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Banners about Gilgit-Baltistan’s issues placed outside UN office in Geneva

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Geneva, October 31: Six banners were placed at the entrance of the United Nations Office in Geneva (UNOG) yesterday on the day of the Universal Period Review of Pakistan.

Names of organizations or individuals were not written on the banners, making it difficult to identify those behind this ‘advocacy’ effort. Three similar banners placed outside the UNOG building were related to rights violations in Balochistan.

The banners contained messages and photographs related to the alleged injustices committed by Pakistan in Gilgit-Baltistan. They also contained messages saying that Pakistan is “selling Gilgit-Baltistan to China” and installing “military towers” in the region.

On one banner a portrait of nationalist leader, MLA Nawaz Khan Naji, had been printed, with a message against “forced accession”.

The banners were spotted and shared by Gohar Abbas, a CNN field producer hailing from Gilgit-Baltistan, who is currently in Geneva to cover the UN sessions. Gohar said that his efforts to identify the people behind the banners were not fruitful.

China has invested heavily in infrastructure development in the Gilgit-Baltistan. Currently, a number of Chinese companies are working in the region on projects like expansion of the Karakoram Highway and construction of Hydro power projects, among others.

10 thoughts on “Banners about Gilgit-Baltistan’s issues placed outside UN office in Geneva

  1. At the top of banner there is pakistan’s flag and below Naji sb says we are not pakistanis.
    Naji sb have all of GBians gave you permission to say it on our behalf ?

  2. Naji is working as an agent in GB. We are proud to be Pakistani but this idiot man did not accept Pakistan ever, he has Pakistani passport and NIC and living in Pakistan and working as agent for enemy countries like India, israil and America. The people of GB should follow the constitution of Pakistan. We don’t need separate country or state, we want Prosperous, healthy and peaceful Gilgit baltistan.

  3. GBians should be grateful to Govt of Pakistan if it sells GB to China. If anyone has been to China will affirm at least you would be having neat & clean roads, better infrastructure, better medical facilities an easy access to quality education & life. We should not forget the kindness of Chinese people and Govt whenever and wherever we required. Further, pl make sure your forefathers have kicked out the Dogras and got you the freedom of Gilgit-Baltistn. Now the question is how the Gbians achieve the common objective of their fundamental rights without falling into the hands of interest groups.

  4. How stupid appreciating the idea of selling GB to China. . . . .
    Chinese Govt. and people are not kind as ellobrated by Ali Hunzai in the above comment. Here in Pakistan atleast you have freedom of expression that you can’t imagine in China. If you do so, the result will be even worse than in Pakistan.
    I agree with you if the Status of GB would be like Hongkong.

    Finger crossed!

  5. Ehsan Karim Sb- Naji is not an agent of countries of India, USA and Irail. i think and might be he is an agent of Pakistani agencies. You are well aware from Pakistan political situations and interruption of agencies in democracy.

  6. As GBians we prefer to live in an Islamic country, where we want to observe the practical teachings of Islam that is justice,equality , peace, respect of humanity etc. We would never favour any Government or party to exchange our future with any country.
    our ancestors have got freedom after many sacrifices of lives in order to lead the lives of future generation respectfully and peacefully.
    We should not be influenced by outsider country by its various interventions. On humanity ground if these countries are helping GB it is always be welcomed but if they have any hidden agenda we would be prefer to lead our lives with starvation.

    No doubt there is always room for improvement in any system, If our political leaders want to bring changes or improvement in GB, they should rationalize their arguments and they should be in position to convince our all parties leadership of GB.

    Need to discourage the blaming culture, suppose if any GBian person is saying jobs are sold, If it is not so than it should be challenged. If it is reality than this evil needs to eradicate and the relevant person should to be discouraged in order to reform a society.

    We expect with our all political leaderships to sit together, negotiate with another, discuss openly and they should unanimously decide that what is the proper place or camp to solve the issue of GB. Whether they should approach with UNO or SARC or National assembly of Pakistan. Differences of opinion leads towards improvement but disintegration leads any community towards declination.
    Now a days we are smelling disintegration amongst our political leadership which needs to be avoided and discouraged.

    “Sink and swim together for GB”

  7. The concept ‘selling GB to china’ seems to me a US led international conspiracy to destroy the good relations of Pakistan and china .Which may deprive China of cheap access route to Arabian sea.

    What is wrong if Chineese are investing in development of infrastructure in Pakistani territory?

    May I ask why USAID ,CIDA etc have presence in pakistan?
    Do these organisations have any hidden agenda? If we are allowing these nations to work in Pakistan then why we suspect chineese presense?

    People of GB please keep it in mind that americans are being suffered due to presense of chineese people in pakistan not pakistanis or GBians.

    In my opinion there is no need of any agitation against chineese presence in GB as long as they are contributing towards the development of infrastructure of GB.

  8. shazzu:
    baseless allegations on nawaz khan naji altough i am not a member of his party but there are few people of his caliber..
    and the point about passport and cnic: these are two green leaves one kills u on kkh and the other puts u in machines to scan your every nerve of ur body…
    2ndly read constitution of pakistan sire then tell me about GB. we did not swore fidelity to pakistan for being treated like pimps or step brothers.. it is our legitimate RIGHT!! LONG LIVE GB…

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