Thank You Hug Day celebrated at Int’l Islamic University


Irfan Chourbati

Islamabad: Students at international Islamic University Islamabad celebrated Thank You Hug Day at the university. Students at both male and female campuses distributed Thank You cards among the staff members of Sanitation Department, Gardeners, Peons, Security guards and staffs of the Transportation Department of the university. The event was organized by the Youth Leadership Society international Islamic University Islamabad. The organizers involved the students from various departments of the University for the distribution of cards. The organizers of the campaign informed the students that the people often we call as lower staff or grade ones play very important role in the day to day affairs of the university as they perform all the routine works of sanitation, gardening and security protection. These people deserve respect and recognition in the society as the people often ignore them because of their profession which is extremely immoral act and we should not segregate them on the bases of their profession. They are very important to us because without these staff members the university will look ugly and dusty; it is not possible to see the gardens of the university green and specially we can never ignore the significant role of the security staffs who remain alert for days and nights for our protection. Students wrote words of appreciation for these staffs members on the cards and presented them with great love and respect.

IIU (2)“The purpose of our event is to remove the class difference from our society by creating awareness among the students that we should respect human beings regardless of their profession.”

Says, Tayyab Gorsi (President Youth Leadership Society and Undergraduate student at IIUI).

Deans, Head of departments and teachers from various departments also participated in the event and signed thank You Cards.

With a smiling face and shaking hands with the organizers of the event; Says Dr.Nabi Buxh  Jammani  (Dean faculty of Social Science, IIUI).

IIU (3)

“I appreciate this campaign and it is wonderful to arrange such productive events at the university.”

“We should show the same respect to these people every day because there is not such a day when they do not serve us.”

Says; Nauman who is a Masters student at Faculty of Engineering and Technology, IIUI.

At the female campus Mrs Zetoon Incharge of the female campus along various other faculty members joined the campaign and distributed Thank You Cards.

The staff members of the above mentioned departments  were so happy for the piece of effort done by the students of the University for recognizing their contributions. The officers of the Youth Leadership Society have aimed to conduct more such events because of the positive feedback they have got from the students and administration of the university.

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