PML (N) workers criticize leadership for ‘ignoring’ them during Attabad IDPs cheques distribution ceremony

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Gilgit, December 19: Ghazanfar Ali Khan has no place in Pakistan Muslim League. He supported a dictator (General Musharraf) during the last 8 years and did not utter a single word in favour of the exiled party leadership. His inclusion in PML (N) is not going to benefit the party in any way.

These views have been expressed by a group of PML (N) party workers in a press release shared with the regional media. The party workers from Hunza – Nagar and Gilgit, including Saleem Ahmed – ex secretary, Haider – party organizer, Muzaffar Bhai Jan – Committee member, Amin Sher, Shakeel, Aijaz Mehmood, Naseer-ud-din, Jalal, Mustafa and Ikramullah, have criticized their

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regional and national party leadership for ignoring the ‘hard working and sincere party members and patronizing opportunists’.

The dissent seems to be emanating from the inclusion of Mr. Ghazanfar Ali Khan (ex Chief Executive of NALA) and Ms. Attiqa Ghazanfar (ex technocrat NALA) in the recently held cheques distribution ceremony.

Sources close to Ghazanfar Ali Khan maintain that the actual ceremony was to be held in January but on his (Ghazanfar’s) invitation Nawaz Sharif came to the region earlier.

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  1. The Most popular leader of Pakistan visited Hunza three time during the last 01 year but instead of arranging public gathering at public places Ghazanfer restricted him in his palace and interestingly also arranged public gathering at his garden during elections.
    the most active workers of PMLN didnt vote to the party during last elections just because the party candidate and his family are most unpopular in Hunza Nagar. now the party head has to decide if they have to penetrate in public they must have to sideline the (opportunistic) Mir n his family.

  2. all this blog carries is propoganda.there was no pamir time reporter or photographer at the event when nawaz sharif came to karimabad.otherwise they are available to carry any other tom dick and harry story.everyone know who funds this site

  3. In Punjab its tradition if some one is looks influential they think they can do any thing, but they don’t know that every citizen is not less then Mir.

  4. PML(N) and its leadership have the same vision for the people as the Mr. Ghazanfar has for the people of Hunza. That is why their wave length matches.

    In my opinion the imposed political parties, be it PPP or PML (A-Z), nobody have a vision for our people, they come there for vacation and nothing. We have to promote indigenous political party and leadership otherwise another half century will take to get things straight.

    GB is in the limelight due to the global attention on this geo-strategic region. We need to take benefits (long and short term) of the opportunities arising from the events that unfold as a result of this global great game.

    The leadership of both the parties are quite capable of selling the people and the region for a couple of billion dollars, perhaps they may already have done that!

    God Save us from these elements

  5. Jojon loved your opinion and completely agree.

    As far as workers are concerned I think they were expecting few cheques. Come on guyz u need to stand on ur own feet. Leave ur childish behaviors now.


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