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“Yasin in a Battle of Racial Politics”

Sher Wali

Yasin (Yassen) valley is comprised of around thirty small-to-medium size villages with an estimated population of 40,000 people. Yassen has been of significant value to Gilgit agency not only in the political scenario but also for the economic point of view. With fertile fields and higher crop yields Yassen has been considered a major food supplier to Gilgit and other parts of the region as well.

Before the so-called democracy and debacle of the established system by Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto in 1974, the region was ruled by the Rajas. Raja Gohar Aman with the support of the valiant people of Yassen twice conquered and ruled Gilgit agency. The sole reason behind this great victory was the will, unity, skills and courage of people of the Yassen.

After the termination of this Rajagi System, the so-called democracy was introduced in the region and the right of governance through elected representative was expanded down to the gross root level. At that time two important figures/personalities were dominant in the politics of Yasin: one was Raja and other Peer(termed as “Mir and Pir politics” ).Each had the influence upon his supporters-cum-voters. This Mir and Pir politics continued for almost 30 years as people were not politically matured with scant notion of electing the right candidate other the Pir or Mir. Nevertheless this naive political exercise of that time was relatively better than the present murky game of politics. There were no communal and ethnic conflicts, and no hate preaches against one another. Cultural values, ethics, and mutual respect were taken into account.

Change took place in this traditional politics when a group of youngsters (Youth), under the leadership of Ghulam Muhammad the ex- Member of Gilgit Baltistan Assembly emerged on the political horizons of Yasin. Ghulam Muhammad was a young energetic student with an active political background of student’s politics in Karachi. Under the platform of Ghizar Student Federation (GSF) he was selected to contest the general election 1993. With the slogan to break the traditional form of voting in the region the students of GSF extended their campaigns to the constituency of Yasin. Ultimately Ghulam Muhammad under the platform of GSF defeated the then PPP strong candidate and the religious leader (late) Shahzada Fazal Hassan, Cousin of Present Governor Syed Pir karam Ali Shah. Since then politics of the region has transformed from traditional/ autocratic to a democratic style.

Ghulam Muhammad’s tenure was cut short after 25 months due to the expansion of Assembly seats; Raja Jalal ud Din won the subsequent election and became the member of Legislative Assembly. This manifested that the people of Yassen believed in merit, fairness and competency, contrary to sectarian or racial prejudices. Raja Jalal left his seat when he succeeded to get the membership of chief court. Bi-elections were held in 1995 which were swept by Ghulam Muhammad once again. During this election Muhammad Ayub shah entered the political scene having a strong support from his family and the ethnic factor crept into the politics of Yasin turning it into a murky and dirty game of violence and hate.

This inclusion of ‘family factor’ diverted the political direction from democratic pathway into a narrow lane of ethnicity. Consequently, the phenomenon deeply penetrated into the minds of youngsters, transforming their peaceful disposition to a narrow and violent temperament. The climax of this racial-based politics was the defeat of Muhammad Ayub Shah, the candidate from Begal family, at the hands of Ghulam Muhammad of Pakistan People’s party in 1995 general elections. The sentiment of ethnicity recharged the people. Assault attempts were planned, forceful attitude developed, relations were abandoned and even newly awaiting marriage contracts were broken.

In 2009 general election the same style was once again employed and Muhammad Ayub Shah from Begal family won the election as a free candidate, later joined PPP and became the partner of his former rival Ghulam Muhammad of Pakistan People’s party. Ayub Shah became the MLA after three consecutive defeats at the hands of Ghulam Muhammad and the relations between two were so seriously intensified that their normalization was considered merely a dream. But PPP brought the two rivals viz. Ghulam Muhammad and Muhammad Ayub Shah (MLA) together. Both political leaders of Yasin are now on friendly terms.

 But this political stunt of swinging between enmity and friendship has trigged many questions in the minds of the people of Yasin who have now come to the realization that these politicians, for their own vested interests, creates rifts and differences among the general public while behind the scene  support each other’s agenda. It was confirmed when Muhammad Ayub shah (MLA) and Ghulam Muhammad danced together in a cultural show in a local Hotel in Gilgit; the show was organized by the Yassen Mahraka and Yassen Writers Forum.

