Letter – Reserved Quota Seats of G-B

Education plays a vital role in shaping our personality, and we must have intellectuals and professionals in our state’s institutions, like the Education Department, who can help devise policies to ensure access to and quality of education.

However, the application of our teaching and learning in the contemporary world is next to none. We still hold grudges for each other which is lagging us all behind in this competitive era. We think this life is eternal and we have forgotten the fundamental preaching of our Religion. It makes me sad when I think of Gilgit, our homeland. We are spoiling our competent student for our egoistic purposes. I have come across with dozens of students who have been either rejected by Education Department or told bogus excuses in order to give reserved seats to those students whose families are well-off. I wish our Education department to be transparent and unbiased.

This myopism spreads hate among us. Fear of Allah is very pertinent in these matters because giving Rights to deserving person is a very heavy responsibility on each of us. Depriving the deserving person from his right is a sin I believe and in our Departments it happens. Eligible gets nothing and undeserving gets everything because he has money which talks.

It is a humble request from students of Gilgit Baltistan who have been rejected by Education Department without any reason that for God’s sake be sincere.

Kamal Uddin
GC University, Lahore

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  1. I am a victim of this evil. I am really glad to read this which is portraying my feelings of furry and thanks for highlighting these issues..

  2. This is important issue and must be brought on the surface. i totally agree with kamal and request the GB chief minister to tackle this issue seriously.

  3. yes thats right i deeply appreciate kamal ud din who has taken the step to raise this issue. I am also victimized by educational department..

  4. absolutely,,,, i agree with Mr. Kamal uddin….this evil act would be stopped very soon, but it depends upon our educational policy……but unfortunately our policy makers are unaware about this very important issue.

    hope for the best.
    Ishtiaq Hussain Baltistani

  5. Brother Kamal Uddin i appreciate your comment and i want to add here one thing that some of our Intelligent students are suffering from these undeserving disease .We should think about GBs prospective and should be fair to our mother land.

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