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[PSM] Call to the people of Hunza – ہنزہ متحد ہے

We have seen the results of political action through “party politics” for the last 37 years. The present situation in Hunza is the result of inter-party wars raging elsewhere in the country. Hunza has not been spared by individuals having priority for personal interests over the collective interest of the...

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11 of the detained Hunzais released by police

PT Report Gilgit, August 27: Police in Gilgit have released 11 people out of the 22 arrested due to lack of evidence. The police had arrested these people for allegedly being involved in the riots that erupted in the valley after heinous murder of two IDPs of Attabad by the...

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Victims of Chitral attack identified, Taliban accept responsibility

PT Report Chitral, August 28: According to media reports dead bodies of the soldiers of Chitral Scout and Border Police have been recovered from the Arandu River, in Chitral. Chitral Today has released names of the people killed by Taliban. According to Chitral Today, the martyrs include, Subedar Niat Ghazi of...

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