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Independence day is time for introspection, says GB Governor

Offering prayers
Offering prayers. Photo: Mon Shireen

Gilgit/Aliabad/Skardu: The day of independence is a time for introspection, self-accountability and remembrance of the vision and ambitions of the freedom fighters and our ancestors. We have limited the celebration of independence to some events and customary slogans. Annexing Gilgit-Baltistan with Pakistan was an achievement of the freedom fighters.

Hoisting the national flag
Hoisting the national flag. Photo: Mon Shireen

These views were shared by Governor Gilgit-Baltistan today at a ceremony held in the memory of the freedom fighters that liberated the region now called GB from the clutches of Dogra rule, after a yearlong war against a superior power. Gilgit-Baltistan’s war of liberation had started 66 years ago on the first of November, in 1947, three months after the creation of Pakistan. The war of liberation was, basically a coup by the Gilgit Scout against the Dogra rulers.

addressing the audience
addressing the audience. Photo: Mon Shireen

The Governor also said that corruption and inefficiency at various levels had led to crippling of institutions. He urged the youth to respect the independence and forge unity in their ranks to fight social evils and create a peaceful and prosperous society.

Liberation war veteran Subedar Sher Ali was also present at the occasion.

FCNA Commander Hafiz Masroor also spoke at the occasion. He said that all institutions and the public should join hands to develop the region. He said that the real power rests with the people.

Honoring the martyrs
Honoring the martyrs. Photo: Mon Shireen

The dignitaries also offered prayers at the monument of independence and laid floral wreaths on their graves in Chinar Bagh.

Earlier, a flag hoisting ceremony was held at Chinar Bagh, performed by the governor.

Flag hoisting ceremony in Aliabad, Hunza Photo: Mueez Shah
Flag hoisting ceremony in Aliabad, Hunza Photo: Mueez Shah

Independence day related events were also held in all district headquarters, including Chilas, Khaplu, Skardu, Aliabad (Hunza-Nagar) and Gahkuch, were government officials, students, youth and members of the civil society came out in large numbers to celebrate independence.

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