Six people, including three brothers, killed in a road mishap in Yarkhun, Chitral

Two survivors getting medical treatment in DHQ Hospital Chitral
Two survivors getting medical treatment in DHQ Hospital Chitral

Gul Hammad Farooqi

Chitral, April 1: Six people including three brothers died and nine were badly injured when a passenger jeep plunged into a deep Nullah (canal) at Barinus village, in the upper Chitral area of Yarkhun Valley.

According to Chitral Police a passenger Toyota Jeep bearing registration No DMA 1026 was on its way from Hrusk Yarkhon Lasht of Upper Chitral to Chitral town carrying some 18 passengers. When this ill-fated jeep reached Barinus village it fell down in a deep ravine cum nullah while crossing a dangerous turn where there is no fencing or parapet wall on road side towards river bank.

Bodies beingi shifted to villages
Bodies being shifted to villages

The dead bodies and the injured people were recovered from deep canal by Khughuzi police and local volunteers and shifted to DHQ Hospital Chitral.

The dead were identified as Shah Hakim son of Khushi Khan of Hrusk, Imran Khan, Ihtisham Khan , Sheraz Khan sons of Nigar Khan of Maratang, Fardad Ali son of Uqabud Din (6 years) and Abdul Hussan son of Rahim Nizar Shah of Oveer Charoon. Nigar Khan fainted in the hospital on seeing dead bodies of three of his sons.

The injured people were shifted to District Headquarters Hospital Chitral where some are believed to be in serious condition. The injured were identified as Fidaur Rehman, Muhammad Ali, Alam Khan, Iqra Jabeen, Gul Bihar, Wife of Qurban Ali, Atia Bibi, Doctor Khan and driver Sardar Hussain of Alam Khan.

Local complained that there was no electricity nor any generator for operating X-Ray machine, laboratories etc while generator was running the whole night when an influential person was admited in the hospital.

Poor condition of the fenceless road is beleived to be behind the tragic accident.

The dead bodies were rushed to their native towns in ambulances provided by Alkhidmat, under the guidance of former MNA Abdul Akbar Chitrali.

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