“Those widening the spillway are agents of the enemies of Pakistan”: Home Secretary GB

The boats used by protesters for reaching the lake barrier from upstream villages. (Image: Zulfiqar)

“Cases will be registered against agents of the enemies of Pakistan”, Asif Bilal Lodhi

Gilgit, June 18: In what seems to be a knee-jerk reaction to the peaceful and successful agitation of the people of Gojal and Hunza Valley, the home secretary of Gilg – Baltistan, Asif Bilal Lodhi, has threatened the local volunteers with arrests and criminal cases.

“Those widening the spillway are agents of the enemies of Pakistan”, he said in a pres conference held after a meeting yesterday. The press conference was also attended by deputy home secretary, Rasheed Ahmed and other department heads. The home secretary also said that the local volunteers will be arrested and persecuted for taking law the into their hand.

It is pertinent to note that the government had failed to achieve its target of deepening the spillway to 20 meters, as initially promised. The excavation target was later increased to 30 meters, but not achieved.

Observers are of the opinion that the government and administration are trying to cover their inefficiencies and inability to drain the lake by blaming the most loyal citizens of Pakistan of treason.

The term “anti-state” was first used by Wazir Baig, speaker GBLA, to pressurize his political opponents in Hunza. Later a resolution was tabled by technocrat member, Mutabiat Shah, in the assembly seeking action against “anti-state elements”. The resolution could not win support of the assembly and had to be withdrawn but the CM vowed action against the “enemies of Pakistan”, at an appropriate time.

Taking cue from the various statements of elected representatives and political leaders now the bureaucracy also seems to seek solace in tormenting the already distressed citizens of Gilgit – Baltistan by bringing their loyalty to the state in question.

Let’s inform our readers that according to press statements of the speaker GBLA, published a couple of days ago, he had talked about employing indigenous methods for opening of the lake if the government did not act fast.

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  1. Is Asif Bilal Lodhi living on another planet? From where I am standing in the UK, it would appear he and many other members of the GBLA are so far out of touch with reality that it beggars belief. I found it fascinating following the elections in the Autumn and really hoped at least some of the promises made would come true……. Will they, the Politicians, ever work with and for the local people – this would have been an ideal time to show their support NOT alienate further the very people they are supposed to be serving.

  2. This is frustration of the GB government and elected reps!!!!!!!!!!! They are confused……..
    Good luck Volunteers.
    You are striving for a good cause and helping people.
    You are also helping the government (if they can understand) to overcome the difficult situation of the area.
    You are not destroying, burning or looting government properties as being done in other part of the country. Don’t worry…..
    Unity is strength. And power is with people.
    May God give you strength. You will succeed Inshallah.
    Women Volunteers are also ready to join their sons and brothers.
    May God protect you and keep the natural environment calm and in your favour.

  3. The guy and his masters can not stand the public pressure, therefore passing such statements. they have felt the threat of loosing the hold of their dreamed position and power, the threat of justice, and the threat of open public scrutiny.
    To me the worst enemy of Pakistan and humanity is asif bilal lodhi and his likes who have let the quite manageable incident of attabad turn into a major calamity, who have made thousands of people homeless, thousands stranded, and still thousands flew their places. these are the agents who have let the life line of cino-pak trade destroy, four heaven like valleys submerge, thousands of kanals of cultivable lands and trees drowned. These people should be stoned and kicked out from GB.

  4. My Question from MR.Asif Bilal Lodhi Home secretary of Gilgit-Baltistan
    you are calling the volunteers who are working at Atta Abad Blocked barrier, are enemy of Pakistan.
    MR. secretary You should First Prove that they are Agent of Enemy of Pakistan
    Without any evidence how you call the People of Gojal and Hunza Agent and enemy of pakistan?
    The people of Gojal and Hunza have the right why not file a case against you for your Reckless performance on your duty, unjustified remarks, insulting the people of the area
    While Gojal is sinking Round the clock.
    Since you hold the post of secretary Of GB even you never Visit the disaster area The people have lost there land house and every thing. you are calling them enemy of the country. My honest suggestion to MR.Asif Bilal Lodhi
    Call a press conference again and Make Apology statements from this peace full people

    Hikayat shah

  5. if fighting for your right is called anti state in law than we will accept and ready to face it. but let us clear what law describes abt those culprits who’s negligence washout the structure of GB??