Now the politics of Yassen once again has turned into an interesting blame game show after ex-General Secretary PPP and veteran politician Ghulam Muhammad joined PML-N. There were already two PLM-N’s politicians in the constituency. Javed Iqbal Baig, who contested the last 2009 general election against Ghulam Muhammad, and Raja Jahanzeb, who is another expected candidate for PML-N for next elections. The role of Raja Jahanzeb has been dubious for last many years as he has been changing his loyalty from one to another party. He contested 2010 general election on PML (Q) platform but after defeat he left it, and joined MQM, later he left MQM and associated himself with PML (N). It was likely that he would get ticket from PML (N), in coming general election but now Ghulam Muhammad has also joined PML (N) and once again the politics in Yassen has turned into an interesting episode.

It is yet to be seen whether both the ex-candidates support each other or stand against each other. The rein of PPP has fallen into the hands of Muhammad Ayub shah after Ghulam Muhammad’s departure; it is a challenge for Muhammad Ayub Shah to assure his supporters and voters of his performance who are mostly angry with him because he could not deliver to his well wishers and the public at large. His supporters and voters were not in favor of his joining PPP after winning elections and some sources also say that most of his family members are not in favor of his second time candidature. They are demanding for substitute candidate within their family.

 It is uneasy task for Ayub Shah to step down and give a chance to another candidate from his family, because Ayub Shah has enjoyed ample incentives from PPP. He has been given office of Parliamentary Secretary and also taken the responsibility of party’s General Secretary for Ghizar. This of course is a major challenge for him as the party is already in shamble in the district and to make it unified and strong once again is not an easy assignment at all. If PML-N makes an alliance with Raja Jahanzeb as he has enough vote banks, then PML-N will give no chance to PPP in coming elections. Most of the PML-N voters now vote to Ghulam Muhammad and the vote bank of Raja Jahanzeb has already been shaken.

The positive and encouraging thing is that the youth of Yasin are awake and aware of the changing political dynamics now. They are determined to eliminate the ethnocentric politics from Yasin as it has hampered the development of the region and created rifts and narrow divisions among the peace loving people of Yasin. It is time to be united and not divided therefore youth must come up to bring positive change in the traditional politics with respect to the national and international political perspective and not indulge in the politics of ethnicity and hatred which is a very narrow approach. We all need to  be enlightened and visionary.

The contributor is a social activist. 

30 thoughts on ““Yasin in a Battle of Racial Politics”

  1. Dear Sher Wali Thank you Very much for starting this topic,as you mentioned so many factor’s of this Social Problem, I hope We will Justify with all Reasons of this “Racial Politics” in yasin. I have requested “Baigal Youth Organization” “Baigal Welfare Organization” and associated People to Justify there Position, Respond and think or new Social Reformation Order through which Society can bring itself in Harmony. Being Volunteer of Yasin Maharaka Joint Dance of GM and Ayub Shah and “Hashin-Hakesh” has taken message in Public that who ever is now spreading message of Racial Politics in Public must be discourage at all level’s.

    Further “Time is the best Judge”

