Dammed Hunza River draining slowly

Lateral erosion towards KKH side (right) has increased. Image taken on July 18, 2010.

PT Report

Islamabad, July 21: Water outflow from the dammed Hunza River has reached around 21,000 Cusecs according to various organizations monitoring the situation. Water inflow and depth of the lake keeps changing in volume with respect to the temperature.

Lateral erosion of the lake barrier has increased significantly during the past week. Width of the spillway has also increased taking volume of water discharge to comparatively higher levels. The increased discharge has, however, not left any significant impact on the upstream villages.

According to a villager the water level increases during the night by several inches but only to recede during the day time. “The water level increased and receded by around 2 feet during the last week”, he said.

The speaker of GBLA, Wazir Baig, yesterday told journalists that FWO has been tasked to work on further expansion of the spillway. He negated the news about Chinese government’s involvement in the spillway expansion.

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