  6. We the people of Hunza should Sue the Home Secretary Mr. Lodhi, Wazir Baig and Mutabiat Shah for this accusation and which is an indecent remark against the peace loving people of Hunza and especially the volunteers.

  7. Mr.Bilal Lodhi seems to be untouched by the worst situation in the lives of 25,000 innocent peole,who have lost their life long earnings,lost homes and mental peace.Instead of acceptning his faliure he is blaming the loyal pakistanis as anti-state element?Does he know how the independence was sought for GB,from Dogra Raj.The independece Hero of GB Group Cap.Shah Khan is with us loosing his famous “Silk Route Motel” in Gulmit.The Shuhada graves are submerged in this water.The Ghazians waiting for Govt.Support.Mr Lodi do not know our history,our charachter,our humanity and peacful loving nature.For his information we are in Siachin,Swat,Kashmir,Baluchistan and all trobled areas of pakistan to fight against the enemies of Pakistan.We were in front line in 1965,1971, andKargil.
    We will take your claim as a legal matter and will take it to the supereme court of Pakistan and let them to decide who is the real enemy of Pakistan.
    Think you are here to serve the masses not to rule them.
    Saleem Khan

  8. well done volunteers of Gojal and Hunza. we salute you all for your effort ,the recent statement from Lodhi is really painful and unbelievable,he should apologize for this type of statements. is the people of the area has not the right to talk and effort for their survivor , it looks a pre-planned activity against the innocent peoples ,they have lost their lives,property and houses , instead of appreciating and support to them ,they with the local representatives in GB are going to torture the local people can not stop the community from raising voice against the behavior of the local administration and PPP culprits. their plan to isolate the valley from the rest of the area will not be succeed .they will fight for their right. the local community can not expect justice for the local administration and so called GB assembly members.

  9. Mr. Lodhi should think first before speaking. His statement depicts that he is himself agent of enemies of Pakistan. These volunteers are trying to increase the volume of water release from the lake and save more villages and infrastructure from drowning, which was his responsibility being heading NDMA there. All this happened due to criminal negligence of NDMA and Govt. How they can be categorized as agents of enemies of Pakistan. Villages and Land of Paksitan came under water in front of Mr. Lodhi. He is just playing a role of spectator. Well done volunteers… Nothing is impossible in front of strong will and volunteerism.

  10. Mr. Secratary!!! u called the volunteers agents of enemies of Pakistan because they are struggling to save whatever is left to them after your ” efficient and hard work” regarding the Hunza river blockage???
    The whole commuity of Gojal and Hunza calls you “enemy of Pakistan” and “humanity” rightly said by Parveen, for the distruction and misries you brought to them.
    what was ur solution to the Hunzar river blockage??? waiting till water topovers and make its way???. ….Isn’t it the same solution our parents tell us was used 158 years back in 1852 when a similar blockage occurred on Hunza River? O ya one exception>>> a 30 meter deep planned and an actul 13 meter deep spillway…. Wow!! is that progress we have made for 158 years???
    We know u ppl can do nothing but use such tectics to save ur face and hide ur inefficiency when ur failure is exposed!!!!
    U all are accountable some where some day for what u did to the people of Gojal!!!!

  11. Irresponsible and immature statements

    How they are the agents of the enemies?
    (1) Are they protecting/hiding any terrorist, or spying
    (2) Are they inviting any other country for interference or bypassing the
    GB administration
    (3) Are they destroying state and public properties
    (4) Is there any violation of law and order

    Nothing is going to be happened against the state and public properties, the people of Gojal and hunza waited for almost 6 months and relied on the statements of GB Administration, what is the outcome at the day end? The answer is “Poor and inefficient performance” from upward to downward.

    We strongly support the initiatives taken by the volunteers; just imagine does this not make a sense to keep efforts the release of water to the extent that it starts decrease in inches at the upstream submerged villages.


  12. So inspiring!
    Having built a beautiful Hunza with your own hands, so its no wonder you are saving it the same way.

