Second attempt on Chiche Peak (Diamir) after 115 years

by Faisal Ayub

Islamabad, July 26: “Pakistan is a beautiful country. You should be proud of it and you

A file photo of Walter, President Alpine Club, Germany

should work to preserve its natural environment”.

These views were expressed by Christian Walter, Persident of German Alpine Club of Saxony, currently visiting Pakistan as part of a climbing expedition.

The unscaled Chiche Peak

Talking to this scribe Walter, also a member of the Mountain Rescue Service, said that he has come along with his friend Stephan Wolf to climb the unscaled Chiche Peak. The expedition is likely to take four weeks.

Chiche peak, 5860m high, is situated in the South of Nanga Parbat – the killer mountain. Apparently this peak was first attempted back in 1895 by the Albert F. Mummery, an acclaimed British climber. Now, after a lapse of 115 years these two German climbers will try to climb the Chiche peak in Alpine Style – no deals, no camp, all on their own.

Whereas, it is Mr. Stephan Wolf’s first visit to Pakistan, he hopes it to be a memorable experience.

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