Fri. May 14th, 2021

PPP leader Mir Nawaz Khan Advocate shot dead in Gilgit

CM vows to nab the culprit

PT Report

GILGIT: A  leader of the Pakistan Peoples Party Gilgit – Baltistan, Mir Nawaz Khan, has been shot dead in the Shaheed-e-Millat Road locality of Gilgit city.

According to details the slain leader was standing outside his house when unidentified people who came on a motorcycle gunned him down. Mir Nawaz received one bullet in the chest and another in his abdomen and died on the way to hospital.

Late Mir Nawaz Advocate was one of the senior most leaders of PPP in Gilgit – Baltistan.

Public circles have expressed shock and anger over the target killing. Mehdi Shah has said that Mir Nawaz was a secular person and had no sectarian background. He has also vowed to bring the murderers to justice.

9 thoughts on “PPP leader Mir Nawaz Khan Advocate shot dead in Gilgit

  1. The assissnation of Mr, Mir Nawaz is a great loss for pakistan peoples party and for Gilgit-Bbaltistan . his devoted efforts for the social and political development Gilgit Baltistan will allways be rememberd ..May Allah rest his soul in peace….Ameen.

  2. The news about the Assassination of Mir Nawaz Advocate is very sad for the peoples of GB.The hidden hands reactive in GB. Mir Nawaz was a political worker. From last 23 years the hidden hands are active to disturb the law and order situation of GB specially the Gilgit city . In my opinion this is the formula “Divide and Rule”. There was not any Shia Sunni conflict before 1988 in our region. But in Zia regime first time this incidents were start with the help of Secrete agencies of the state. In case of Mir Nawaz advocate the same hand are involve which are involve in all sectarian lashes in our region. This is the time we all together to expose these hidden hands

    1. We should already stop mentioning “sazish” after every single incident. Agar ye sazish hai tou hamaray apne loguun ki hai. And about “hidden hands”, the “aasteens” which cover the “hidden hands” belong to us. If we (our people) want, we can roll up our sleeves but we don’t. Divide and Rule doesn’t work unless the area was already divided.

  3. Feeling sorry about the brutal murder of Mr. Mir Nawaz advocate. He was an active member of PPP and a lawyer doing his job honestly. I condemn the target killings in GB and request the law enforcing agencies to protect GB from getting into another row of sectarian violences.

  4. too bad. WE all are Humans.

    Nonsense. Approaches whom soever and what soever their motto?

    God only Can save GB. People of Gilgit ,Baltistan must now get UNITED, Before its too late.
    God bless Gilgit,Baltistan People.
    No Sunni,No Shia,No Ismaili, We all are Humans and we all are Answerable to our Lord thats ,Allah .

    I request every single person from Gilgit,Baltistan to get UNITED.
    How long Your sons will get brutually killed by the EVILS.?
    Wake up Gilgit, Baltistan aim for UNITY only. (*Dont let people take advantge of GB) We are One Muslim under 3 umbrellas, Sunni,Shia & Ismailis

  5. I do not know Mr Nazaw Khan Advocate, neither he is my relative nor he is my enemy. but still i show my deep grief and concern over this target act of killing on the humanistic groundinds. the Its a bad news and as for as the target killing is concerned there was time when we used to hear on electronic media that two people are shot dead in any city then we used to have had a amusing question asked to ourselves what does it mean by target killing. We had our uttered words like “thanks God we are safe and sound from this virus”. But now we see such brutal act on daily basis on the streets of Gilgit City. We condemn every act of terror regardless of any sect or religion. We should have diversification in our society. I suggest each and every individual of GB to please come forward to stop this and should condemn by every means. the Assassins should brings to its justice not only the deceased individual case but in every individual’s assassins too. May his soul rest in peace.

  6. He was one of very few persons who were devoted for the partyfrom very begning, infact its a great loss for the lawyer comunity, for Peoples party Gilgit Baltistan..We hope that the suo-moto taken by chief court will do better, and regional heads of intellegence agencies should also notice. Becoz for such a long time killing is going on in a smaller area, why r they fail trace the terrorists..From Government we are hopless becoz people threaten them at assembly floor they can`t say any thing.

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