  13. highly insulting and unacceptable remarks by the Home Sec- if true! If people talk about your rights, demonstrate their collective obligation for the betterment of the people and country and someone describes these indicators of agents of enemies. We cant expect such statement from a responsible public servent! The self initative by the volunteers should be seen a strength of the mountain society. what else is the option? Concern officals are reluctant to get experts and take difficult decision at right time. People cant force the govt but they share their part of obligation to save their homes and livelihood means and key infrastructures. The govt needs to equip/ train those volunteers to minimize any potential human losses while working on widening the spillway.

  14. The Imported Home Secretary Bilal,

    We condemn your statement, in the first instance you should make an apology from the peace full people of Gojal and the entire people of GB for the shame full statement. I suggest you to study the law/Constitution of Pakistan frist, and then comment. …….blaming the people of Hunza anti-state neglecting the shuhadas and ghazian of Pakistan from 1947, 1965, 1971, Siachen, Kargil, Kashmir, swat, waziristan to all strategic war positions. We salute our hero’s. We also salute our young volunteers who have shown the sprit with the natives of Gojal. This is frustration of the GB government who seems helpless and failed to cop the situation.@ DUA>>>>>> above mentioned agreed 100%.

  15. Ohhh lodhi
    If the protectors of five international borders are anti state then what I will call u? and one thing more differentiate among anti state and anti government teach other GBLA representatives like wazir baig and mutabiat shah. People are fighting for there survival if ur govt is failed to work we can do it with help of Merciful God

  16. this work is very dangrous but it is the people were not the enemies on pakistan the were working for theirself.To protect their self.

  17. Case shuld be register against Mr. Bilai Lodhi , who is the bigest agent of enemies.

  18. Am really shocked to hear this crap from the imported home secretary, sounds like he doesn’t even live in GB. How on earth fighting for survival peacefully can be associated with “agents of the enemies of Pakistan”, such statements can only be given by someone who’s mind is preoccupied with other nasty agendas or who wants to cover administration’s inability to deliver what it was supposed to. Oh! Mr. Lodhi seems like you don’t have a slightest idea about the peace loving, brave, and literate people of GB, if you are taking them as mobs like in the rest of the country who start burning government properties and state machinery for politics then you are totally wrong, you will not find any place like GB in the rest of the country in terms of awareness, education and dedication.
    Lodhi should come to public, apologize for his malicious, anti state, & alienated remarks or prove his thoughts otherwise before media & public.

  19. The youth of Hunza – Gojal Valley, members of the Raabita Committee, Progressive Youth Front, PML (N), PML (Q) and other political organizations shall join hands to lodge a case in the supreme court of Pakistan against the home department of Gilgit – Baltistan for;

    1. Conspiring against the state of Pakistan by using tactics to alienate youth of the region through under a well thought agenda
    2. Conspiring against the educated and active youth of Hunza by calling them traitors
    3. Hurting sentiments of the families of martyrs, by calling them agents of the enemies of Pakistan
    4. Not being able to provide a solution to the disaster struck region, as head of GBDMA
    5. Brutal torture of peaceful protesters near Ganish bridge yesterday

    A special advocacy group shall be formed for this reason and rights based organizations (like Sungi Development Foundation – GBHRN/Strengthening Participatory Organization (SPO)/Human Rights Commission of Pakistan) shall support the group technically and financially.

    Citizens of Gilgit – Baltistan working in these organizations shall use their positions to muster support for the cause.

    You need to make them realize that they are not free to malign an entire community for political purposes. That will only be possible through a process/mechanism of accountability, which is lacking in the GB region.

    It would be even better if the Supreme Appellate Court of GB can summon the Chief Secretary, Home Secretary, Deputy Home Secretary and other top bureaucrats to prove that the youth of Hunza who demand/work for expansion of the spillway are anti – Pakistan.

    I am a friend of Gilgit – Baltistan and love the region. My heart pains to see the dirty politics of the bureaucracy and other national organizations in this constitution less region.

    Amin Bukhari

  20. Enough is Enough… we want Bilal lodhi to kneel-down and apologize from the people of GB in general and from the people of Hunza in particular. If GBLA has some guts and authority, it should suspended Bilal Lodhi without loosing a second.

