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[Pictorial] NATCO boats operational in Gojal Valley despite strong winds

Boats are the only mean of transportation left with the people of Gojal valley (upper Hunza). Photo: Asghar Khan/Pamir Times
The open boats, generally used used for transportation of cargo, are being used by the people of Gojal valley for movement across the dammed Hunza River. The open boat makes the travelers vulnerable to severe cold. Photo: Asghar Khan/Pamir Times
Water has frozen on coat of passenger traveling in the open cargo boat. Strong winds are blowing in the Gojal valley making it difficult for the boats to operate. Passengers are complaining of severe cold and coughing problems due to the lower temperatures. Photo: Asghar Khan/Pamir Times
The 35 seater closed boats provided by NATCO Gilgit - Baltistan are safer and faster than the other boats. Nowadays passengers are traveling in these vessels. Photo: Asghar Khan/Pamir Times
The people of Gojal valley have demanded of the NATCO authorities to reduce the fare of the boats and increase the frequency of trips between Attabad spillway and Hussaini Village. The local people have specially requested MD Zafar Iqbal to look into the matter and make the transportation free for the travelers. Photo: Asghar Khan/Pamir Times



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