  2. Mr. Sher Wali, I appreciate the way you are trying to write down the happenings in my beloved “Yaseen Valley” but it would have been more rational if you would have adopted a bit neutral approach. “Lets hear and be prejudiced” must not be the attitude of a good writer.It would have been better if you would have visited the so called “ethnic group”, you have repeatedly mentioned in your report, prior to writing it, to know and understand their view point.There are few points that need clarification to let people know about the reality. Mr. Shar wali, Let me make it clear that change in political spectrum had taken place soon after the end of Rajagi system, when Dilawar Khan Landani(Late) contested the first general election back in 1974 against Raja Ghulam Dastageeer.He was the first gentle man who had sown the seed of “Democracy” and “Freedom” and this encouraging step flourished the “tenet of Democracy and Freedom” in the area which later on paved the way for other people to rise to political arena.So i think you need to make this correction in your report. Second, let me make it clear that the so called “Division” and “Racial Politics” in Yaseen was a political rhetoric and the same “unrealistic slogan” had been used by a politician to win the election for three times.As far as Yaseen is concerned i must say there is no division at all rather we all should believe that there is political diversity that is democratic right of every human being.The current hype of “Division” and ” Racial Politics” by certain segment of the society is still seems as political manoeuvring to achieve vested interest which is highly condemnable. As far as unity is concerned, it starts at home.With out having unity and tolerance with in family one can never expect it at regional, provincial and national level. Therefore, i urge Sher Wali to start uniting people at grass root level starting from the family.I have friends and relatives in Salgan, Sandi, Gindae, Nazbar, Tawus, Ghujalti.I respect and honour them and they do the same.I never felt as if i am living in a divided society.Yeah, the only shortcoming due to which these mis-conceptions have been developed is due to communication gape and i believe having result oriented discussions with great patience can end all minor issues. Third, running a family based welfare organisation(Baigal Welfare Organisation) which solely works on education to uplift diverse community children should not fall prey to politicking.This will indeed discourage all those welfare organisations in the area despite the limited financial resources they have. Fourth, Let me make it clear that Youth of Yaseen are in complete social harmony in shape of Yaseen Maharaka(YM), Yaseen Writers Forum(YWF), Yaseen Student Organisation (YSO) contrary to your ill preception rift and division among peace loving people of Yaseen.Close analysis will reveal that these student wings are best examples of social harmony.So the youth and people of yaseen know very well that there is no ethnocentric politics in the area. Fifth, You have written that this ethnic group has hampered the development of the region. This illogical point is beyond comprehension.Let me make it clear that development projects worth 100 million rupees were carried out by Ex-member GBLA Alwaiz Ali Murad and Ex- Minister for education GB Noor Ul Ain Sahiba belong to this family.This include Hydral Power Project, Schools, Colleges, Roads, Drrug Rehabilitation Centres, Boys and Girls Hostels, Bridges etc.Mr. Shar wali, these facilities would not be used only by so called this “ethnic Group” alone rather this would be used by people of area and you too. And finally, respected readers, this piece of writing by Mr. Sher Wali does not truely represent the views of people of Yaseen.Mr. Sher Wali has written this in his personal capacity and it is devoid of facts that have been rectified in the above stated points. People and Youth of Yaseen are in complete social harmony.We believe in Unity, Love, Harmony and Peace. Love Yaseen and people of Yaseen. Thanks, Sajid Khan Baigal

    1. Dear Sajid,,,,

      With due respect,,,, I value your thoughts and views and I have respect for you, so advance apology if something went wrong.
      As the above written Article by Sher Wali is concern. I am a free style person and I have good understanding with the Youth of Yasin belong to different social, Racial, welfare, religious or political Backgrounds. I agree with you in the written article there are many things which are need to be correct but there are also some facts and realities, being unbiased and impartial we need to think on these burning issues. We should not discuss either Ghulam Muhammad is a good politician or Muhammad Ayoub shah,, we have to think on the elements which are going against the “peace and Development” of Yasin. we have to admit that there are small ethnic and family groups around us, a best example of this you can find on face book. there are family Groups like, Khushwakht, Baigal, Gulbi, Muhbi, Hakimzada, wazirzada, Morkal etc,, and they are not ready to sit together. I personally tried to gather these small groups on a sound plate form,,,and you yourself are witnessed that once i visit you and we discussed this issue.
      Secondly, if these small family groups are doing good for yasin then they should call for all youth belonging to yasin. They only focus on the specific group. I am in Karachi and you know karachi is the hub for these ethnic and family based organization. I am shocked to know that a yasin based organization is going to held a meeting in Karachi an they were circulating and informing each other. I asked one of the guys that can we also participate in this gathering??? he came with a dubious answer……. This is the reality sajid bhai. we should not blame each other. Being unprejudiced we have to sit together and guide all youth to work for the peace of yasin. Sher Wali’s Article may be a clue for change and peace in Yasin. We should generate healthy debate on it.

      Thanks you very much!