  21. Mr. Lodhi, really disgrace statement,
    The people who work voluntarily for their survivals, help themselves to save their homeland, they are enemies, so what you will call those peoples who damaging State properties, bombing on the innocents peoples, you will definitely call them state loyalist.
    Please think before saying. We condemn anti state statements.
    Apology for the unacceptable remarks, from the people of GB Specially from the people for HUNZA on the Media.

  22. Home Secretary, time for you to go home…..after an apology from the people..

  23. ” The enemies of Pakistan”??????? can this gentleman explain what is the actual definition of enemies of Pakistan. Are not those enemies of Pakistan who took 5 months to just enjoy this disaster. Exactly the same as ” Rome jal raha tha aur badshah bansri bajaraha tha.” The current Badshahs rather bad Shah’s are watching and experimenting at the cost and lives of the affectees. Shame on you!!! Asif Bilal

  24. Mr. Bilal Lodhi is a civil servant not a jurist to label the peaceful protesters.

  25. It is insulting for all of us if it’s true. We were not expecting such statement from HS.

    I think the good idea would be encourage this initiative and give them support encouragement, training and appreciate them instead of issuing such irresponsible statements.

    We people of Hunza from abroad solute all Volunteers for this great initiative and also request all volunteers to make sure their safety and take appropriate measures for safety of all the volunteers who are working on the lack site.

  26. If I had been present in that press conference, I would honor him a shoe-throw on his face. I knew from the very beginning that NDMA lacks the ability and skill to smartly deal with this problem. And statements like these add insult to the injury of people of hunxa. The affected people have no choice but to help themselves.

  27. Special thanks to Amin Bukhari for his sympathy.

    This is an irony when initially, like this, the agencies tried to harrass the people and declared them trators who tried to raise public voices against the indifference of the so called elected government of GB towards the lake……………… If the volunteers are your enemy, you are enemies of the people. Come out of your nonsenses and think of the people who have lost their entire world. Do you know what will happen when the current situation is stretched to September/October??

  28. what a hippocracy by secretry ahmed bilal . sleeping in comfort and enjoyiing the misery of innocent people and above all threasenin to arrest them . for last 6 months goverment and its cronies busy in making money and watchindg the dying of vally and now when people tried their own the ahmad billal says they anr enemies . no they are not u r the one .

  29. I have the same statment for Lodhi sb as was for Mutabyat sb…
    all these are the enemies of Pakistan who….
    turned the natural disaster into man-made disaster,…..
    who submerged the most important strategic location,…..
    who cut off a land rest of the world,….
    who stopped Pak-China trade,…..
    who force people to live in tents,…..
    who vanished people livelihood…….
    and practically they proved that they are not sincere with Pakistan and their people…………?
    After an assessment of these losses all the responsible authorities should be trailed in court …..?

    1. …. and they still call us “so called affected people”….. u are right….such creatures can not be human beings. they are …..who only know to eat and then bark at others…such disasters are opportunities for them to expand their bellies and money pouchs.

  30. Mr. lodi sahab I think your statements best suits to former Chief Secretary, former chairman NDMA and former Governor of BG. They are the enemy of Pakistan who intentionally blocked the Pak China backbone route. youe immature statement shows that you are not aware of the situation what is happening in Gojal in the last six months.

    Good job our volunteers God bless you and in the end the success is yours.

  31. Salute to all the volunteers of the world who unite for the noble causes.
    I cant believe that a responsible civil servant can speak some thing nonsense and irresponsible like this.
    Mr. Lodhi. Yes we are agents because we are trying to save the remaining parts of our beautiful Gojal, Yes we are agents because we are helping the government to reduce further disaster. “The present situation is due to incapable politicians and officers like you”.
    Yes we are agents because we liberated the entire GB without your help and merged it into Pakistan.
    And I am sure in your eyes the die hard pakistani’s are those who carry out suicide attacks and kill, yes the Punjabi Taliban and Pakhtoon Taliban are the patriots.
    For God’s Sake think before you speak.
    I think you have lost the right to be among us, you must go now and if you have still some ethics, go for an apology before you leave.

  32. The people who have started WIDENING the SPILLWAY are not only TRUE PATRIOTS but represent the Majority of PAKISTANIS. I Salute their BRAVERY and COURAGE.

