baig is not the only one representing Hunza/Gojal in the assembly.

    I can say with all certainty, as even a child of Hunza would say, that had the people of Gojal not voted for Wazir Baig, Shsh sb may not have been able to make it to the assembly either.


  26. @ KKB and Amin Ali,
    Thank you for elaborating the truth and weaknesses in our incapable leadership.
    We should not even call them leaders as they don’t qualify for it based on their performance…
    We don’t need such qualified and educated leaders who have no feeling for their people.
    Who have no vision for betterment of their area
    “Ab Hamey Gheyrat Wale Leaders Chaheya Qualified ur Educated ……….Bs………..Nahe ……….”
    If they have guts they should resign but………………… Kursi bahut piyari hai unhey…………
    I would just say
    Shame on them ……………………
    We are ashamed of them ………..

    1. both you and amin please tell me what you have done for GB??
      No one even know you. Their are so many out their who are not doing anything like you but only writing about others at least you should appreciates these two guys for providing you a plateform to write.

  27. What an Interesting contribution of thoughts, it looks every one among us are so rich in theories but lack of practices. but i appreciate this is the way we can mature our society still we are struggling for a strong leadership and trust among us. still a long way to go………………Lessons are to learn, keep it up

  28. Now, hold on guys, hold on please, every individual is expressing his own theories / sentiments / views based on their democratic right, but the current pulse is not absolutely appropriate for blame game based on any representative’s incompatible comment, the current time is to get unite (from Click to Khizir abad), need to make efforts for the post out-burst situation, need to accommodate all our current / previous leaders (religious & political), come out by men & women and put pressure on the bloody govt. and its subsequent officials in GB. It’s the time to work collectively, it’s a mega test time for Hunza and we need to prove our great history truthful through the practical manifestation.
    At the end, we need to pray May Allaha Save our People. Ameen!

  29. I regret the careless statements of our speaker this reflect the position of his Govt.and the PPP.The future of Gojal can not be given to the careless and unreliable representative.May God give courage and power to fight the lake crises that emerged as a man made disastor for Gojalies.You are really wonderfull and calm God bless you all.

  30. I appreciate and agree with Shamim Ali about the comment of her about MQM (Mamouli Qeday Moqaday).
    well done shamin.

    Mr. Wazir Baig should Instead of giving such foolish statements about converting lake into a permenent water resovior should first accomodate the effectees of Atta Abad .


  31. Just simple Over our dead body, if we have to die like this, we will not make others feel happy for what we are facing, if they act in that manner no matter who the hell they are , we have the answer,
    To me personal, I will go and cross any limite for to save what Im.
    So we will die so will others

  32. I don’t think that whatever happening is not because of the negligence of our local govt. We are living in Pakistan and our federal govt. had taken more than month to remove the debris of margilla hills from the capital and its something massive.
    I believe Gojal is a paradise heaven on earth but NOW we dont deserve this heaven.
    I don’t have to explain why we know but we are not game enough to accept.

    God bless Gojal

  33. Dear Editor
    Please delete Asma’s comment form this page she is simply putting oil on fire and making fun of the People of Gojal who are suffering from the disaster!!!

    1. Mr Asif SaEED i think u didnt understand what asma wrote on the page… she wrote something else and u on another line… she is rite that we don’t deserve this heaven now.. “Hum is Janat k Qabil Nahi Rahe”
      what we have done for our land? nothing but still waiting….
      Allah Bless our Beautifull Gojal and all of us..

  34. I’ve read a few comments written by Asma on this forum and have tried to understand her thoughts but failed to do so. However, what I can understand from her writings is her personal attachment to the individual/individuals in the government or having the same ideology that the government is having. This understanding has risen a few questions in my mind:

    a). does her attachment or ideology give her the right to play with the sentiments of the people of Gojal valley?
    b). does the failure of the federal government on Margilla Hills issue justify the failure of the GB government which has resulted in a massive destruction?
    c).Does her individual opinion of not deserving Gojal match the thoughts of every Gojali living in this beautiful valley and loving it more than their lives?