      Zafar Iqbal

  3. I was wondering whether much of what has been mentioned will matter to those who come after you, 500 years from now. Their archeologists will be wearing radiation suits, looking for radioactive waste, buried in land and seas. Their historians will be questioning the agendas of the 20th and the 21st centuries, that passed on to them, global warming, pollution, desertification, demise of fauna and flora, collapse of marine eosystems, destructive war machinery, pollution of seas, waste creation methods, chemica, of every kind etc. They may equally want to know what was wrong with the women who bred without stopping in the face of such hardship and environmental destruction, even when contraceptives were available. Paradise lies
    under the mother’s feet, – she will be percieved as a harbinger of destruction and all that is rotten in the world of the future – according to their interpretion of the ancient religious texts. Is anyone counting how many craters have been formed on the Earth since it has been getting nuked, on various lies and political pretexts, or craters that have been formed, or tested radiation pollution in the air and the seas? What will these petty issues and bickerings matter to them when the outcome of the issues to be tackled in the future has been decided by your generation and those of your fathers? They will be trying to clean up the mess while trying to survive, just barely. The film, Soylent Green may have given you a glimpse of what is
    to come. This world is interconnected. You reap what you sow.

  4. Mr Sher Wali how can you defend these Points as Social Activist.

    “This inclusion of ‘family factor’ diverted the political direction from democratic pathway into a narrow lane of ethnicity. Consequently, the phenomenon deeply penetrated into the minds of youngsters, transforming their peaceful disposition to a narrow and violent temperament. The climax of this racial-based politics was the defeat of Muhammad Ayub Shah, the candidate from Begal family, at the hands of Ghulam Muhammad of Pakistan People’s party in 1995 general elections. The sentiment of ethnicity recharged the people. Assault attempts were planned, forceful attitude developed, relations were abandoned and even newly awaiting marriage contracts were broken.”

    But yes Indeed Below Points are Representing Your Political Activist Mind set for Ghulam Muhammad.

    It is uneasy task for Ayub Shah to step down and give a chance to another candidate from his family, because Ayub Shah has enjoyed ample incentives from PPP. He has been given office of Parliamentary Secretary and also taken the responsibility of party’s General Secretary for Ghizar. This of course is a major challenge for him as the party is already in shamble in the district and to make it unified and strong once again is not an easy assignment at all. If PML-N makes an alliance with Raja Jahanzeb as he has enough vote banks, then PML-N will give no chance to PPP in coming elections. Most of the PML-N voters now vote to Ghulam Muhammad and the vote bank of Raja Jahanzeb has already been shaken.

    I think there is Difference between Social and Political Activist.

  5. I wish if people who run ORGANISATIONS had temper enough to bear others critique.What kind of organization would that be which is being lead by such high tempered leaders.


  6. Yasin Mahraka and Yasin Writerz Forum and many Youth Forum and Group are now with same Objective of bringing this Temperature Points Down in Yasin . Above Article Needs some Correction regarding Racial Politics, its History and main contributors, Before Baigal’s and Beyond Baigal’s So many other Factors also Contributed in this Factor. One of the strong Factor is Politics in Yasin with out Ideologies rather based on same Phenomena. Anti and Pro Family Factors are one of main responsible factor in spreading this, for which Writer is Silent.

    Its best to Start Politics if People Want there on Bases of Ideologies, If People are comfortable with P.M.L (N) Manifesto, P.P.P Manifesto, APML’s Manifesto, Worker’s Party Manifesto, Nationalist’s Manifesto, or Even Local Group’s or Independent’s Manifesto, Support and Politics should be on Basis of Party Manifesto rather than Personality, Anti or Pro Tribe Slogans. Agreed with This.

    I do not think as it is a Temper Issue here, Indeed I want to congratulate Mr. Sher Wali for starting topic, to make History and Current Issues Correct. Such a Literally work will help us to understand where are real Issues and how altogether we can work closely for this issue.

    ‘Hashin-Akashee” a Album in this regard in best Start to unite People of Yasin.

