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[Hunza Elections] Who shall lead us?

In existing situation it is very difficult to get the due rights and funds from the Government of Pakistan because Gilgit-Baltistan does not have any political influence in the power centers of Islamabad and is being treated as a step child.  The question arises, on whom people of Hunza can count to provide a visionary leadership and fight for the rights of the Hunza in particular and for Gilgit-Baltistan in general.

The land of Hunza is very fertile and its people have always achieved what they have set as a goal with hard work, dedication and honesty. When it is claimed that Hunza is one of the most educated regions in the whole south Asia, what does it mean? Of course, Hunza has a pool of competent human capital. It is recognized that the people of Hunza have played important roles in a wide variety of professional capacities and businesses in the region but did not opted for politics because in past it was not considered as an important and common concern by the people. However, with increased level of education and awareness people are giving due importance to politics which need to be strengthened and promoted, this awareness have raised many competent politician in Hunza who could meet the current challenges in a far better manner.

HE2K9Abbas Ali, an occasional contributor to DAWN newspaper,  had written an article for Pamir Times, analysing the current status of leadership in Hunza Valley, while also proposing some new names that could be counted on for the coming elections. Due to relevance of the article, it is being republished, to generate a discussion.

Click on the link below to read the compelete article.

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