    To me the answers to all these questions is “NO” and I am confident that most of you will agree with me.

    As I have stated in my previous post that criticizing our government is our civic right and it must be done within the parameters of ethics; I would like to mention here that expressing ourselves on any issue is a human/social right and in doing so we must not forget that the individuals we are targeting have sentiments(especially in situations like this) and they must not be hurt.

    The bottom line is to use our rights in a constructive way rather than abusing them. I will thank PT for providing us the opportunity to express ourselves and request everyone to make a good use of it.

    God Bless Us All. (Aameen)

  35. this is a pre-plan (man-made) disaster imposed on us, not only Gojal is sufferring, all GB will suffer and a long impact on our economy will be observed, so many reasons are behind this delay………………….

  36. Hello brothers i am one of the PPP supporter who voted for wazir Baig and today i am crying at ma home by visiting pamirtimes daily….. simply i want to say sorry to all Gojalies and i promise i will never vote this man in ma life!!!! sorry brothers!!!!!
    i love Gojal Not PPP!!!

  37. Mr Nawaz khan let me tell You One thing not only you all Pakitaniz are crying today to elect such useless leaders…… i really appreciate you to accept your fault i can say that you are a dare person!!!
    we all GOjal!!!

    1. DeAr Asif ..
      yr plz delete ur blog because you have wrote wrong spelling of pakistan..
      Tm khud delete krte hooo ya mai noor bahi se request krun????
      “Mastana Mast”

  38. Please don’t get personal and don’t try to use this situation for your personal interests.
    What if this government was not established? Its not for the first time we have been through this type of situation but the way we reacted this time is shameful.We are no longer like before helping ourselves not relying on others not even government.
    And i am amazed no one says we will rebuild gojal no mater what. We just want government to do this? Our ancestors rebuild gojal themselves in 1856 because they love gojal I think we don’t know our history. We have forgotten everything. All we need is aid, aid and aid. We are not interested in gojal all we want is money.

  39. how do u expect people to react in a disaster where everything they possessed was taken away… u think every one should stand up on their own and start building everything again from day one.. i disagree with asma… the issue is not political but yes the carelessness of government has worsened the situation

    1. @nazia..
      that is our negative point that we depend on othersssss.. y can’t we start from the beginning and for your kind information we are not destroyed that u saying to start from 1…. at least in the situation think positive and pray for the beautiful Gojal…
      Allah Gojal ko nazr-eee-baad se bachyen….

      1. what else u call destuction… when people have no house to live.. they are stranded in camps… their only livelihood their land is no more… i m positive about one thing that our spritual leader will help us rehabilitate who even begs the govt to do anything… we saw it all when our PM provided food to people from their Benazir Langar.. Ahhh … what a shame…this is how our local govt represented us…putting us on the begging side..

  40. Dear Gojali’s….
    Aasalam O Alikum..
    The current situation is very bad, we all know but from that comment of wazir baig we will not let Gojal to change in a “DAm”.. and for God sake plz aab toh aaqal se kaam loo.. who is who and what is what, yeh aab sub ko pata chal gaya hain..
    waqt abi tak hath se nahi gaya.. Faisla aap k hath mai….
    Inshallh jo b hoga acha e hoga.. trust on God..
    Allah Gojal ko qayamat tak khush hall rakhe..

  41. I strongly believe that our leaders whether Wazir baig or Mutabait will be doing their best to save their motherland. I think we need to be a bit logical rather than passing emotional statements.The fact is our leaders doesn’t have the sway and authority to influence the central government decision making So saying that they have left us homeless for personal gains is unfair. Regarding wazir baig stament about converting lake in to dam i am sure was a slip of tongue:):)

  42. kis tarah pata lagaya jaye k insan pe ane wali musibat saza hy ya azmaish,
    tu jo musibat Allah se dur kare saza, jo qareeb kare azmaish

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