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GBLA forms committee to investigate faults in 18MW Naltar Power project

Asim Iqbal

Gilgit, February 20: The Gilgit-Baltistan Legislative Assembly on Monday constituted a committee, headed by provincial minister for power Wazir Shakeel, to investigate corruption charges in the 18 mega watt Naltar power project.Speaker Wazir Baig nominated Raja Azam, Mirza Hussain, Maulana Sarwar Shah, Deputy Spekaer Jamil Ahmed and Razi ud Din, PAC Chairman, as member of the committee.

The committee will also find out the reasons of technical faults in the design of the Naltar power project.

On the first day of assembly session Razi ud Din while raising the issue said that an Attabad like tragedy could have been caused due to development of cracks in the reservoir of the 18MW power project.

“Government should take steps to save the lives and property of the people of the locality”, he emphasized.

Deputy Speaker Jamil Ahmed also expressed his concerns on the issue and said there was thechnical fault in the design of the project. He also blamed that authorities had completed paper work to give tander of 14 mega watt power project to the particular company by violating law.

He said that there is no system of reward and punishment and owing to this corrupt elements are left without trial.

Mirza Hussain said that 40 percent budget was allocated for power and workes department but both departments had failed to improve their performance level.

Some independent observers have demanded that the committee shall have impartial technical members, structural engineers, who have relevant expertise and experience to study the flaws, if any, scientifically.

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