  7. What is “Qabaili Zahniyat” that Exist there in Yasin ?

    Do we have such Terminologies, Groups, and Parties with this “Qabaili Zahniyat” or This is Term which is there in our society for Self Interest. Should we encourage any one to use such terms to make more Division in Society or Stay silent.

    From here and onward Responsibility Lies with shoulders of Youth to Define Acceptable Ground of Understanding’s, and Mutual Respect, Accepting Diversity or Lead Our People with New Principles.

    Otherwise Society will remain at current Level and Situation it is. Youth from Land can make it there agenda to discourage Division on Basis of “Fabricated Terminologies” Rather on Political Ideologies and Party Followings.

    As Temperature is raising in Yasin if not Direct on right way will lead towards more Division and all.

    Best of Luck.

    Best Way is to Start a new Chapter in yasin as Sung by Mehboob and Written by Basharat Shafi Hilbi

    Above is Link best way to ask People for New Chapter !!!

  8. Mr sher wali sahib muje zuban metha kar k bolna nhe ata is lia pehly sy he sorri to say,first makhi ki nazar shehr k gandagi pe hoti hai ya baqi sara ka sara shehr jo saaf or shafaf ho osy nazar he nhe ata,tmhari milsal os makhi sy zada sirf ap sy mukhtif ho jawaonga pehle tu bnso bnf k tato thai mstr kar k job mili tu yasin ki zimdari sanbalne niklay wah jis ka character he loose ho wo qoom elaqy or gairat ki baat kary acha nahe lagta ab jenab Gm k tatoo bn k phr raha ho na tmhy yasin ki history ka pata hai na ki kisi or cheez ka q bkwas kar k logu me nafratain fhila raha ho,baigal orginization ko jo siasat sy pak thi tm logu ne he isy siyasi platform banaya apne knowledge ko thoda vast rakho,is sy tm logun ne sirf nafrat ki nzr sy he dakha hai,tum pehle tatoo banna chor dai phr siasat muasherat or aman wa elaqy ki baat kar me tere her os jhot ka jawab dai sakta tha per kia faida,behtar samja tuje tera he aina dakha dom,na tum qoom perast na elaqa perast na ki watan persat bhaday ka tatoo ho na ki tum qoom ki history sy agah ho na ki tum apne. regards karim ullah khan murkel

    1. Karim Ullah,,,

      I am not defending sher wali but i am shocked to hear from you. You belong to a profession which always demands soft language, logic, sense of tolerance , You have right to negate with the writer as i also have reservations, you can respond with facts, logic and reality. I openly say that you people started family politics, we remember the history,,,even though you people came with a separate slogan and Flag. But whatsoever done in past forget it and come for the betterment of Yasin.


      1. respected zafar bhai i expressd my depst feelings and thoughts regarding yasin as wel as my family on call thats enough i think so,so if its of ned then i wil drw the track here as wel,but wo kehte hai na jo tmhy smjta hai osy apne bary me explainations daine ki zarurat nahe jo nai samjte hai unhy ya un k zuban me ya na he smjao tu tu behtar hai so bas me ne aisa he kuch kia ha

  9. Dear Sher wali,
    Thanks for taking interest in this sensitive area, I am wondering that words travels fast and I also heard the gossip about the written article, yes it is true you no need to take someone permission before your write or aside someone and ask whether I write the article or not (what unfortunately some people are expecting ), I appreciate and courage your opinion , but the risk factor what you mention are not only likely that, it needs more clarity to some extent , the reason why I am saying that the history is much complicated itself or you Made it complicated, the historical back ground are not in fver of some point , , I agreed yes due to Ayub and GM our people are facing ethnic problem , however, I still belief in youth of yasin before jumping into any conclusion
    basharat Shafi

  10. Why are people so overreacting to this article, I being a very passive found nothing wrong about it?
    I really am,depressed to see such kind of response from the youth, the people of my beloved mother land, especially from those who talk about love, peace and peaceful mutual coexistence.
    Nothing is wrong about the article, if Baigal’s have issues on it then let me clear why you people must not have issues.
    One can’t deny the fact that it is you baigals, who for being the first time started politics on family basis in the area, not only on family basis but also on religious basis.Show me one single person of your area who was not from your sect and voted for you.? there were others to who won the elections in the past i.e GM and Rajal Jalal they did not do it, in spite of belonging to very respectable families while compared to baigals who have no special history related to Yasin.
    @karim ullah kahn
    That was totally a stupid response from you,It shows how awful and pathetic you baigals have become in the area. Have a life dude!

