The significance of communication

Fardad Ali Shah

Aristotle had said that “human being is a social animal”, meaning that humans can not live in isolation for long. He affects and iaffected by the activities of fellow human beings in the society. When a child is born at that time his first affection is with his parents mainly with his mother. His parents become his first friend. After that he is attached with his group of friends with whom he starts sharing his opinions and try to share so many things which give him eternal happiness. These group of people are his second friend to him, he never likes to hide any thing, sharing his secrets very frankly.

What makes them connect to the world around him, is their ability to communicate. Friendship becomes the name of sacrifice and compromise for every individual being. Mostly it happens that friends, due to misunderstanding each other, starts miscommunication which creates a great chaos among the friends and the relations are broken down and friendship ends due to not compromising in very minor thing.

The same situation emerges in families where a minor blunder or mistake becomes really a great hurdle in relations. In such a situation the educated and the well disciplined person knows how to handle the situation without blaming and criticizing the opposing group. Due to miscommunication many type of conflicts arises in our society and this is not the problem of a single person but it is becoming problem of the whole nation. The solution to every problem is only communication and negotiation.

But the problem with communication is that many a time we keep waiting, despite of good intention, for the other person to initiate the dialogue. Sometime we think our ego and self respect is more important. In such situation don’t think about ego and self respect but be the first to take the initiative before it became too late. Try to be a good listener rather than a good speaker. Try your best to understand others rather to make him understand about your intentions. Listen carefully to the opposing person conception about you and reply very relevantly rather blaming him wrong. Try your best not to criticize the person. Always give a big smile while talking to him. Smile always freezes your fierceness.

We have to change our attitude and try our best to bring change in ourselves. Instead of blaming or criticizing, just be curious with yourself and ask a question that, why is this person or situation like that? What and how can i change this person or situation? Try your best to show gratitude and try your best to appreciate others in tough situation. Stop high expectation from your relations. Not matching of expectations bring very negative role in our relations. No expectation can bring a positive change in us.

The increasing problem of elopement can be controlled by parents by keeping good friendly relations with their children. Parents can share everything and can make them trustworthy. Giving time and including children’s in decision making can make them responsible citizen. Don’t be a dictator but try to be so soft for your children and try your best to explain every situation without blaming them wrong. Give equal rights to children. There should not be gender biased stratification among the childrens. Give sufficient amount of time to children and make them realize that you love them very much, also make them realize that you can’t live without them.

Parents can create such a situation where the children come to a conclusion that they are very important for their parents. Childrens also have some desires which the parents should try to solve by positive communication without dishearting their childrens. This will create a sense of responsibility among the female and male counterparts. I think when we will apply this strategies in our life we will be confident enough to handle the cases of elopement.

The contributor is a Karachi based resident of Chitral. 

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