    I wish I could join them, People of this area are hardy and their energy and determination should have been harnessed to overcome this natural Calamity.

    Wake up INSENSITIVE rulers, before it is too late.

  33. Mr. Lodhi is showing the typical BUREUCRATIC mindset of PAK gov.

    I have my sympathies with him for his failure to hide his gov’s inefficiency.

  34. Mr. Lodhi better watch your words. Being a civil servant it does not suit you act like a jurist and King. People like you create problems for the political leadership in a country like Pakistan.
    One dignified way left for you is to apologize and resign from the post.

  35. Weldone wazir baig.. Welldone GBLA member..


    These so called nationalist are agents of INDIA.they enmies of Gilgit Baltistan. They are supporting/helping India to revenge there defeat in Gilgit Baltistan on 1 Nov. 1947. These …..vtraitors are indulging innocent people and youth.. They misleading our people.. WE WILL SAVE our beloved Land from these …… traitors.. Those who widening spillway are agents and it is drama.. Everyone knows that it is not possible to widen the spillway in such a way..

    It is responsiblity of the GBLA members to expose these enmies.. LIVE LONG Gilgit BALTISTAN..

  36. Mr. Lodhi..who the hell are you to declare us anti-state??? you the corrupt people are responsible if people are becomming against state…everyone know in GB about the corruption in Relief goods,,,,Mr. open your eyes please..we will fight against this corrupt govt. officials till our death..we will not hasitate from any FIR etc. do whtever u want to do..we will fight for our right.

  37. its me a student and i really shocked to hear the news that sum police have stopped people to go to spill way to help the khidmatghar to widen it.. i regret the comment given that they are the enemies, iam telling you that you who are not allowing them to do so is the worst enemy of country and people of hunza, u are just wandering to collect money to quench yours thirst but that ppl are much concern abt their futures and families.. i wish if urs family were also residing their then u would not have given such a response of their laudable courage.. its a matter of great shame for you

  38. I believe the first thing we need to understand is the actual meaning of volunteerism. For me volunteerism is, ‘to do charitable or helpful work without pay’ . If we connect the current volunteer service in widening the slipway at the Attabad disaster area, it means the affected people or community wanted to help each other and save their places, their homes, lands, and life properties. The definition of property might be different for different context but for the affected areas, it is the land, the livestock, the domestic animals, the fruit and the jungles etc, is the whole property or the communities.
    Keeping these realities in view, the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) has developed the capacity of the people in different fields of life so the people/ communities could take self responsibility and contribute according to their capacity for the development of the area in a peaceful manner. This is the reason, the people/ communities of the area had been showing positive attitudes, and waiting for the government to resolve the artificial lake issue. However, when they noticed things did not work out, so they came to help themselves and support the government work in widening the slipway as volunteers. However, it would have been very nice and very constructive if the government department would have joined their hands in providing security, and physical support to prohibit losing any life/ves. It would have helped the government to gain a greater respect among the community, while it would have been productive to utilize the indigenous knowledge and expertise in dealing with debris, and natural disaster by the communities but unfortunately, it did not happen for different political and general reasons.
    Now all of us need to avoid making comments like, ‘Against Pakistani Interest’ or ‘Enemies of Pakistan’. We have loved Pakistan, love it and will love forever. One could imagine our positive and constructive role in the area, when we did not have a proper status as a citizen of Pakistan. We have always respected and have institutionalized in the culture to respect our country and contribute for its development. So let us not blame the community, for what they have not even thought about it. Let us not hurt the communities, who are hurt by the nature. Let us be part of them and resolve this issue because it has not only affected the specific communities, but has also stopped the development work in two nations (Pakistan and China). Let us join hands as as effective citizens of this country and resolve the issue because blaming attitude is never helpful. Let us respect each other, remain peaceful and control the current situation in a constructive and positive manner.

  39. i do agree with madam Safida Begum. so you , team of Pamir times is therefore requested humbly to please play urs role, uneducated and mean leaders who had been choosen with a hope that they will work for the area and the people are trying to ruin us, so ask them why they are stopping local people and what if water is destroying whole upper hunza will be done by them …… screaming were not heard , compensation not granted, lives are still jeopardized i dont know what the govt is demanding and what its taking revenge of…….

    haritham khan
    atta abad hunza

  40. We have already seen the role of political leaders during early stages of this disaster. And now the statement from government establishments is self-explanatory. They are using atta-abad disaster as a tool for earning foreign aids and any person trying to hurdle in there pursuit is an “enemy of state”.