  11. Article by Mr. Sher Wali who is not known to me at all, is profoundly appreciable which not merely gets the natives of (Yaseen) acquainted of the political cum democratic process of the area historically but at the same time it immensely inspires the youth (young minds) to think over the fate & future of the area while with their constructive endeavors to participate in the political and democratic process of the constituency. The article to a great extent attempts to depict the factual picture while bringing to fore the political developments, transition and transformation of power within the political arena / spectrum of the constituency. One may disagree to what has been written but to doubt the impartiality, neutrality and journalistic approach of the writer would entirely not be a fair job, instead his creativity and constructive work be appreciated. A writer’s eye merely projects the facts, figures and happenings in his surrounding irrespective of like & dislike that’s what has been seen in this article.
    A prompt in fact harsh reaction to the voice seems an assault on the freedom of expression and exhibits a traditional mindset of the ruling elite. Having respect for others only up to words has no more remained a pragmatic approach today! Instead respect needs to be cultivated in minds and hearts which is more practical I believe.
    We do not have (hatred / abhorrence) of any kind to any human, instead strong advocate of a democratic, developed, dynamic and above all pluralistic Yaseen which is indeed a vital & pious cause for us. We feel great pride and pleasure to share at every forum that Yaseen is the most politically awared / educated constituency of region i.e. (GB) and its natives see politics beyond any religion and ethnicity. Rising of common man (student leader) in to the power in 1994 is a living example of a mature constituency while discouraging (Pirs & Mirs); again in 1999 the constituency set a similar example of maturity while thinking beyond religion, time and again the natives of the constituency have proved their maturity, love and pluralistic thought while seeing, thinking and believing beyond ethnicity in 2009 elections which is an ample example of acceptance & tolerance of its kind. All the aforementioned historic facts reflect the democratic attitude of the people of Yaseen.
    As far as (Yaseen Mahraka & Yaseen Writers Forum) is concerned, being oblivion of their role I would not comment on it, but I opine that the said Forums may not represent Yaseen in entirety, as their role & scope has been observed up to Pindi & Islamabad, thereby the so named forums be not taken as representative bodies to make any opinion of Yaseen.
    Comparatively now this region has done much in the education sector. Youth of Yaseen are now engaged with studies in diverse fields’ at the most reputable educational institutions across the country and abroad as well. Gone are the days when youngsters of this area were merely confined to the traditional studies that too from a few select Public Sector Institutes, conversely now as a result of the paradigm shift our students pursue different studies ranging from (medical, engineering, chartered accountancy, actuaries, ACCA, CSS, Med, LAW and many more contemporary fields of studies with greater scope & opportunities that too from national and international Institutes of good repute and prestige. Now Alhamdulillah the natives of this region have an easy access to the high profile institutes nationally and internationally which was merely a dream for our students a decade ago. Institutes like (LUMS, IBA, AKU, DOW, NUST, and GIK) were beyond our reach and imagination.
    Since change is inevitable and without change societies and nations stuck in terms of development therefore development is directly proportional to a competent, honest and a visionary leadership. Leadership is what sets a vision, direction, pathway, roadmap aimed at shaping the futures of its people. (Nations without direction are like “ships without direction which go round and round and ultimately sink).
    In the name of service much has been tested and tried in Yaseen, but now in the presence of a vibrant youth, writers, intellectuals, social activists, professionals, media, educated women & above all well informed constituency I aspire and hope that there may not be any more room for (Sympathy Vote / Waiting turn Vote / Ethnic Vote / Religious Vote / Changing Loyalty Vote).
    History repeats and now I believe a time has arrived in our history that a vibrant, dynamic, determined, honest, and above all a visionary Leadership emerge out to shoulder the responsibility of the constituency while representing the people equally at different forums / fronts. Space for a genuine leadership is now foreseeable who could represent the grass-root level at large, which is capable to bridge the widening gap between the ruling class and the struggling class, who can empower the youth, who can defy the status quo, who thinks beyond his self, who may not change his loyalty may what come, who possess the capacity to address sentiments of downtrodden segment, who can steer the constituency out of crises and poverty, who has productive, doable & workable ideas, who can stand by principles, who may not take Yaseen a mere (tourist point) for summers, and above all who is able to change the fate of its people.
    It’s high time to think, review and re-visit our actions and have collaborative endeavors to create a conducive environment for new leadership and constructive change at large. If still the change is not realized than same incompetent and traditional leadership is our fate unfortunately.

