Nauroz Mubarak to our readers

The "new day of 2011" started with prayers and flag hoisting ceremony in Gulmit, Gojal. Photo: Zeeshan

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  1. salam, Ya Alai Madad.
    Novroz MUBARAK to PT Team Members and My alll Sweet Frnds,,
    also Mubrak 2 the Great Prople of my Homeland,,,,

  2. …….NOWROOZ MUBARAK………. to everyone, i miss the sweet smell of blooming flowers in springtime in Hunza, what a heavenly place. love from Hong Kong. Karim Hunzai

  3. Dear Friends and Family Ismaili brothers across the continents

    Best wishes from USA .. on this day of Navroz may the blessing of Allah always knock at your doors..Ameen

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