PMLN’s Kalb Ali among three arrested by NAB

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Islamabad, July 22: President of Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) for Hunza – Nagar region and former chairman of District Council Gilgit, Kalb Ali, has been arrested by the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) for not being able to pay back 5.7 million rupees to a bank. Former Chief Officer of the district council, Mamtaz Khan, and former regional manager of the  IDBP, Mir Jan, have also been arrested in this connection.

The arrested have been accused of obtaining loans without following regulations, giving false statements, usurping public funds and defaulting on loans obtained.

According to details the amount of payable loan has risen to around 8 million due to penalties and compounding of interest.

PMLN has accused the government of political victimization.

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