  12. Karim ullah murkal,,sorry to say ap b mehrbani frma kr ye aenay dekhanaay ka kaam chhorr de,,pehlay yasin ki shakal sanwaray aur phr aena dekhna aur dekhana shorou krain,,,mazkora bala column sirf aik writer ki raye hai,koi harf e akhir nhi ,,han ofcos ap ko kisi ki raye se ikhtilaf hai tu apni raye ko drustgi k sath paish krain,,kisi ko social media pe personaly hit krna koi musbit hal nhi hai,,jisay ap kicharhh ki makhi se tashbhi de rhay hai wo shehad ki makhi b ho skta hai,,sher wali sahab ne apna tajziya paish kya hai ap k lye b medaan khola hai ap b jawabi column likhay but on the base of ground realities ,,on the base of facts and figures , personal mumilat se door rhna chahye…….warna hum sub aik 2sry ko aenay dekhaay rhngay tou dil k aenay toot jaynay aur jab dil k aenay toot jaynay tou faslay paida hongay faslay paida hongay tu ranjishain,nafratain,dushmani aur anjaam

    ap ka mera and sb se bd kr yasin ka allah hafiz hoga….

    1. dakhaway ki siasat hum karte na he na ki jhot bardsht karte ha isi tarha k column likhne sy na ki yasin ka name roshan hoga na ki tabdili mumkin hai,1999 sy pehly ya log kahan tay jab baigal waly ak dosray k khoon k piyasy thay orginazation banni itifaz hua baigal k bachy parne lagy tu un ki phard gae tbili education sy ati hai 1999 sy pehly hum edu sy cousun dur thay,ab jb parne lagy andoroni ikhtilafat khatam hue tu inn logu ko parishani hui na.shah baigal shame tum lanat tum pe or tum muje kahte ho sham on you.sher wali ko ysin ko hum sy burae kia hue hai ya zara explain kar ya log bakwas karte hai saray me doubl sham on you,hum ne yasin ko becha nai hum ne yasin ki izat ki pamali nai ki balki jab zarurat pari jan dainy k lia os wqt b tayr thay ab b,phr b koi nai manta tu sun lo yasin walo me b nai manta kab tak safae daty raha zara sochiya tum logu ko taklif q hoti hai reason bta dai phr me maan jawn ga

  13. silent article writer

    Sher wali and Rehman Ali Shah,i am with both of you you both have mention the real thing which has been going in yaseen valley,but you both have all involve all community of yaseen i am not agree with this statement…According to me their are some key families or key persons due them our peo[ple are facing problems namely baigal family,G.M sahab etc,,,,,,,,,,,

  14. Sher Wali or Rehman k statement dakh k ma ma kuch kahna nae chata q ki un donum na sub kuch clear kar dia hai lakin ma 1 baat zaror share karna chahonga,wo ya hai ki ya pamairtime 1 knowledge base cheez hai please aisa cheez is pa share nae karo jo hamri society ko harmful hosakta balki aisa cheeza share karo jis sa dusra banda kuch knowledge la sakha mara kahna ka mtlb ya hai ki kisi banda k personal life ya kis banda pa direct hit karna or kisy family ko common bana k os pa directly hit karna jis sa hamra society ko noqsan hosakhta ha please mari ap sub sa request hai ki agr koi aisa article share karta ha osa ignore karo and i request admin of pamairtimes to do not share such kind of article form any body whic iz harmful for our society. Thank you,,,,,,,