    Undoubtedly, these kinds of statements are ridiculous and pinching. Yet, we should take them as inspirations to strengthen our bounds to our people and our land.

    The only reliable apparatus we have to deal with the current catastrophe is our group Solidarity and Self-help. We have been shaping these valleys and carving these mountains for centuries, with bare hands. We are the people who have given life to these lifeless stony wastelands and we will unite again to rebuild our homes, to rehabilitate our brothers and sisters, and to reshape our destiny.

    I salute and regard efforts of all those, who are directly and indirectly contributing to reconstruct and rebuild the effected areas of Hunza.

  41. Hum to dubay han sanam tuj ko be lay dubany gay ..
    GO HUNZOKUTZ GO ….!!! Hum tumhary sath han .!!!!

    Who is Asif Bilal Lodhi, and what is his role in Gilgit-Baltistan, its better that he must resign and leave Gilgit-Baltistan, immediately other wise inhabitants will never tolerate such imposed rulers of federal government of Pakistan.
    On the one hand Pakistan issued governance ordinance in 2009 and on the other hand federal government directly rule the so called puppets of Gilgit-Baltistan government Mehdi shah, Wazir beg, and the ….. governor, what’s going with us? How many budget allocated for Gilgit-Baltistan government? Nobody knows because we are still northern areas of Pakistan not Gilgit-Baltistan, because only name has been changed neither our powers nor our status. And if anybody claims that now Gilgit-Baltistan is fifth province of Islamic republic of Pakistan then I humbly ask him where our part of representation in bicameral parliament of Pakistan?
    This is all fake governance ordinance 2009 imposed on us to rebuke us. Listen Pakistan we are part of you if you really want us then give us all the rights which have been enjoying by the remaining provinces of Pakistan otherwise we will do it by ourselves.
    Long live Pakistan …..! Geo- Gilgit Baltistan

  42. Beelzebub, well said in paragraph two onwards. Yes, this is the strength of our people and they have demonstrated in helping within the communities and can go beyond to resolve this issue (if needed). We need to keep these sparks of hope to raise up again for rebuilding and reconstructing our one of the beautiful paradises of Pakistan, Hunza Valley. May God give us inner energy and pass us in this examination (Ameen).

  43. It seems the volunteers have really hurt the interests of those who are trying to loot and plunder the relief goods. If Mr. Lodhi and his collegues feel that by trying to save their homes, these guys are actually working against the interests of them. We are not hungry of your relief goods, keep it for yourselves, we just need our lands, homes and livelihood back and nothing from you.

    We have never begged in our lives for food and will Insha Allah never do this, but all we want from the government is do their duty for which you are getting paid every month. and remember that you are a public servant and you are talking to your masters who are the public.

    I can understand the level of your competence and the way you may have appointed to this position!!!. Your reckless statements speak for your mentality and we know people of your type and we do not expect anything good from you guys.

    May Allah bless our homeland and the people and guard against the enemies of humanity.

  44. For the organizers, this scenario was very much expected given the smoke that was emitting much before this dust! the policy of ‘divide and rule’, ‘hit-and-run’, ‘carrot and stick’, ‘blaming the victim’ and calling the ‘victims as traitors’ is what is the politics of power in Pakistan.

    It seems there is undeclared FCR in GB.

    What more can colonial subjects expect from their masters?

    Inaction, incompetence, neglect, professional misconduct, corruption and petty political point scoring is what made this lake grow and grow into chain of seven lakes infact. nobody knows, if it is destined to reach its previous mark…at Sarimush, Khyber?

    The sleeping, educated youth, professionals, social activists, rights activists and political activists-right, left, centre, all need to wake up and raise their voice… speak up!

    The godess of the landslide was unhappy, the water dragon was furious, now the giant octopus is creeping towards us. Self-defence… or die!

    The choice is ours!

    Peaceful democratic action, direct action is what is needed.

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