Going for a walk!

Farhan Jumani

Karachi is a megapolitan city. One has heard and read this several times in news headlines. This has been truly realized by me on the way to walk. Walking is good and beneficial for health especially in the city like Karachi which has busy life. It relaxes the brain, improves health; protects from many diseases, keep checks on weight and help alleviate symptoms of depression. It helps lot in many ways.

Yet to reap all the benefits of taking walk- after a hard and tiring day’s work. Went to walk to relief the stress of whole day, but I notice I was not alone, I had a companion walking along with me and its name is “Fear”.

Fear is an element which is heavily affecting our lives. Unable to walk freely on streets as it is infected by street crimes. Someone robs me; while walking on the lane any unpleasant incident does not occur like shooting and bombing.

In spite of that, there are also other hindrances occurs during the walk, like speedy vehicles passing very close to walker, for a moment which clogged our breath in our throats.

The motorist, car, buses and other vehicles pollution, noise, and horns do not allow pedestrian to walk peacefully. In nearly every part of town one encounters the broken patches and potholes on the roads and sidewalks, along with open manholes and sewage drains, the stench of garbage can be overpowering especially when garbage is dumped in the street. But this is all common, usual and accepted nowadays.

Now, how can a person busy in life, which itself is a struggle- come out from their daily routine or like to come out from its small dwelling to relax? Where should one go? Is it allowed to come out? Where can one find relief from daily tensions, frustrations, and stress?

This is important for everyone to get relaxed in order to enjoy good health, a bit of happiness. We direly needs some moments of relaxation in the day in order to remain focused and concentrate on life elements such as financial stability, for the educational updates, for the better career planning and to develop strong and healthy family setup.

It is a dire time to reflect, if we truly need the healthy developed members in our society, who can tackle effectively all the spheres of lives. In addition, they can contribute for the society well being. Our concern authorities and leadership should develop the plan and policies for dealing with such matters. It is their responsibility to bring city in its normal state or at a level which can reduce at least few unnecessary pressures.

In order to cater this unstable situation of the city, comprehensive efforts are needed to be done. No city can think of progress unless the people settled there are living safely and happily. It is the essential prerequisite for the whole process, therefore, few suggestions are proposed in this piece.

The authorities should form different committees. The members of which could be selected form public sectors or civil society. They should undertake such projects to engage the people of the city in different activities so their day by day life pattern can be change.

Recreational activities clubs should be formed to promote sports activities among the people. The clubs should design activities, which gives opportunities to people participating in sports and recreational activities. These activities and experiences produce the feeling of enjoyment, happiness and satisfaction.

It is also suggested to design programs which provide opportunities to the creative people to express their creativity. They should promote the cultural exhibitions where people can gather under one umbrella and explore about the lifestyle, traditions of each other. It will boost up the opportunities to practice social skills. It will increase the self esteem of the people living in the city. It is also important for the promoting inclusive approach. Such knowledge enrich platforms would help people to imbibe the pluralistic qualities within.

The more Parks should be created where people can walk freely. They can spend time for many other reasons. Like well being of health, for being close to nature, the families and individuals can enjoy and spend time together.

Road traffic management programs should be build which can control the overwhelm traffic. It become necessary that people who drive the vehicles and also pedestrians need to know more about the traffic rules and system in order to be safe user.

The more green plants should grow within city. It plays role in controlling climate which minify the city heats and pollution, provide opportunities to create a better environment, and it’s beneficial to create healthy surrounds.

It is important to make ensure the cleanliness of environment. In this regard, the continuous measure should be made. It has several long-lasting benefits. In fact in our Islamic tradition Cleanliness is a sign of one’s faith. Therefore, we should emphasize on the cleanliness in our environments in order to reap the maximum benefits such as good health and good quality life.

With all the above suggestions, our law enforcement agencies should seriously work to restore peace in city and ensure the security risks are under control and the law and order situation is better. This is very important to bring the city in its normal state.

Above are some proposed suggestions, the institutions can go for many other solutions which as result bring safe environment where like past pedestrian can enjoy their time while walking and they can  again enjoy the night life of Karachi which we use to. One can still remember the various places of dining in the areas where people use to enjoy the ‘gharma gharm pakoras’chat’, ‘samosa’s’ and ‘jalebi’, ‘malpura’ and the sellers use to play the songs on their food stalls ‘Gol gapey walah aya’. A group of people use to enjoy all those in this lovely city. I wish our young generations can also see this peaceful Karachi once again.

The writer is an educationist: farhanjumani@gmail.com

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