  15. sher wali brother :
    no thing is either bad or good that is your thinking which make it so,,,,,

  16. i think there is nothing wrong or we must not be that much aggressive rather try to be patient ate specially dear karim ullah murkhel. ma tu ye kahonga ki M Ayoub shah hamara bhai…Gulam Muhamad hamara bhanja ore Jalal and Jahanzaib hamarey rishtedar inkey sath tu sirey se hamari koi zati dushmani ti na hai na hogi inshallah…rahe baat baqi yasin walon ki tu merey khial ma yasin walon ka hamarey oper bhut ahsanaat hum unhey kabi nae bola gar ore her yasin waley k sath hamarey khoni rishtey a hum chahey tu b inko nae mita saktey jaisey ki sajid bhai ne oper xplain kia a…..kambakhti jo hum ma a wo ye a ki hum sab siasat daan banna chahtey a ore apney siasy tajizeay dena shoro krtey a jo ki aik bhut e khaternak amal a…siasat k elawa b bhut se topics a js pe hum baat kr sktey a jis pe hum likh sktey a ore bahes ker sktey a ore agr koi banda siasy topic pe koi baat krna chahey tu hum mil beth k baat ker sktey a qk politics social life ka hisa a lakin isey zatiate tak mahdood ker k apas ma larney se behter a isey time pe chor dia jayey waqt aney per loog khud decide karey k wo kis ko vote dena chahtey a qk jitney b hum loog yahan net pe beth kr batain krtey a practicaly hamari koi hasiat nae a qk hamarey buzorg zinda hai gar ma serbarah ha wahe decide krey ore usmey agr qatalo garet gari b ho rishtey b toot jayen tu wahe zimadar hongey humey isey kia a…..dosri baat ma persanaly apko aik baat btaon ki gulam muhamad ko hum e ne jitaya a mera walid sab uska sb se bara suporter tha or ab b baigal k bhut sarey loog gulam muhamad k hamme a jaisey k shaheen khan mamo or bhut se qk wo hamara khoon a hamara bhanja a lakin vote islyea logon ne nae dia k usney kaam nae kia isi waja se logon ne sath chor dia na ki qomiat ore zatiat k basis pe ore jalal ud din ko b baigals ne jitaya ap unsey khud pochey usko jitaney waley kon a hum begailey e a or ab b bhut se baigaley jistra namberdar bada khan wagaira usey suport krtey a r agey b karingey….ab last baat ap sb suney ayoub bhai ko siasat ma lekey aney waley kon thy ye ap sab ko pta a ore siasat ma lakey 2 dafa hara k logon ne narey lagana shoro kia k begalon ko road pe laya a ore ab unko nanga nikalna a kaha tu pher hum apney yasin k behen bhayion , rishtadaron samet maidan ma agayen ore jeetaya ore ye sirf begaley ne nae jitaya isko jitaney waley yasin k hamarey sb loog shamil a her qoom shamil a her firqa shamil a sb ki suport se jeet k aya a ore agr ye deliver nae karey ga tu agli baar hum kisi ore ka sath suport karingey ismey konsi bari baat a…lihaza humey siasat ko siasat samj k role play krna chayea na k nafrat ore dushmani ore youth se i humbly request to refrain urself from this murky politics and try to concentrate on ur studies agr kisi k gar ma koi sarbarah means father mother elder bros sisters nae a tu thn they can talk on such issues
    regards zakir hussain baigal

  17. very well written.. but why the people are still stuck with Ghulam Muhammad and Muhammad Ayub,, these great men are not even loyal with their parties and their self driven agendas.. how they gonna do commitment to the people of yasin in bringing reforms and development,, new people should be encouraged to take part in elections, ,, if Ghulam Muhammad sahib as a youngster break the status quo in 1993 election then today The same history can be repeat if a youth leader and a competent youngster of yasin initiate to stand in election against these traditional politicians

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