I mourn with the people of GB

Nisar Malik

When the sad and horrible news of the killings hit our tv screens, the information was sketchy at best. I suppose the remote area restricted the quick flow of information. However I am angry and ashamed of the way the Pakistani main stream media has reported this story. It was frontline news for one bulletin and then became the third and fourth tier story.

Had it happened anywhere in Pakistan it would have been frontline news and debated for days on end. It truly represents the way the whole country views GB, as second rate! Ask any Pakistani to describe their country and they speak of K2 and Nanga Parbat and Hunza etc. but when it comes to rights, voice or support, the rest of the country barely has time for GB and its issues.

I am also surprised at PT for not being more vocal and asking more pointed questions. Why has this issue not been resolved before, these killings are not new who are these people who are tearing GB apart and why do your journalists not ask these questions everyday! Why does it take brutal killings for GB to be shaken? PT, I request you to open a section on the top of the home page and everyday post questions till they are answered.

  • Who did this? Are these sectarian killing?
  • Who planned and funded these killings?
  • Why have our leaders failed to solve the issue of sectarian killings?
  • What does it take the federal government to do its job?
  • What are the intelligence agencies doing about these?

I am not from GB bit I am a Pakistani who believes in all our people. Today my brothers and sisters from GB are in mourning and I mourn with them .. but I want this blood to be cherished and honored and their immediate killers be brought to justice but more importantly the masterminds and the financial supports must also be exposed and face the law. Let this blood not spill ever again.

The contributor is  Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Walk About Films. http://www.walkaboutfilms.tv/vid/sub_links/introduction.php 

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  1. I fully agree with you Mr. Nisar Malik. The Kohistan Incident should remain top story and should never be Ignored. The whole Pakistan should Mourn with Those innocent and precious lives we have lost.

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